Obituaries for Sunday, May 22, 2022

• Shirley ‘Loling’ Fuertes Medeiros • Harriet K. Silva • Dale ‘Sparky’ Costales • Melissa Mia Costales • Robert T. Kunioka • Bok Soon ‘B’ Kalaiwa‘a

VOICES: TVR tax increase good idea; plan is harmful

Helping those without housing and others to stay in housing is a top priority for me, so I would easily support a simple solution as appeared in the Sunday article, May 15, 2022. All of the council wants to increase the supply of homes for our residents and decrease the number of houses focused on visitors or investors.

Obituaries for Wednesday, May 18, 2022

• Jennie T. Yukimura • Una May Kuhlman • Harriet K. Silva • Bok Soon ‘B’ Kalaiwa‘a • Tevita Mafi Tovi • Tina Porquis Parongao • Robert T. Kunioka • Amparo J. Abalos

Births for Tuesday, May 17, 2022

• La‘iku Akio Naumu • Kean Kunio Makala Hew • Noelani Kauanoeolaolumaha’i Yoshiko Stone • Taevanna Kolea Ku Malama Remata • Kane Russell Toulon • Joshua Ikaika Parraga Jr

Lucille Ball: A pioneer in film and business

What defines a leader? Our first thoughts may conjure images of righteous public figures who shine behind our television screens. But what about the ones who have innovated the world around us in a less-apparent fashion?

Letters for Sunday, May 15, 2022

• Legislature needs to address cost of living • Incentivize new construction for low-income Kauaians • Raise the minimum age for drivers licensing