Cabbies fight to survive

Uber and Lyft drivers were allowed to start making pickups at select airports in Hawaii Feb. 1, including Lihue Airport, and taxi drivers on Kauai are feeling the squeeze.

Richard Leibman arrested

Richard Leibman, also known as the “Jesus Bandit,” was found sleeping in the yard of a Princeville home on Thursday morning and arrested without incident.

County sues TVR owners

The county is suing the owners of a vacation home in Wailua for allegedly using the property as a transient vacation rental in violation of county zoning ordinances.

Chamber of commerce sets priorities

The Kauai Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors recently voted to approve a core set of policy priorities for 2019, focused on promoting entrepreneurial business, environmental stewardship and preventing regulatory measures the chamber says are not business-friendly.

Finish in sight

Construction crews are working overtime to repair Kuhio Highway on the North Shore, and state transportation department officials are confident they will meet their goal of reopening the road past the checkpoint by the end of April.

Talk Story – Daryl Kaneshiro

Former County Councilmember Daryl Kaneshiro agreed to talk some story on Thursday afternoon at his ranch in Omao. I asked him about his life and his land. The conversation went something like this: