Letters to the Editor for Saturday — August 23, 2003

• Upset by article on results of race

• Correct use of the term ‘client’

Upset by article on results of race.

This very one-sided and opinionated article was clearly a biased view of your sports editor’s view of what he assumed occurred in the closing events at Kalapaki Harbor.

What is so identifiably clear about the headlines of his article is that Marvin’s team losing was blamed to the crew of the Laamaomao team only won by default and not by their pure hard work, talent and ability. So the tug and Matson barge was in the way. The team captained by Marvin Otsuji had the same choices of where to cross and turn when they entered the harbor as the Laamaomao team. It is unfortunate that because of the captain’s wrong choices at the end of the race, HE CHOSE BADLY. The “biased” editor of this sports column didn’t even name the winners of the race; failed to give a better picture of the winners but a clear view of the barge in the harbor; and reemphasized again and again in his article that it was an unfair race with Marvin’s boat really always in the lead. All of the boats experienced the same conditions and the captain of each boat had to use their skill to direct them across the channel. The Laamaomao team, made up of a younger group of Kauai residents, were humble and unrelenting. Although you didn’t name them, the Kauai residents on board were Jackie Seeley of Kekaha, Chad Pa of Anahola, Trevor Cabell of Hanalei and Del Seager of Hanalei. They all have paddling roots from Kauai and families that recognize their achievement. They deserve our recognition just as the old-timers who think they dominate the sport.

I hope you print this in the editorial page and prove me wrong, that you don’t have a group of biased article writers for your newspaper.

Eleanor Seeley,


Correct use of the term ‘client’

In recent articles in the Garden Island, the term “client” has been used interchangeably with the terms “offender” and “defendant” in discussing persons who have been referred to the new Kauai Drug Court. This incorrect usage of terminology should not be encouraged in a newspaper that is supposed to report the truth as accurately as possible.

The word “client” is defined in the dictionary as a voluntary customer, while an “offender” or “defendant” is someone who is compelled to appear in court for breaking the law. An offender is not a client. Neither is a defendant.

Fuzzy-thinking by state and county bureaucrats has led them to misuse a word in an effort to make drug abusers seem less like criminals. This does not mean professional journalists have to make the same mistake.

Using “ice” and other dangerous drugs is against the law. People who break the law are not clients of the court system. The true “clients” (voluntary customers) are the law-abiding tax payers who fund the system in the hope of making our community a safer place to live.

Evelyn Cook



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