In defense of elitismTo The Forum:

My letter, “What about Abortions?” (TGI: 4/7/00) resulted in several responses

from readers. Gini Stoddard’s response, “And Another Thing, Mr. Rapozo,” (TGI:

4/12/00), was an ad hominem attack having little to do with the discussion of

the domestic violence of abortion.

Referring to me and men like me,

Stoddard states: “Yet these men are the very men who want to dictate to us what

women can and cannot do with their own bodies.”

But it occurs all the

time. There are 50 state legislatures and one congress in the USA. Men

overwhelmingly populate these law-making assemblies.

These men pass laws

regularly that dictate what women and everyone else can and cannot do with

their own and other people’s bodies.

We do not live in a jungle. In

civilized societies everywhere, men set standards or laws which dictate human


With one more moderate or conservative vote on the Supreme Court,

the Roe vs. Wade aberration will be discarded. The word “abortion” is not found

anywhere in the U.S. Constitution, nor is it expressly implied.


Harry Blackmun stretched and distorted the 4th Amendment to include an

imaginary “right” to an abortion.

The 4th Amendment protects citizens from

“unreasonable searches and seizures” by government. It has nothing to do with

killing unborn babies or privacy, another word not found in the U.S.


Stoddard asks, “I wonder what Douglas Rapozo is thinking

when he writes 118 million male babies have been destroyed … since Roe vs.

Wade became law.”

My comment was made to show that Editor Dixon was being

hypocritical in suggesting that only men hurt women. A balanced view would

include the unborn male babies killed by women in abortions. This is a clear

example of females hurting males, a fact which Dixon and Stoddard


Stoddard also states that ” … many times the termination of a

pregnancy is suggested by the women’s gynecologist …” So what? The pregnant

female still makes the choice: To kill or not to kill.

Neither the doctor

nor the devil makes women kill their unborn babies.

And we do not live in

Communist China where state bureaucrats force females to kill their unborn


The late William Henry was an educator, writer, and a liberal

democrat. In his book, “In Defense of Elitism,” Henry wrote: “You could

eliminate every woman writer, painter and composer from the caveman era to the

present moment and not significantly deform the course of Western


The same holds true with female accomplishments in science and


However, in the USA, the killing of unborn babies is an

important activity area where some women have excelled.

Females who kill

their unborn babies can’t have it both ways. They can’t insist on having the

choice to kill(abort), and after the ignoble deed is done, claim that men and

the travails of life made them do it.

The time has come to end such female


The time has also come to end the culture of death and to

welcome into the banquet of life all unborn babies.

Douglas E.




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