No vision, wisdom to solve isle’s woes

Re: “Preventing pollution trumps recycling” (TGI Editorials, Sept. 23): Yes, I

agree. However, we all have created a condition wherein both need and must be

dealt with in order for us to turn our environment around.

Now, unlike most

places, our islands are a sufficient distance (approximately 2,430) from all

other land masses that we could start a project to prevent pollution and

recycle. If we stopped containers that we are not presently able to recycle

from being brought into the islands with their products, and/or required the

providers of those products and no recyclable containers to have to take those

same containers back out of the islands, that would be a huge (paradigm) change

for the better and stop those unrecyclable containers from going into the

landfill as is being done now.

We are only recycling no. 2s and no. 4s

(bags and containers) by collecting them and then shipping to Maui. But the

true problem is the 1s, 3, 4s, 5s and 6s, etc. that are not being recycled in

Hawai’i and not being collected and sent back to where they came from –

mainland, etc. – but are being put in our landfill as I understand. Please

correct me if I am wrong.

If we were growing industrial hemp rather than

sugar cane for biomass burning to accomplish our federally mandated diversion

(supposed to be 50 percent by 2000-02 instead of only 15 to 18 percent, as is

presently being done), we would not be emitting as much C02 as is being emitted

presently from Kaua’i Electric’s exhaust stacks. Not to mention the possibility

of multitudes of other fuel, oil, lubricants, etc. that could be researched out

and developed, then used in our vehicles (private and commercial) and machinery

in our industrial plants and operations islandwide, ultimately going off

petroleum fossil fuels altogether at some point in the future, and making us

self-sufficient (heaven forbid) and actually creating diversified and

alternative jobs in addition to dealing with and triumphing over the pollution

and recycling circumstances facing us today.

We’ve got the land available,

the facilities and the infrastructure in place for the most part. Why don’t

more people see this?

We just laid off 400 more people from agriculture

(Amfac). And now Gay & Robinson want to lease Lihu’e Plantation lands to

continue growing the sugar cane that JMB/Amfac were growing. Why are they so

hellbent on sugar cane?

Oh, yes, and the visitor industry (hospitality)

development of more guestrooms. Is this the only two things they know? We

aren’t filling up our present capacity of hotel rooms on Kaua’i, as it


Instead of just creating low-wage jobs, let’s look at developing

industries whereby we create higher-wage jobs at the entry level. And if our

present so-called leaders don’t have any ideas as to how that can be done, then

I say get out of the way and let someone in that does have an idea how that can

be accomplished. Just like those who don’t seem to be able to come up with any

ideas how to solve our present solid-waste problems and more extensive

recycling problems.

The answers are out there and are not difficult to

locate, together with bold aggressive thinking and vision concepts.


yourself: Why haven’t our past and present leaders and elected officials come

up with such ideas and accomplished the necessary legislation to correct and

change the tide of these continuous problems? I believe those of you who are

honest with yourselves shall come up with the same answer. I have. They just

don’t have the necessary vision and wisdom that is needed for solving such





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