Letters for Tuesday — November 22, 2005

• Ban residential goat slayings

Ban residential goat slayings

Some Kaua’i residents practice one of mankind’s most ancient rituals: The slaughtering of a goat to be roasted. Some who participate in this rural practice in residential communities subsequently display the head for all to see.

Kaua’i residents who have witnessed the butchering say it is one of the worst things in the world to hear a goat being inhumanely slaughtered. The goats definitely do not go quietly or quickly. Their blood-curdling screams will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and are heard for several agonizing minutes that seem like hours. It is horrific enough to make one weep all night from the sounds of the killing. Some who have witnessed this event are afraid to go outside lest they see the remains of what has taken place and must live with the worry that it will happen again.

Backyard or front-yard butchering is just not appropriate for a residential area in Kaua’i if it is within sight or earshot of the neighbors. The objection is not to a local or ethnic practice, nor to subsistence living, but to the sight and sound of an inhumane killing. Those appalled by this practice want to be sensitive to the culture of others, but those publicly killing goats should be sensitive to their neighbors by revising their practice (take it elsewhere and do it quickly).

Many communities around the nation are banning the public killing in residential areas because:

1) It tortures the neighbors,

2) It tortures animals,

3) It affects the value of the surrounding homes.

Kaua’i residents should do likewise.

  • Paul Kelley

Grand Slam location

My question is, do the golfers have a say-so on location of the tournament? I’ll bet not. Like the Pro Bowl, all players love visiting and playing in Hawai’i.

  • Ben Castillo

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