KDHO: 49 new cases of COVID-19 Saturday

LIHU‘E – The Hawai‘i State Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office announced 49 new cases on Saturday.

Saturday’s cases are three visitors and 46 residents. Of the 49 new cases, 15 are children and 34 are adults. Six of the cases are related to travel – five mainland and one interisland. The remaining 43 cases are considered community-acquired. Thirty-four of the community-acquired infections are close contacts of previously announced cases or are tied to one of our active clusters. The remaining nine community-acquired cases have no known source of infection, including two cases whom investigators have been unable to reach after repeated attempts or who have refused to provide information. We currently have the following active clusters: two social gatherings, two places of worship, one shelter, one correctional facility, one educational, and one occupational cluster in a construction/industrial company.

All active cases are in isolation, and close contacts are being identified, offered testing, and directed to quarantine. Investigations are ongoing.

“As of today, we have exceeded our capacity for case investigation and contact tracing on Kaua‘i despite bringing on new staff daily. This means that you may not hear from us in the same timeframe our community has become accustomed to. If you test positive, please isolate yourself at home immediately and notify your close contacts,” said Lauren Guest, Public Health Preparedness Planner for the Kaua‘i District Office. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our entire Kaua‘i District Health Office team for their tireless efforts to protect our community by controlling the spread of disease on our island. It can be a difficult and, at times, thankless job. Please know that your efforts have made an enormous difference and are greatly appreciated by the majority of our community.”

Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami also thanked the Kaua‘i District Health Office team for their work to protect the health and safety of the community.

“Words cannot express my infinite gratitude to our team at the Kaua‘i District Health Office,” said Mayor Kawakami. “Mahalo to your families and loved ones for their sacrifice and patience as you have and continue to keep our island safe.”

Dr. Janet Berreman, Kaua‘i District Health Officer, emphasized that at this point, island-wide or statewide restrictions will be required to bring this surge under control.

“Until such measures are in place, each of us can do our part. If you test positive, isolate at home immediately, and let your contacts know they have been exposed,” said Dr. Berreman.

Today’s cases bring the number of active cases to 276, with six hospitalized, and 1,322 cumulative cases. Kaua‘i’s cumulative case count includes 1,265 confirmed locally, eight probable, and 49 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, as they received their pre-travel test results after arriving on island.

  1. pua August 28, 2021 10:37 pm Reply

    Sooo we could have knocked this out with the vaccine . Instead, the ignorant have-nots have decided to keep it going because they claim that they will not get the vaccine for various “reasons”. For instance, “it’s not approved by the FDA” (like they even know what that means) or “it’s my body, my choice” or MAYBE it’s just a great way to continue to get unemployment money. The job fair here was barely attended. Apparently, people here expect charity and handouts. Or maybe they are just rolling the dice. (#darwin).

    Others are now screaming for monoclonal treatment, which – guess what – is way more “experimental” (and completely synthetic and developed with – hold on to your FREEDUMB hats – GOVERNMENT MONEY) and only used AFTER one is infected. And depending on the timing – may or may not work. I don’t want to pay for your monoclonal treatment (which is super expensive) (I work and have health insurance and pay taxes) because you did not get the vaccine and you are most likely uninsured.

    Antivaxxers – hear us now, this new Delta variant is squarely on your shoulders. If we have to go into lockdown again, it is because if YOU. You scream about freedoms. Let us tell you that you are stopping all of us from having the freedom from having a normal life. We are so SICK of your excuses.

    1. Natural August 30, 2021 4:45 pm Reply

      You must get your info from Facebook.
      If you are not obese, diabetic, elderly, comorbid…natural immunity might give you a fighting chance. Now you get to take a booster shot when they tell you until the end.
      Trust me, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.

  2. Jack L. August 29, 2021 11:07 am Reply

    With all these reported positive Covid and/or Delta cases it is for sure we are moving closer and closer to needed Herd Immunity that will eliminate Covid and Delta from the island.

    If lately we have had a few hundred cases testing positive, that clearly means we are having some thousands of more people who are also positive but with zero to mild symptoms they feel no need to be tested.

    And what is it that makes people test if none are being hospitalized.

    Anyway we are clearly on the way to Herd Immunity, at which point, the majority of residents will be both Non-Contagious and Immune from re-infection of the virus.

    Apparently masking, 6’ distancing, are not working, sf and we know for a fact that people are still getting Covid and spreading Covid even though fully vaccinated.

    So we can bese that medical care has not gotten these virus under control, but looks like Mother Nature is getting Covid under control as each positive person after 2 weeks becomes naturally Non-Contagious and has lifetime Immunity from the virus. That equals Herd Immunity.

    Share the virus, so far only 0.00005% of the people could not handle it, and those were people on medical drugs and with medical diseases with no effort to get them well and Healthy, but maintains, continuing their diseases with symptom hiding prescription drugs.

    Bring on Herd Immunity and let’s get back to normal.

  3. biden harris 2020 August 29, 2021 3:11 pm Reply

    if i catch the virus from a non vaxxer, can i sue him or her for damages?

  4. Jamie Walker August 29, 2021 4:10 pm Reply

    Please listen to him so we can avoid a shutdown

  5. Dr. August 29, 2021 5:59 pm Reply

    It’s futile to reason with the unvaccinated.

  6. William August 29, 2021 6:21 pm Reply

    How do you protect us and protect the church clusters at the same time?

  7. KauaiFarmMan September 1, 2021 8:51 am Reply

    Re: Biden Harris 2020
    The question you should be asking is, can I sue the pharmaceutical companies for long term side effects from vaccine or if I get sick with Covid even though I’m vaccinated. The answer is No. The pharmaceutical company’s have no liability for the vaccine because of its emergency use. So all you vaccinated have no legal recourse for any complications from the vaccine.

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