Germany’s Merkel urges crackdown on far-right extremists

BERLIN — Chancellor Angela Merkel said the German government is “very, very serious” about fighting far-right extremism that presents “a big challenge for all of us” after a man with anti-migrant views allegedly killed a regional official from Merkel’s party.

Climate protesters storm open-pit mine in western Germany

HOCHNEUKIRCH, Germany — Hundreds of climate change activists broke through a police cordon and stormed into one of Germany’s biggest lignite coal mines Saturday, two days after European Union leaders disagreed on a plan to make the bloc carbon neutral by 2050.

Trump puts Saudi arms sales above Khashoggi inquiry

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump brushed aside the grisly killing of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, saying his death has already been investigated and a Saudi pledge to spend billions of dollars on U.S. military equipment “means something to me.”

Kids held by Border Patrol describe disturbing conditions

CLINT, Texas — Attorneys visiting a Texas Border Patrol station this week were shocked to find more than 250 infants, children and teens being held inside a windowless complex, struggling to care for each other with inadequate food, water and sanitation.

Georgia puts inmate to death for man’s 1996 shotgun slaying

Georgia was set to execute an inmate Thursday evening for a shotgun slaying in 1996, but lawyers for the condemned man argued in last-hour filings before the nation’s highest court that it should block the state from carrying out the death sentence.

Booker campaign gets 2020 jolt with pushback against Biden

Cory Booker’s supporters have spent months waiting for a moment when the charismatic senator could break through a crowded field of Democratic presidential candidates. That opening came when Joe Biden clumsily talked about segregationists, prompting Booker to push back at his 2020 rival to great effect.

Storms bring tornadoes, floods, power outages across the US

Potent thunderstorms have been blamed for one death and left hundreds of thousands of people without power across the southern United States — and fierce winds walloped parts of several states as new storms formed Thursday, forecasters said.

Governor sends police after GOP senators who fled Capitol

SALEM, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Kate Brown deployed the state police Thursday to try to round up Republican lawmakers who fled the Capitol to block a vote on a landmark economy-wide climate plan that would be the second of its kind in the nation.

Alaska teens charged in ‘murder for millions’ slaying

Alaska teens hoping to cash in on a $9 million offer from a Midwest millionaire brutally killed a developmentally disabled woman on a popular trail outside Anchorage, shooting her in the back of the head and dumping her body in a river, authorities allege.

Mexico says National Guard deployment is complete

TAPACHULA, Mexico — Mexico has completed its deployment of 6,000 National Guard agents to help control the flow of migrants headed toward the U.S. and filled 650 immigration agency posts to regulate border crossings, the government said Friday.