Drones combing cliffsides discover rare plant life on Kaua‘i

  • Courtesy / Ben Nyberg

    Endangered plant species grow deep in the island’s most remote locations. Drone technology sends botanists to otherwise inaccessible areas.

  • Courtesy / Seana Walsh

    Kamapua‘a (Kadua fluviatilis) shares its name with a figure in Hawaiian mythology. An NTBG drone found 10 individuals in June.

  • Courtesy / Steve Perlman

    The endangered haha (Cyanea asarifolia) produces white flowers with purple stripes. A new population of 95 specimens was discovered this summer.

  • Courtesy / Steve Perlman

    Haha (Cyanea asarifolia) grows on near-vertical cliff faces near Mt. Wai‘ale‘ale.

  • Courtesy / Ken Wood

    NTBG drone operator Ben Nyberg deploys his machine somewhere in the Kaua‘i backcountry.

KALAHEO — Over 100 endangered plant specimens were uncovered on the cliffsides of Kaua‘i this summer during a drone survey conducted by National Tropical Botanical Garden personnel.