Just say no to high rises on Kauai

In voting for a candidate running for public office in Kauai you are not just voting for a person, you are voting for the future of Kauai, what are your thoughts and what are your expectations. Also, what are the expectations of those who funded your campaign and what do they want to achieve.

Faith and science are compatible

Certain segments of our current society have chosen for either religious or political reasons or both (a dangerous combination), to wage war on science.

Proposing ‘Mu‘umu‘u Mondays’

My snowy-haired grandpapa, while reminiscing with me after seeing “Great Expectations,” narrowed his eyes, sighed, and said, “Women lost a lot when they gave up wearing beautiful hats.”

Help make affordable housing happen

Many of you know that our home of 33 years, our dear little Kauai, is facing the major challenge of having no affordable housing for our local families. And some of you know that Harvest and I have committed to help solve this conundrum, and have been working on it for years now.

Time for action on Coco Palms

All of Kauai is aware of the derelict and skeletal remains of the former Coco Palms Resort property in Wailua. For all of us, the view is a constant reminder of the neglect and disrespect these very special lands have endured for the past 27 years.

Don’t let Kauai become California

Housing, traffic, and increasing a living wage (to be able to afford a decent life on Kauai) was shared by every council member and mayor during our recent election.