More creative thought needed at our Legislature

This week, we continue coverage of our legislature by highlighting some of the more unusual or remarkable tax bills being considered. We focus on bills that not only have been introduced, but that have gotten a hearing before a legislative committee and are actively moving toward enactment.

Don’t try to read state legislators’ minds

In the beginning of February each year, the Japanese celebrate the Setsubun festival. The festivities typically include roasted beans. Family members throw them out the door, or start pelting one of their own members who is dressed up like a demon, to represent driving out the bad luck and welcoming in the good luck.

Here is the grim reality of unemployment taxes

In this space, we have been doing a lot of guessing on possible legislative proposals. We will find out for sure what they are on or before January 25, the date of Governor Ige’s State of the State address.

Scrutiny needed for the big agencies

There has been a lot of flip-flopping and waffling going on in government. President Trump groused about, panned, and then finally signed a second stimulus package on Sunday, Dec. 27.

Business entity registration scam

Recently, our Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs (DCCA) reminded people of a news release. The release was directed to anyone in Hawaii that owns or has control of an entity (such as a corporation, partnership, or LLC).

Here’s a tale of the state finances’ tape

When we analyze how well, or how poorly, our economy is faring in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and then try to craft appropriate corrective action, we often hear the buzzword “data-driven.”

Standardless Spending, Part 2?

A few weeks ago, we wrote about how the State’s procurement law was suspended by Governor’s Emergency Proclamation. We argued it meant standardless spending, and we were delighted to report last week that the issue was addressed in the most recent Emergency Proclamation.

We need to ask where is all the money

For most of us, if we are asked how much money we have (perhaps by a bank or credit union that is considering lending us money), answering the question isn’t terribly difficult.