Read it and weep no more

Having a retail bookstore, being on the frontlines of book selling, we do come across a number of self-published books of questionable production. We are, of course, happy to see these individuals expressing their creativity and making it available to the public.

Far out! Take a psychedelic journey

Michael Pollan, author of the enormously popular “Omnivore’s Dilemma” and “In Defense of Food,” has taken a surprise turn from what we readers have known of his usual topics and ventured into a very controversial subject matter: psychedelics, and their use in modern medicine and psychotherapy.

Some get their spiritual guidance from tarot cards

Aloha readers! There are so many ways that people look for spiritual guidance. Some people get their guidance through meditation, some through listening quietly after praying, some look in their religion’s sacred text, and some find other means. Here’s another: ever heard of tarot cards?

Some healthy foods can cause weight gain

Aloha book lovers, and anyone interested in better health and aging defiance or even diet books for health! Last week we did a book on plants, but this book is a far cry from gardening!