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County seeking fitness instructors

County of Kauai officials are seeking certified instructors to lead senior fitness classes through the EnhanceFitness program that are available from Kilauea to Kekaha.

Happy Camper for Monday, March 4, 2019

Elvrine Chow was having to decide which lei would be appropriate for Arnold Meister’s birthday, and Alan Van Zee was sold out again! Cynthia Chiang was trying to debate on whether to take in the Rotary Club of Poipu Beach’s One Fine Evening or the Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowling fundraiser, and where were the Girl Scout cookies this weekend?

Kauai-born Theosophist Augustus Francis Knudsen

Born at Kekaha, Kauai, Augustus Francis Knudsen (1869-1944) was the son of Valdemar Knudsen, who in 1856 was appointed by Kamehameha IV as curator of royal cattle herds on leased lands encompassing over 100,000 acres.

Talk Story: Jean Dobashi

The National Education Association-Retired is available to meet the needs of retired education employees, and Jean Dobashi of Lihue sits on its board as the national vice president for a special term that started in September and will be effective until August.

Prostate health, wellness, facts, findings

Writing about health and wellness is a lot like writing about politics. Everyone falls into one camp or another and very few people agree with the facts, findings and opinions expressed by everyone else.