Stories by Judd Jones

Good mechanics keep the body strong

We all understand the problem with poor alignment when it comes to mechanical aspects of our car. If our wheels are out of alignment or something is bent or tweaked in the engine, these areas wear out quicker and/or break suddenly, leading to costly repairs.

​A lifetime change

Over the years of writing this column, I have frequently stated that long-lasting change with your health and wellness starts with changing your lifestyle behaviors.

Prostate health, wellness, facts, findings

Writing about health and wellness is a lot like writing about politics. Everyone falls into one camp or another and very few people agree with the facts, findings and opinions expressed by everyone else.

More myth than fact

Here we are in early 2019 and once again, I am going to cover some health and fitness aspects that are more myth than fact.

Sleepy? Fix it…

I am often asked about the importance of sleep and how to know if you’re getting enough sleep to support your health and fitness efforts.

The truth about toxic food additive

Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror and the season of overeating is upon us. Next stop, Christmas then New Years, and I am sure the food choice will be a broad scope of the good, the bad and the ugly.

​Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Sports-related injury and recovery have become big business and there are thousands of products and health services on the market to address the issues. One such treatment approach is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

I am good enough!

Health and wellness comes in many forms and one type that is consistently missed is self-care. What I mean by self-care is taking care of your self mentally, physically and emotionally. Finding personal wellness through loving and healing yourself first and foremost is the key. ​

Food plan and prep key to better health

Four hours of preplanned food preparation per week can change your life. OK, so this sounds a little too good or may not even make sense, right? Maybe, but doing a few hours a week to plan, cook and prepare a healthy set of meals can and will be healthier for you than eating poor nutrition choices on the fly.

When aging, take steps to prevent sarcopenia

Getting old seems like a distant concern for people under 40. If over forty, the aging process starts to register a little bit more and over 50, many aspects of the aging process become a glaring reality.

​Medicinal teas can keep you feeling sharp

We are sneaking up on colder weather and the cold and flu season. One of your best options, if you’re feeling off or run down, is medicinal teas. There are so many teas to choose from that cover various wellness aspects, it makes tea one of the very best alternative health drinks.

​Kids, school and physical fitness

Here we are coming to the end of summer and back to school reminders are everywhere. Now it would be nice to think that the summer months had a large volume of exercise for our children. In some cases this is true, but often summer means more time for kids to watch TV or play video games.

​Sprinting for your health ​

In the early days of my youth, I wasn’t very athletic. One day, I was trying out for football and the coach made a comment to another coach “that kid was pretty fast in sprint drills,” of course the comment was directed toward me.