Incident report for Thursday, August 5, 2021

11 new cases Wednesday

LIHU‘E — The Hawai‘i State Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office reported 11 new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, Aug. 4.

These cases consist of six residents and five visitors. Of the 11 new cases, nine are adults and two are children. Ten of the cases are related to mainland travel. The remaining case is considered community-acquired and is not a close contact of previously announced cases. This case has no known source of infection.

“As today’s cases illustrate, travel poses a risk of infection,” Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman said. “If you travel, please take three precautions: vaccinate before you go, wear a mask indoors, and get tested 3 to 5 days after arrival to Kaua‘i. Mahalo for taking these steps to keep yourself, your family, and our community safe and healthy.”

These cases bring the number of active cases to 71, with three hospitalized, and 642 cumulative cases. Kaua‘i’s cumulative case count includes 591 confirmed locally, six probable, and 45 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, as they received their pre-travel test results after arriving on island.

Princeville crash sends driver to Wilcox

PRINCEVILLE — A two-car collision on Kuhio Highway Tuesday evening shut down traffic and sent a driver to the hospital.

According to a preliminary report from the Kaua‘i Police Department, on around 6:30 p.m., a traffic crash occurred on Kuhio Highway in the vicinity of Kapaka Road.

A witness reported that the driver of a black SUV pulled onto the highway heading southbound from the shoulder of the road, at which point a white truck hit the vehicle, KPD reported. The driver of the white truck was transported by medics to Wilcox Memorial Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

The highway was closed for about 10 minutes.

  1. Robert T August 5, 2021 9:00 am Reply

    Besides the same old copy paste covid positive test report, there is more that meets the eye.

    If you took post graduate level courses in Immunology daily, for a few years, taught by professors with PhD’s in immunology, you would know more about Immunology than Lt. Gov Josh Green, Hawaii Dept of Health Dr. Libby Char, and Kaua’i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman, and almost all practicing doctors.

    You would also know that unless an injection had a dead or alive actual Virus in it, it could not be called a Vaccine. Thus the ONLY common virus “injection” used in the USA for Coronavirus or it’s Delta mutated variant, that is an actual Vaccine, is the Astrazeneca vaccine, and it contains only and weirdly, a chimpanzee virus.

    Pfizer and Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, etc., UN-vaccines are actually just some toxic mystery sauce, that for some reason their ingredients are causing strokes, death, and several other serious side effects, as well as unknown human gene treatments.

    When in fact the people don’t need their genes treated, but need their immune systems unburdened by the pandemic of snack, sugar, and inhumane chemicals in the food, as well as the overuse of 4 Billion drug prescriptions sold per year in America alone, and the level of toxicity in those drugs and the overburdening effect they have on the people’s immune systems.

    And since the Astrazeneca chimpanzee monkey vaccine ingredients do not bio-identically match the Covid19 virus or the the Delta variant, it has no value or capability to eliminate the Covid or Delta virus, and is worthless in this pandemic.

    The added Chimpanzee virus in the Astrazeneca vaccine does however further burden the immune system while the typical American’s already overburdened Immune System (from eating the typical American diet of junk, fast, sugar loaded, and chemically saturated food) is trying and losing to protect the person from the Covid and Delta viruses.

    All the other Vaccines on the market today do not protect the public from either the Covid virus or the Delta variant virus, because they do not contain the bio-identicle active replica or inactive virus.

    And why would you want an active, or even an inactive laboratory virus injected into you anyway, when a healthy unburdened immune system is genetically capable of ridding the body of the many viruses it is confronted with annually, but also as a bonus provides natural future immunity against each particular virus, as well as becoming Non-contagious, which makes people be part of Herd Immunity.

    Further, the Immune System stores each disease infectious virus or bacteria in its immune system memory bank organized by the nervous system.

    While on the subject, very few people are aware of how important it is to keep their nervous system at optimal, and unaberrated functionality. More education needed at elementary, high school, and college level courses.

    Yet, the population have been misled to believe that these injections are effective against the viruses in question, while the authorities “casually” proclaim that there are “breakthrough” cases, meaning the injections don’t work.

    The further deception is their saying the injections prevent serious sickness, hospitalizations and death. Well in science you cannot prove that which did not happen.

    For example, and just as stupid as saying the injections prevented serious sickness, hospitalizations, or death; is like saying, since we drove around all day with our car windows down, on the dry Westside of the island…it didn’t RAIN…! You can’t prove it didn’t rain because you drive around all day with your windows down, especially when you were on the dry westside of the island which can have as little as 5” of rain a year, the amount of rain which qualifies anywhere as a desert.

    But what the injections cause with laboratory Spike Proteins included, are brain blood clots, as well as blood clots in other narrow, small blood vessels such as those going into your vital organs, or any other areas of your body.

    With fear of death from the virus so heightened and hyped by the media, it is easy to understand why the uneducated public is so hysterically afraid, while they ignore the fact that junk food burdens the immune and excretory systems so it has difficulty with infectious virus.

    And all the while tobacco use kills as many as the Covid virus, and deaths by heart disease, brain stroke, and high blood pressure kill approximately 400%, 500%, and 600% more people than Covid and the Delta virus combined; not to mention the cancer victim deaths, or the 3rd leading cause of death in America being medical care.

    Yet these substance abuses like tobacco and alcohol are sold at every corner store and Supermarket, as are the junk, snack, sugar, and chemical loaded foods sold to most Americans; who ignore the facts on the food “warning” labels.

    And the media brave enough to report the truth, tell us approximately 50,000 have already died just after being vaccinated.

    Yes, it should be reported which people, in the statistics of the sick, hospitalized, dead, and in the obituaries, have been vaccinated or not.

    There sure are a significant amount of younger middle age people dying lately, just read the obituaries daily.

    Education and follow up respect and activity for Diet and Lifestyle will do more to prevent virus sickness and death than any vaccine program and it’s dangerous side effects.

    1. SumDumGuy August 5, 2021 3:26 pm Reply

      Wow that is idiotic. How do people believe that kind of gibberish?

  2. Kauaidoug August 5, 2021 12:49 pm Reply

    FAKE NEWS. Mahalo. Just in case you couldn’t figure it out from the first paragraph for so.

  3. MIchael August 6, 2021 5:22 am Reply

    Why does TGI publish garbage like this?

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