Mayor signs fifth emergency proclamation

Mayor Bernard P. Carvalho Jr. has signed a fifth supplementary emergency proclamation on Monday, Nov. 5, for the County of Kauai, extending the emergency relief period for damages sustained during the April flood.

J.H. Snider talks about Constitutional Convention

On Tuesday, Hawaii voters will decide whether to convene a Constitutional Convention. Nationwide, 14 states have a periodic Constitutional Convention referendum, with Hawaii being the only state during the mid-term election voting on the measure.

County Council candidate: Milo Spindt

Milo Spindt is a well-connected man. He is the chairperson of the Hawaii Housing Finance and Development Board, member of the Kauai County Council’s Affordable Housing Special Advisory Council, founder of nonprofit, Housing for All,and is a soccer coach to boot.

County Council Candidate: Luke Evslin

Within five minutes of conversation with County Council candidate Luke Evslin, it is obvious that he is a man who understands system interconnectedness. This is unsurprising for those familiar with his experience.


The Hawaii Supreme Court on Friday invalidated a ballot question asking voters if they want to amend the Hawaii Constitution to allow the state to tax property in support of public education.