Spay Pod at Kealia Farm

The Animal Balance Spay Pod has moved and is now sterilizing animals at Kealia Farm with the ability to serve between 30 and 40 cats daily.

Conference Committee: Where bills are laid to rest quietly

As we enter the last two weeks of the legislative session, it is a good time to explain the basics of the Conference Committee process. Please, stifle the yawn and force yourself if possible to read on. I promise that both, those of you who are intrigued and those who may be baffled by the lawmaking process, will find this fascinating.

Saved by grace — and volunteers

Last year, torrential rains pushed water over the banks of North Shore rivers and into nearby taro fields. The water continued to rise, eventually reaching the grounds of one of the island’s oldest churches, coating its floorboards in thick, brown mud.

More money for kupuna

While the bill package to support kupuna care services that passed through lawmakers on Tuesday is mostly aimed at statewide programs, supporters of the package say it’s going to boost services on Kauai.

Hapalua much more than a race

Seven miles and change into the Hapalua Half Marathon on Sunday morning in Honolulu and I’m approaching the bridge over the Ala Wai Canal on Kalakaua Avenue.

Old school produce

Hannah Raposas, Mikey Ladera and the rest of the residents out at Kauai Care Center are gardening again.