Letters for Monday — November 07, 2005

• Secrecy is the problem

• Wants to be a KIUC director

• Don’t want another Kapa’a

• Loyalty is the wrong label

Secrecy is the problem

The article on 11-5-05 was interesting? I think it probable that most of the statistics quoted were accurate. You would be an idiot if you didn’t understand that the largest part of their expenses would be for fuel oil to power the generators.

However, if Gardiner & Achenbach were shooting at a target (KIUC consumers) they not only didn’t get a bulls-eye, they missed the target completely. Secrecy, that’s the problem. We would never have known the information about the house and the pickup trucks if an unknown employee hadn’t disclosed it.

If they want the confidence of the consumers, pledge to make all that goes on available to the public. Only special circumstances, firing an employee, sexual harassment, selection for promotions and such should be rightfully private. Everything else should be on their web site.

Whether true or not, those who choose to hide things create the impression that something is wrong.

  • Robert Yount

Wants to be a KIUC director

Re: “KIUC’s Gardiner, Achenbach, present the ‘real problem’ behind Kaua’i’s high utility bills” (TGI, Nov. 5).

First off, this person states that around 6 cents to the dollar goes to the executive’s wages, which includes a $600 gas grill in case of a hurricane … and an $800,000 home?

Well, say no more, now tell me what to think next.

Sure gas prices have gone up, and everyone is paying more because of it, is that an excuse to rob the tills and buy yourselves cars, homes and trips?

The problem is, when people attain certain privileged positions, they automatically think they are smarter then those that pay their salaries, and that the regular working class is too dumb to think for themselves, so they spout a few words to lead our thoughts in a different direction … “hey, don’t look at me, look over there” sort of mentality, and the problem is … at least in politics, it often works (because people are too lazy or their attention span is too short to demand justice).

After reading what Gregg Gardiner, chairman of the Board, on behalf of the KIUC Board of Directors, had to say, I would like to apply for a director’s position.

I have found a $798,000 house for sale, an investment for KIUC, which I would be willing to watch over every night, including weekends.

I would need a new truck, just for emergencies, in case I needed to go back to the office in the middle of the night (for example, to shred/misplace documents).

And lastly, I would need a $600 BBQ gas grill, (you know, wink wink), in case we get a hurricane, and I need to cook up some 24-oz. T-bone steaks.

  • Dennis Chaquette

Don’t want another Kapa’a

This letter is to inform the public about Grove Farm Company’s attitude about Nuhou Street and their plan to bring it out across from AhiAhi Street in UluMahi, complete with stop lights, turn lanes, instead of going down to the bulk sugar plant road as originally planned. The distance: One mile.

Their representative Mike Furukawa sat in one of our meetings (Stop Light Group) and told us it was too expensive for them and there were no funds for it. Poverty in other woRoads! That really amazed me because I read in Thursday’s Garden Island (10-27-05), an article titled “New airlines delayed, investors pull out.” Guess who “was looking” to invest in the new airline? No other than Grove Farm Company, Maui Land and Pineapple, and Steve Case who owns it all. Besides all this, they are developing 16 lots across Puako 2 subdivision and plan a Golf Estates Sub-divison which will be quite exclusive and right in the way of the extension of Nuhou Street to the bulk sugar. Talk about deceiving the public.

The point being we need Nuhou Street to go where it was originally planned to alleviate traffic on Nawiliwili Road. Bringing a short road out across AhiAhi will connect all their subdivisions to come out through Ulu Ko and the ‘new” Nuhou Street to Nawiliwili Road, which is overburdened already!

I know Grove Farm Co. has no intention of listening to our group or any other. As you can see from Nawiliwili Road. past the high school road, they are already surveying, no doubt for their Golf Estates subdivision. It is surely not affordable housing! There is no concern for anyone else but themselves. Such greed and selfishness. Beside all this I and others don’t like to be lied to!

I hope the County Planning Commission and the Coumty Council are reading this letter and please think all this over very carefully and seek more info from both sides — that is if there are two sides? We do not want Nawiliwili Road with more traffic or more traffic lights to become another Kapa’a!!

  • Jerry Daly,
    Nokekula Circle, Lihu’e

Loyalty is the wrong label

I’m sick and tired of hearing about President Bush’s alleged “loyalty” to his staff and appointees, and as a general characteristic of him. Loyalty is universally praised as a supreme virtue. (However, is it a virtue to be loyal when the individual has committed a crime?) One would expect such accolades from his die-hard supporters, but even his severest critics, who have very little good to say about him and the few truly independent media voices have been taken in by the myth of his loyalty.

If he is so loyal, why did he dump Harriet Miers? Only the hopelessly naive don’t realize it was orchestrated from the Oval Office. His hypocritical statement that he “reluctantly” accepted her withdrawal is a disgrace.

He is not loyal. A better term would be “stubborn.” He is not only reluctant, but unwilling to admit mistakes or errors of any kind. To admit making a mistake would be to admit his infallibility and compromise his macho image. Also, if he changes his mind he sacrifices the goal he originally sought in making the decision in the first place.

He will never admit his mistake in attacking Iraq, because to actually leave Iraq in the hands of the Iraqis he will abandon his original goal, namely to control not only Iraq’s oil, but to control the entire Middle East.

So let’s drop the fiction of the loyalty label and call it what it is, stubbornness and self interest.

  • Rusl T. Bjork

Bring Monsanto back

Perhaps the council can have Monsanto come over again for some more bogus testimony about the safety of pesticides and the wonders of GMO products.

  • Judy Nalda

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