Mahalo to President Clinton for apology

Few Americans until now knew that the Hawaiian Kingdom was a highly organized

civilized and sovereign nation. With the unification of the Hawaiian Islands

under King Kamehameha I in 1810 until the illegal overthrow of the monarchy in

1893, the Hawaiian Kingdom was the lawful and functioning government. For

nearly 70 years, between 1826 and 1893, the United States recognized the

independence of the kingdom of Hawai’i.

During this time, the United

States entered into treaties with the lawful Hawaiian government and extended

full and complete diplomatic recognition to the Hawaiian Kingdom. Great

Britain, France, Germany and the United States all internationally recognized

by treaty and by the exchange of ambassadors the sovereign nation.

Over a

century ago, a company of U.S. Marines and two companies of U.S. sailors landed

on the shores of the Hawaiian Kingdom at the request of the minister of the

United States, Mr. Stevens. This move assisted a handful of American and

European businessmen to illegally remove Queen Lili’uokalani from the thrown.

The illegal overthrow of Queen Lili’uokalani Jan. 17, 1893, was not

supported by the people of the Hawaiian Kingdom, nor was it supported by the

legislature of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Without question, it was not approved by

the queen. It was an illegal act committed in violation of the constitution of

the Hawaiian Kingdom and which was supported without proper authorization by

the United States.

President Grover Cleveland, after sending an

investigation team to the Hawaiian Kingdom, proclaimed to Congress on Dec. 18,

1893, that this was an act of war, committed with the participation of a

diplomatic representative of the United States and without authority of

Congress, and acknowledged that by such acts a government of a peaceful and

God-loving people were illegally overthrown.

My interpretation of the

United States based on moral values was a nation that would bring military

action against big-bully invaders to friendly smaller countries with little or

no defense system. Whatever happened to that U.S. motto: “Truth, justice and

freedom?” Certainly not for the citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom.


Kanaka Maoli people still fight today for truth, justice and


Mahalo to President Clinton for the signing of the Apology Bill

103-150. The bill offers an apology from the United States to Hawaiians for the

illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. This bill has opened the door to the

reinstatement of The Lawful Hawaiian Government.

Please take the

responsibility to educate yourselves on the quest for self-government and

self-determination by the Kanaka Maoli people. The Hawaiian Kingdom and its

citizens can look forward to a very bright future and once more to be a nation

among nations. A nation of people who truly live aloha and will set an example

for the world. (,,

Mahalo aku i na kama a ka

‘ai pohaku, no ka ho’i ana a ke aupuni ku ‘aka’a. (Thanks to the children of

the stone eaters for returning the independent government.)






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