COVID-19 surge forces health care rationing in parts of West

BOISE, Idaho — In another ominous sign about the spread of the delta variant, Idaho public health leaders on Thursday expanded health care rationing statewide and individual hospital systems in Alaska and Montana have enacted similar crisis standards amid a spike in the number of unvaccinated COVID-19 patients requiring hospitalization.

Cuba begins vaccinating children as young as 2

HAVANA — Sitting on her mother’s lap, 2-year-old Lucía looked at the illustrations in her book while around her several children watched the doctors in white coats and nurses with thermometers in amazement. In an adjoining room, Danielito, also 2, sniffled while getting a shot as a clown tried to distract him.

Russia votes in parliament election without main opposition

MOSCOW — After a few weeks of desultory campaigning but months of relentless official moves to shut down significant opposition, Russia began three days of voting early Friday in a parliamentary election that is unlikely to change the country’s political complexion.

Jan. 6 committee seeking records on Milley’s China calls

WASHINGTON — The leaders of a House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection said Thursday they have sought records related to calls from Gen. Mark Milley, the top U.S. military officer, to his Chinese counterpart in the turbulent final months of Donald Trump’s presidency.

VOICES: COVID on Kaua‘i and your medical care providers

The undersigned medical care providers have spent much of our professional lives caring for the families of Kaua‘i. We are writing this letter to the Kaua‘i community and, in particular, to our first responders (especially firefighters and lifeguards) and to the parents of our school students. You have come to us for medical care for years, please trust us now as we face our greatest healthcare threat.