Letters to the Editor for Friday — August 15, 2003

• ‘Liberal Democrat’ has concerns about the administration

• Good job on Hanalei bridge

‘Liberal Democrat’ has concerns about the administration

In response to Robert W. Yount’s attack on Marilyn Pollock, I must come to her defense.

We liberal Democrats do not, of course, blame our government for “everything bad in the world”, nor do we pity the sons of Saddam Hussein. We are, however, extremely concerned about what is going on in the present administration, which seems to us to plough ahead with its plans without regard either for the rest of the world.

We were opposed to the war against Iraq because it was a preemptive war, totally out of line with American ideals and history. We did not believe there was sufficient proof that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and hoped to save untold lives and cost by giving the inspectors more time.

We were proved right and it would not be human to avoid pointing it out. Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfewitz and Cheney did not choose to attack Iraq to free its people from the monstrous Saddam Hussein. There are many monsters afoot whom we have no intention of attacking. In case you have forgotten, we were supporters of Saddam Hussein when he was dropping poison gas on the Iranians. Imagine that!

It is very difficult not to conclude that this administration was eager to show off our immense power and by defeating what turned out to be a weak country, bring popularity to our president and guarantee him the next election. I doubt whether we would have picked Iraq if it were not for its oil. On the domestic front, his choice of Ashcroft makes us shudder. He seems determined to demolish, one by one, the rights promised us in the Constitution.

I hope I am wrong about this administration, but frankly, I have never been so scared.

Barbara D. Larsen


Good job on Hanalei bridge

The restoration of the Hanalei Bridge appears to be finished and I would like to thank those people responsible for making it all possible. I do not know “everyone” who had something to do with it but I do know that Barbara Robeson and Susan Wilson were major players. Thank you for all you did to preserve not only the bridge but the road as well all the way to Ke`e Beach. What a gift you have given for generations to come.

I would also like to thank and recognize the crew that worked on the restoration project. Every day, rain or shine, as all of us rode back and forth across the bridge, these guys carried on their work. The bridge looks awessome, beautiful and strong. A real quality job. Thank you and aloha.

Judy Gardner



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