Prodding the bald eagle

To the Forum:Some of us are not yet jaded at the core of our perception

of political realities. Some of us work in small ways and big ways to harness

the energies of clear thinking and goodness in order to prod the bald eagle

into regaining the true vision at its heart.

Third parties are becoming

stronger. One of them, the Natural Law Party, which is the fastest growing, has

formed itself into a cohesive unit with a solid people based platform.


existence since 1992, its candidates will be on the ballot in all 50 states

this year. No small feat since U.S. signature requirements for a new party to

attain ballot status are the most stringent in the world.

John Hagelin, NLP

candidate for U.S. president, has worked tirelessly for political and social

reform ever since the party’s inception.

A Quantum physicist, educator and

director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy, he

collaborates extensively with scientists and research institutions to seek out,

verify and demonstrate cost-effective solutions to critical social problems and

shape them into public policy. He is making his third bid for


Hagelin visited Kaua’i last year to explain the principles of

natural law from a scientific point of view, principles which inherently on the

level of consciousness are consonant with human/cosmic sensitivities and


To hear him explain how the development of awareness at the

physical substratum of life is reflected in the operations of Natural Law at

the level of society, gave me a glimpse into the powerful philosophy upon which

the NLP is based.

My interest in the NLP stems from the fact that it

considers people a nation’s chief resource. It’s refreshing to imagine what it

would be like not to be a worker bee programmed to sustain the gross national

product, or a cog in the wheel of government policies with so little

business-like creativity and responsibility, that the wheel keeps lurching back

and forth in directions I don’t want to go.

I yearn for executive order and

honest achievement, for written and spoken language that is easily accessible

to meaningful interpretation.

It’s puzzling to the point of hurting, that

even on this beloved island, people are obliged to state their case over and

over again to their leaders before incisive and decisive actions can be taken

to address problems and remedy them.

An attitude that filters down into

regular government offices suggests that public servants – whether appointed,

elected, or hired – have the right to remain removed from the sweat of ideas

and concerns that motivate voters and the general public to come forward to

speak for themselves.

When are we going to realize that political life is

the life of the land expressed through the needs and aspirations of


Peruse the NLP’s solution-based platform and Hagelin’s 50-Point

Action Plan, and you will see prevention oriented, real world issues being

solidly addressed.

I feel that the two-party system no longer reflects the

mental energy of the country. If the powers that be could ever know what it

means to be “humble on the ‘aina!” under their obligation to uphold the

principles of democracy and fair competition, then Hagelin vs. the Federal

Elections Commission could open pathways to all serious third parties and to

political debate worth listening to.

Let’s hope that Hagelin will win his

lawsuit. He deserves not to be denied, as he was in 1996, equal access to the

nationally televised Presidential candidates’ debates in 2000, after he and the

party he represents have once more out-distanced all requirements imposed by

every commission. The other parties’ Presidential hopefuls will then be obliged

to compete with the understated brilliance and common sense that Hagelin is

known for.

End the entropy. Investigate for yourselves the user-friendly

vision, purpose and mission of the Natural Law Party: PO Box 1900, Fairfield,

IA 52556; 800-332-0000; fax 515-472-2011; website ;

e-mail ; “A Reason To Vote: The Natural Law

Party” by Robert Roth; “Handbook for a Perfect Government” by John Hagelin;

Kaua’i NLP Coordinator Mary Rose Gallagher, 635-7972; e-mail

; Tanya Felix, 821-0848.





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