10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers: Top 10 Reviews

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

One of the most actively used social media platforms is Instagram. Offering the ability to post, like, and comment on photos and videos shared by others, the site now boasts over 1 billion monthly users. With millions of daily users, the ability to get a business, brand, or individual trending on Instagram can turn a simple profile into a powerful marketing tool or celebrity platform.

But what makes these seemingly simple Instagram marketing strategies turn into viral social media sensations? The answer is Instagram followers.

Instagram followers are critical to the success of any IG profile and can quickly turn a small account into a well-renowned influencer. However, gaining an organic following quickly can be tricky for those just starting out. That is why it is a good idea to buy Instagram followers to increase social proof and jumpstart your profile.

To save you the trouble of sifting through millions of sites that claim to offer the best followers but only deliver scam bot accounts instead of real users, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten best sites to buy Instagram followers.

When Should You Buy Instagram Followers?

Any point of your joint to social media superstardom is an excellent opportunity to buy IG followers – especially when:

  • You are running a new viral marketing campaign
  • You are starting a business and need to establish a presence on Instagram
  • Your competition is buying followers, and you don’t want to be left behind
  • Your Instagram profile has been inactive, and you want to give it a fresh start
  • You want to take your current profile to the next level

For these reasons and more, purchasing IG followers from reputable sites is always a good idea. Doing so will help reach your target audience, jumpstart your profile, and get you on the path to social media success.

Will Anyone Know if I Buy Followers?

Reputable sites designed to sell real, active Instagram followers will never share your purchases with Instagram or other entities. Buying followers for social media is not illegal as long as the site you purchase from is reputable and sells real, active followers.

Additionally, many of these sites have intimate knowledge of the Instagram algorithm and deliver followers in a way that will not get your account in trouble or violate Instagram’s Terms and Conditions.

So, when you buy followers for an Instagram profile from any of the ten sites below, you can rest assured your purchase will be private, secure, and free from any penalties.

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Safe & Instant)

Each site was chosen for its ability to deliver real, active Instagram followers quickly and without any penalties. Of course, each varies in its follower packages, pricing, and services, but ultimately, they all offer excellent ways to rocket your Insta profile into social media superstardom depending on your needs.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is well known as the Internet’s best way to buy followers for your IG profile. The site offers two types of follower choices designed to help users jumpstart their profile or give their current following a boost.

High-quality followers from Twicsy come with profile pics and are added to your account gradually over a period of 24 hours to avoid any suspicion from Instagram. Premium followers are real active users who can engage with your content. Rates for premium users is slightly higher but well worth it if you’re trying to stimulate organic growth with real, active accounts.

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Twicsy makes it easy to buy followers for Instagram. Simply select the type of followers and package size you want. Options range from 100 to 5000 followers. Payment methods include debit and credit cards, as well as Google and Apple pay.

Twicsy will deliver instant followers shortly after payment confirmation, with more trickling in over the course of 24 hours. Twicsy’s quality services come with a money-back guarantee and their customer support team can be reached 24/7 for any questions or concerns.

Featured in US Mag, Men’s Journal, AMNY, New York Family and Atlanta Mag, Twicsy is hands down the best place to buy Instagram followers today.

2. Buzzoid

If you want to buy Instagram followers fast, Buzzoid is an excellent option. The site specializes in instant delivery within minutes of your order being processed and can provide thousands of followers to your profile in a matter of hours. Buzzoid packages start at only a few dollars and offer some of the most affordable rates in the industry for larger follower orders up to 5000 at a time.

To buy followers on Buzzoid, simply select the number of followers you want and make a payment using PayPal or a credit/debit card. You will start to see new followers being added to your profile almost immediately, with more being added over time.

10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Buzzoid promises no bots, fake Instagram followers, or spam accounts – making it a great option for those wanting to boost their Instagram account with real Instagram followers.

Buzzoid isn’t just great for getting Insta followers quickly. They are also experts in managed social media growth services that can help take your profile to the next level with high-quality content and engagement. So if your goal is fast growth with the help of concierge social media services, Buzzoid is a great option.

3. Rushmax

Using specialty tracking software that stays one step ahead of Instagram’s algorithm, Rushmax can deliver real people from real accounts quickly and without any penalties.

Rushmax focuses on quality over quantity, providing users with high-quality followers that are active and engaged. Packages are one-time purchases with no limit to the number of times you can order.

With the ability to purchase as few as 100 followers and as many as 10K IG followers in one order, Rushmax is an excellent option for those just starting out and those with an established presence on the platform. Followers are delivered within 24-72 hours after purchase confirmation depending on the size of the order.

Rushmax’s payment options are some of the most flexible in the industry. In addition to PayPal and all major credit/debit cards, they also accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Perfect Money.

4. Upleap

For a quick boost of up to 1000 Insta followers, Upleap is an affordable and fast service for social media growth. Since the site opened in 2015, they have already provided over 75 million followers to brands, businesses, influencers, and individuals.

At Upleap, follower choices are divided into two categories, the more affordable being standard followers with a profile picture but little engagement. These standard followers are ideal for those just starting out or trying to boost their social proof. The followers in the second and more expensive category are active, with a profile picture and bio as well as posts and engagement.

To buy followers on Upleap, simply select the package you want and complete the checkout process using PayPal or a credit/debit card. New followers will be added to your account within 24 hours, with the full order completed within a few days. Upleap also offers free replacement for those who unexpectedly unfollow before the end of the 30-day guarantee.

So if you’re looking for more than just a quick boost of followers that won’t break the bank, Upleap is a great option.

5. Kicksta

Used by over 100K Instagram influencers, brands, and personal profiles, Kicksta is one of the most popular growth services on the market. One of the things that sets Kicksta apart is its focus on real, human followers instead of bots or fake accounts.

The site offers monthly tiered plans designed to monitor, track, and engage with potential new followers on your behalf. Simply connect your Instagram profile and Kicksta will get to work finding and following accounts that match your target audience.

As those users follow you back, they will be added to a list of engaged followers you can use to monetize and further expand your brand awareness.

Pricing plans range from under $50 for targeted growth up services to under $300 for more comprehensive growth and engagement services with concierge-style support. No matter which plan you choose, all subscriptions can be canceled anytime and are covered by a 14-day guarantee.

With Kicksta, any IG profile can start maximizing its growth potential and begin building a following of real, active users.

6. Thunderclap

Anyone interested in buying tens of thousands of Instagram followers at once will probably enjoy the packages provided by Thunderclap. Using real, active accounts, they are able to provide a large number of followers quickly and without any penalties.

Packages start at a couple of bucks for a few hundred followers and increase gradually to as many as 25K followers in one single purchase. No password or other personal account information is required to get fast delivery of the Instagram followers you buy from Thunderclap.

Using analytics that tracks hashtags, locations, and interests, Thunderclap is able to target new potential followers that are most likely to be interested in your content.

While buying a large number of followers shouldn’t be your only social media marketing strategy, Thunderclap is definitely an excellent way to help jumpstart your profile’s growth or give you the social proof you need to start monetizing your account.

7. Famoid

Specializing in ad-based Instagram growth, Famoid is a social media growth service that can deliver active, genuine followers quickly and without any long-term commitment.

Famoid doesn’t require your password or any other personal information to get started and offers growth packages starting at a couple of dollars for 100 new followers. Followers are delivered fast, and the company refills any drops that occur within the first 30 days.

Those seeking more subtle, managed growth can opt for packages that slowly add new followers over time. These packages are one-time purchases, and there’s no limit to how many times you can order.

The benefit of Famoid is that it also provides services for other social media sites like TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook. So, those who run multiple social media platforms may find it a convenient one-stop shop for boosting social media presence.

8. GetAFollower

GetAFollower has received multiple awards and excellent customer reviews for its ability to provide high-quality Instagram likes, followers, and views quickly and at an affordable price.

GetAFollower may be of particular interest to those seeking target followers from specific locations. During the purchase process, you can choose where your followers are from or select ‘worldwide’ if you don’t have a preference.

Additionally, GetAFollower allows people to purchase followers based on type: normal, NFT, or Ad-based. NFT followers are those with a ‘verified badge’ and may be more expensive than other follower types.

Accounts that use GetAFollower to buy Instagram followers can order between 50 and 500,000 new followers delivered over the course of one day to a few weeks. Payment and processing is easy, with only an Instagram profile address and username required for purchase.

9. SidesMedia

SidesMedia offers a way for anyone to get the best Instagram follower package for their needs. The platform has been featured in several high-end tech magazines and publications for its ability to provide quality, targeted results.

SidesMedia offers both automatic and manual growth plans depending on the needs of the profile owner. Automatic plans are best for those who want to set it and forget it, while manual plans offer more control over the process and require regular check-ins.

Pricing is based on how many new followers are needed, with many options starting at well under $20. By switching to subscription plans, aspiring social media superstars can get significant savings on follower packages.

A fast delivery time, real followers, and great customer service are just a few of the reasons that SidesMedia has become one of the most popular places to buy Instagram followers.

10. Social Enablers

Social Enablers is a P2P, free way to get up to 50K followers delivered to your Insta profile. Billed as a community of Instagram users, Social Enablers connects people who want more followers with those who are happy to oblige.

Profile owners can get started by following a few simple steps:

  • Create an account.
  • Link their Instagram profile.
  • Add some coins (done by following other users or completing tasks).
  • Use those coins to ‘purchase’ followers.

Social Enablers doesn’t directly sell followers but instead uses a system of coins and tasks to get users connected. This could be an excellent option for those looking for a more organic way to get followers or those on a budget. Once tasks have been completed, it can take 1 to 60 days for new followers to appear on a profile.

How Do I Choose The Best Site To Buy Insta Followers?

Choosing the right site to buy followers can be tricky. Even when knowing the reputable sites out there, understanding which ones will best help to achieve goals can be difficult. So, consider the following when narrowing down the choices:

  • How quickly do you want results?

If immediate IG followers are a must to help boost your viral marketing campaign or new product launch, then sites that provide fast, instant delivery will probably be the best option. Avoid slow drip, managed growth services as these usually will take longer for the total number of followers ordered to appear.

  • How much work do you want to do?

Buying IG followers is easy, but you may need to top up your order every month and reanalyze data to ensure you’re getting the most for your money. If you’re looking for a hands-off solution that you don’t have to spend a lot of time on, buying from a reputable site that offers concierge-managed growth services, subscription follower packages, and other features like detailed tracking may be the best option.

  • How much do you want to spend?

Insta followers can be purchased in batches as small as 50 for only a couple of dollars. Even a lot of followers in batches of 5K or more are relatively affordable, with many packages available for less than $100. If you have a limited budget, consider more affordable (or free) solutions until you are able to monetize from growing brand awareness and purchase more followers. If money isn’t an object, it is still a good idea to compare features and reviews to get the most value for your money.

  • What are your social media goals?

Often the factor that determines which site is best and how many followers to buy is based on your social media goals. For example, if you want to increase brand awareness, then sites offering detailed tracking and reporting features may be the best option. On the other hand, if you want to quickly boost your follower count before a big sale or product launch, sites with low-cost, high-volume follower packages may be the better option.

More Insta Followers for Better Chances at Success

Let’s face it – the more followers you have on Instagram, the better your chances of becoming a social media sensation. More IG followers means more engagement and reach, which in turn means more opportunities for likes, comments, shares, and clicks.

If you’re looking to take your social media game to the next level, buying followers is a great place to start. And with any of the ten sites above, you are sure to get quality followers that will help give you the edge over your competitors and make your profile a viral sensation.

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