Team searches Alaka‘i for ‘akikiki family

  • Contributed by state Department of Land and Natural Resources

    Part of the team of researches looks for the rare and endangered Hawaiian honeycreeper, or ‘akikiki, in the areas near the Alaka‘i Swamp.

ALAKA‘I — A team of six people are now in the Kaua‘i uplands trying to locate a single family of the Hawaiian honeycreeper, the ‘akikiki. The number of birds in the Halehaha area of the native forest on the Alaka‘i Plateau plummeted, and now the team of forest-bird experts and scientists are trying to locate the ‘akikiki family nicknamed Carrot, Napua, Abby and Erica. They are a breeding pair and their chicks believed to be the last remaining ‘akikiki in this section of wet, high-elevation forest.