Letter for Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Has World War III started?

History: In 1938, Hitler demanded that Czechoslovakia hand over the Sudetenland of the Czech Republic to Germany. Czechoslovakia was cobbled together after World War I, pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles. The Sudetenland was taken from Germany to create the Czech Republic. To avoid war, France, who had a treaty obligation to protect the borders of the Czech Republic, and Britain came to Munich to broker peace.

Mussolini was the mediator between the disputants. The result was that the Sudetenland was returned to Germany and Hitler promised he would not take over any other European countries. A few months after the Munich accord, German troops marched into the rest of the Czech Republic and were adjacent to the border of Poland. Britain and France rushed to guarantee the border of Poland. Hitler invaded Poland and war occurred between Germany, Britain and France. In 1940 Hitler invaded neutral nations like Norway, Denmark, etc. Fast forward to 2022: Does America have a treaty obligation to protect Ukraine? No. But we impose economic sanctions on Russia and take the property of Russia and the Russian people. Under traditional international-law norms, such acts could be considered a declaration of war by America against Russia.

Does America have a moral obligation to protect the lives of the Ukrainian people and a duty to stop dictator Putin from seizing more of Europe as he said he will do to return to existence the former Soviet Union? The answer is yes. President Biden is a great president. He is a humanitarian and he knows history and how dictators/emperors have dragged America into two world wars. Anyone who sides with Putin is supporting an evil man who wants to conquer the Ukraine, and parts of Europe and Asia. He must be stopped. We must help the Ukraine and its heroic, Churchill-like president, Zelenskyy.

William J. Fernandez, retired judge, Kapa‘a

  1. YuCalJoe March 1, 2022 1:51 pm Reply

    A great President? LOL!!!!! He has a 39 percent approval rating. Putin played him with such ease. He’s weak, he’s out of touch with reality, his policies have pushed inflation to record highs, crime is up in every major city (and small cities as well), shortages of grocery items on the shelf, container ships backup up at ports still despite his promise, failures on COVID, gas at record highs, and so many more failures. He has no clue that America needs the energy programs back in place. Within them, we are supporting Russia indirectly. Great? PLEASE!!!

  2. Kauai Senior Citizen March 1, 2022 2:51 pm Reply

    Well said Judge. Never in my life have I witnessed some government elected officials and a former president praising the enemy. We should support our great country and not the evil enemy.

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