Making ‘Massive Masks for Kaua‘i’

When the COVID-19 pandemic triggered the need for masks throughout Kaua‘i and the rest of the state, Kaua‘i residents Kris Hunt and Morgan Lopez joined forces, creating the organization Massive Masks for Kaua‘i (MM4K).

Stay Home Kaua‘i delivers the goods

As the world tried to understand the coronavirus pandemic, health authorities advised citizens to stay home, especially the kupuna community who were most vulnerable.

Approaching delivery differently

Personal-shopping and grocery-delivery companies were in business on Kaua‘i years before COVID-19 countermeasures were put in place on the island, but now two of those companies are delivering almost exclusively to Kaua‘i residents in quarantine, or those following stay-at-home orders.

Opening the doors

KAPA‘A — St. Catherine School principal David Adams said the reopening of the preschool Thursday is a sure sign of hope during these times of COVID-19.

Hometown Heroes: Brandi Hori-Moises

Brandi Hori-Moises is the executive director at Waimea Care Center and is a licensed nursing home administrator as well as a registered nurse, who spends her days coordinating care for kupuna on the West Side.