Rescued Kaua‘i ‘akikiki flown to Maui Bird Conservation Center

  • Lisa “Cali” Crampton, project manager of Kauai Forest Birds Recovery Project, holds a Kaua‘i elepaio, a native forest bird historically found at all elevations on Kaua‘i but now restricted to forests above 1,000 meters elevation in the Alaka‘i Plateau.

  • Carter Atkinson / U.S. Geological Survey

    ‘Akikiki (Kaua‘i creeper) is the rarest bird on Kaua‘i.

KAHULUI — A six-month-old ’akikiki chick was safely rescued on Kaua‘i and flown by helicopter to Maui in an ambitious effort to rescue four tiny birds deep in a thick Hawaiian rainforest, giving hope to a critically endangered species driven to the brink of extinction by malaria: an unfortunate consequence of climate change.