Letters to the Editor for Wednesday — August 27, 2003

• Owner responsible for peacock’s death

• What really matters

Owner responsible for peacock’s death

I am writing this in response to the letter written by Joan Mills (The Garden Island, August 24, 2003) regarding the peacocks running loose in Wailua Homesteads.

Since I wrote my original letter concerning a peacock being hit and killed by a car on Kuamo’o Road (The Garden Island, August 16, 2003) it has been brought to my attention by the many neighbors who have called me that you, Joan Mills, are the owner and breeder of these peacocks.

You suggested that I should have called a vet to treat the injured bird and I have to ask, are you going to pay the veterinarian’s bill? I certainly don’t have the money to do so and since they’re your birds, Ma’am, you should foot the bill for any injuries they incur.

And, for your information, I have lived in this neighborhood for 15 years and I do know what animals are and are not allowed here. It may be rural but it is still a neighborhood and the residents have a right to sleep peacefully at night and not be awakened constantly by screaming birds.

There is a CC&R in this neighborhood and it contains rules about the type of animals we can have and I do believe you are in violation of that Covenant. Therefore, you are responsible for the death of this bird because you breed them and turn them loose in the neighborhood.

Please get rid of them!

Kay Obloy


What really matters

The ongoing debate in these columns over whether Nader spoiled Gore’s chances of being President, is of little consequence. U.S. government policy direction has been historically, and continues to be, firmly in the hands of materialist-militarist money & power interests regardless of who is President! It has always been so.

Presidents come and go but the current “New World Order” crop of controllers continue without pause, whether they be called neo-cons or something else. And when anybody SERIOUSLY threatens their plan to gain total economic and political control globally, they have no reservations in applying the JFK, RFK and MLK “remedy”npremature death.

What we need is an “authentic” Constitution that produces balance and peace in this world http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalpeoplesconstitution

Triaka Smith



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