Newspapers in Education

Helping develop kids’ minds

The Garden Island’s Newspaper In Education (NIE) program is designed to provide newspapers to area teachers and schools and the opportunity to share this free service with their students.

The newspaper is a daily, up-to-date textbook of information about their community and the world around them.

Teachers use the Garden Island to teach current events, math, reading, science, business and much more.

The NAA conducted a study in 22 cities across the country — big, small and in between. In each city they compared schools that used NIE newspapers with those who did not.

They used local and state reading tests as a measure. For all students there was a 10% increase in test scores for those that used newspapers compared to those who did not. In all cases, the greatest increase was gained by middle school students.

The Newspaper in Education programs can and do have a measurable and positive impact on schools and children that utilize the newspaper in the classroom. NIE in your Community The Garden Island’s NIE program is available to all Kauai schools that may be interested. We deliver the entire island.

We also provide papers from first grade through college. Sponsorships: how we are able to provide papers. The Garden Island is able to provide papers to schools through fundraising (Kauai Pet Idol contest) and business and individual sponsorships.

There are between 300 and 600 requests for papers each day, depending on paper content and special publications. Last year, there were over 78,000 copies provided to Kauai students & teachers.

For more information

To learn more about The Garden Island’s program, or to become a benefactor, please call the Circulation Department at 245-0433, or e-mail customer service at