Letters to the Editor for Friday — August 01, 2003

• Anybody home?

• Culturally Sensitive

Anybody home?

If you imagined leadership that would take America on a path of justice in foreign affairs, justice in domestic relations, conservation and a healthy environment, if you imagined leadership that would advance care for children and the elderly, direct funding toward adequate health and medical benefits for the poor, if you imagined a nation that could be better educated and more environmentally concerned, a nation that planned for the future of its citizens and showed respect for its friends, then you must be in such a depressed funk because what you got after all those uncounted ballots and the Supreme Court appointment, was “leadership” that lies and misleads the nation, stomps on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, cuts programs for the poor and for children, cuts funding for education, spreads disunity, misleads its citizens, fails to fund homeland security, works behind doors marked “Private”, pumps up wars out of fear (the ends justify the means), angers former allies, disregards the United Nations, fails to join other nations in protecting the planet, and diminished the standards for clean water and clean air and energy production for the benefit of business interests. I ask you, where is the outrage, does anybody care?

The war set America on the path to empire building in our relationship to the world. An empire doesn’t have citizens, it has subjects, and subjects do not challenge the emperor. Is this what the citizens of the United States are willing to risk? Where is the thinking? Is anybody home?

Marilyn Pollock,


Culturally Sensitive

In a dark night, six signs named Culturally Sensitive Area choose to go away. They took out their toolbox and removed the nuts and bolts. The the signs grew little tiny legs and walked away. The nuts and bolts went with them. I am not sure, but I guess the signs, bolts and nuts walked on the proposed ‘multi-use’ path between Kealia Beach and past Kealia Subdivision development. Now the poles are very lonely in that area.

DLNR and Police will ask questions. Have you seen six signs walking along the highway? On the other hand, they may have been abducted. Kidnapped by the nuts? Hijacked by the bolts? Have you seen six signs ‘Culturally Sensitive Area Please Stay Out’ ? The County would like to have the signs back.

My deepest apologies to the culturally descendants from that area.

Richard O. Stauber,



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