Capturing a culture

The title of Daniel Finchum’s photo essay, “Bruises in the Garden,” lets you know right away these are not going to be feel-good pictures of sunsets, waves and beaches.

Mountain park becomes public bath amid Venezuela crisis

After generations of breathing life into Venezuela’s crowded capital, the tree-covered slopes of El Avila mountain looming above Caracas are being transformed into a public bath amid worsening power failures that are disrupting life in the crisis-wracked country.

Staying the course

Judy Emmett is one tough lady. She beat breast cancer that she was diagnosed with in 2004. Two years ago, she was diagnosed with squamous cell cancer, the second-most-common form of skin cancer.

Forever Young Brothers

Numbers say a lot about the impact of Young Brothers in Hawaii. Start with 119. That’s how many years it’s been doing business in the Aloha State.