1 in 4 eligible Kaua‘i resident unvaccinated

LIHU‘E — One out of every four eligible Kaua‘i residents is unvaccinated, Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman reported Monday.

“This pandemic is now a pandemic of the un-vaccinated,” Berreman said during yesterday’s COVID-19 briefing. “Yes, there are breakthrough cases in some vaccinated individuals. Those cases are generally mild with rapid recovery and no long-term effects — and little spread of disease.”

Monday, the KDHO reported two new infections of COVID-19 on island, one resident and one visitor, both adults. One is related to mainland travel, and the other case is considered community-acquired.

In the last week, the county had reported 44 new cases, representing 40 residents and four visitors.

“Many of the residents were unvaccinated and traveled to the mainland,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said. “If you plan a trip, please, get vaccinated before you go, to protect yourself and our community. And get tested upon your return.”

On island, there are currently five hospitalized cases.

“This is the highest number of Kaua‘i residents who have been hospitalized at one time since the pandemic began,” Berreman said. “With continued rapid spread of disease, we know we will see more hospitalizations and unfortunately can also anticipate more deaths.”

The DOH is reporting that 66% of Hawai‘i residents have initiated a two-step vaccine process. About 60% of state residents are fully vaccinated.

The county will be setting off mobile vaccination vans that will offer the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines to adults 18 and over. These vans will be available at gatherings and community functions, as well as be requested through the county.

Later this week, the county will mobilize its mobile testing van. Between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., every day, the van will be located at:

• Wednesday: Kekaha Neighborhood Center

• Thursday: Kilauea Neighborhood Center

• Friday: Kalaheo Neighborhood Center

• Saturday: Hanalei Neighborhood Center

• Sunday: Kapa‘a Neighborhood Center

The headline to this story was updated to better reflect its content on Tuesday, July 27 at 5:50 a.m.

  1. RGLadder37 July 27, 2021 12:58 am Reply

    Does that mean they’re forcing people to get vaccinated? Even if they aren’t sick. It sounds like it.

    1. Uncleaina July 27, 2021 7:26 pm Reply

      You tell us. Where does it say that?

  2. Kauai July 27, 2021 7:07 am Reply

    What happened to my body my choice? Now all I’m hearing on and reading in the new is that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated! The new word vomit every main stream news outlet is repeating let parrots! Its targeting a group of people for a personal choice, a life style that they don’t like. Live and let live! Don’t turn people against each other.

    1. Aina July 27, 2021 5:04 pm Reply

      Your right to swing your fist ends at the tip of my nose.

      I believe you have every right to not get vaccinated. Just guarantee everyone else that you’re completely filtering the air you exhale at us.

  3. Soooo July 27, 2021 7:57 am Reply

    By the numbers 75% of the population has gotten the vaccine. Coupled with folks who have already had covid brings the number closer to 80% with us far greater than the herd immunity numbers. The thing with stats and numbers you can manipulate them for
    Your narrative. This is actually good news. Most of the residents got the vaccine. You won’t convince the rest by shaming snd or scare tactics

    1. Ummmm July 27, 2021 5:06 pm Reply

      Yeah, interesting choice of words. Note the article says 1 in 4 of those ELIGIBLE to receive the vaccine have not done so. This doesn’t include the rest of the population that is ineligible.

      Reading comprehension is important.

  4. KauaiRon July 27, 2021 10:53 am Reply

    I wonder if the person who died in Oahu thought it was generally mild

    1. Guy July 27, 2021 5:08 pm Reply

      You know, you can point to one person who the vaccine failed to completely save. I’m all for that, since the efficacy of the vaccines were supposed to be about 95% I’d call that a hell of a deal. I bet it’s a better rate than those wearing seat belts in car crashes!

  5. truthbeknown July 27, 2021 11:07 am Reply

    The CDC now advises that even though you’re totally vaccinated, it’s advisable to wear a mask indoors as the vaccines aren’t proving very effective at protecting you from the new variances. More and more vaccers are being infected by and transmitting the new strains, possibly because their immune systems have been compromised due to the vaccines. The CDC flipflops more often than a fish out of water, further questioning their validity.

    1. allies July 27, 2021 5:09 pm Reply

      Probably why? I’d say it’s more probable that the VARIANTS are completely accounted for because people allowed them to develop by not having protected the rest of society by getting vaccinated.

      It’s hard to believe that people so set against believing in science can post messages on the internet.

  6. Leo Nomeli July 27, 2021 1:08 pm Reply

    The Mayor we can assume is doing a good job as mayor, making the right fiscal, economic, and county management decisions, and we elected him for that.

    However, his stepping into the medical arena and his urging citizens to do or get medical procedures, who are people with zero medical knowledge, much less medical education, is overstepping his mayoral ability and responsibilities.

    As well he is playing a “deadly” game with Kauai citizens by holding back on the full information, and wrongly influencing the citizens, for one to be able to make an informed consent for themself and their children when making the decision on whether to take vaccination. At the end of the day will the Mayor be held for responsibility of all the fallout coming from this fear and hysteria.

    What do you think the Mayor, or yourself, knows about antigens, virus, antibodies, plasma cells, virus recognition and antibody bio-identification of virus specie for virus elimination, much less known, potential, and unknown side effects that occur, nor even having a medical education. Zip Zero seems the level of expertise going around.

    Probably the Mayor has no adequate information, knowledge, or detailed education about any of the above important inner workings surrounding this so called Pandemic, just the same as the general public.

    So why is the Mayor the medical advisor?

    We love you Derek, as our Mayor, but you are not the Elected Health Savior.

    Do you think you are sure of what you urge innocent people to do because some ill advised, elementary medically educated misinformed spokesperson at the national, state, and/or county level has told you, ultimately coming from those making the eventual hundred(s) of billion $ on this pandamit.

    What if you convinced a Mother to vaccinate their child, and the child on its own God given health would have contracted the Covid virus or Delta variant and had no symptoms, and naturally would have become Immune, Non Contagious, and part of community necessary Herd Immunity; but instead the child developed myocarditis, or a Brain Blood Clot, or went into anaphylactic shock and died, all because the Mother believed in you, as you are with ignorance and Blind Faith are believing in others who only know the “tape loop” from others to manage and make the most out of this, what is being called a “scamdemic”.

    Are you sure you are sure, because many scientists are against what you are urging the people to do…vaccinate, in spite of the Vaccidents, and that these fake vaccines make no elimination impact or less sickness severity or deaths from being vaccinated.

    Remember they and you cannot prove what didn’t happen. Proving what didn’t happen flies in the face of reason.

    By the way, Can you explain every step of the immune system? Can you also explain the in útero development of the human specie, can you explain the inborn human intelligence behind the organizing of the entire human 9 month development of every cell, tissue, organ, and body system; the Immune System being one of them.

    Explain how the inborn intelligence recognizes which specie of virus is infecting the body, and then explain how the immune system creates the more than overall millions of antibodies, per second, specific to which exact infecting specie of virus needs eliminating.

    Can the medical people explain where along the pathway of the inborn intelligence does failure of normal function occur? What factor allow failure of normal function allowing perpetuation of Health of one person in the presence of infecting virus, and the other person’s same virus infection results in death.

    The Mayor has a brilliant adviser in Mr. Dahilig, but as a lawyer his medical disease knowledge would be limited. So what role as advisor does he play in the Health of our community ?

    As to the medical profession that at least 80% or more of the public relies on, when it comes to the medical track record of accomplishment, all categories of chronic long term disease is worse in both categories and how many people are afflicted in each category, year after decade after decade, so why do we out so much confidence in these people. Is it the white coat and little toy hose around their neck. “Hey, look, I’m a real doctor!”.

    Overweight and obese people accumulate their weight and diseases over time. Even children you can see in public their bodies expanding over years like a slow filling water balloon, however in overweight and especially obese children, and adults, chronic long term diseases are developing and worsening decade after decade, and in spite of medical disease care, and newer and newer prescription drugs, people’s health, on average, is worsening. How do we continue to subscribe to such a failing system?

    Well, many people don’t believe in Disease Care, they are refusing Vaccinations ! ! !

    Yet people, victims of worsening disease, in spite of symptoms and test findings being managed by the prescription drugs, are still not getting well, and healthy, and off the prescription drugs, sort of like living unnaturally, synthetic.

    Medical disease care doesn’t get you well or healthy, it keeps you on drugs for a lifetime, financially benefitting medical people, the pharmacies, and petrochemical manufacturers; and keeping people sick and on drugs.

    We need to re-educate doctors to teach the public about how to be Healthy and to stay Healthy for Optimal Healthy Active Life Longevity, not a life of prescription drugs.

    Yet the public wildly throws all their complete confidence in a medical disease care system that is statistically failing the public, and now the public is also taking medical advice from politicians, like the President, Governor, and Mayors.

    Since the Mayor has no medical expertise, same as the public, he and the public are using religious-like Blind Faith to follow the people they throw their unfounded belief in.

    Since no one alive has first hand experience in the successful treatment of flu Pandemic, then why do we put all our faith, confidence, and belief in a State Health Director, or a District Health Officer, much less the CDC, and especially a mentally compromised President, who the same as our Mayor is pushing poisonous drugs on people and our youth.

    Disease Care is wild abandonment of responsible Health Care.
    Healthy people do not even have symptoms when infected by disease virus.

    Sick people on prescription drugs are the ones that are hospitalized and even die when infected by virus.

    Hilariously Horrible is the fact that vaccinated people still get both Covid and Delta viruses. Too bad vaccines do not work, they don’t!

    As well, reported today, there are 5 cases of Covid or Its mutated variant, Delta, in hospital. Why aren’t we told about their pre-existing diseases they have been under medical care for, and taking what numerous prescription drugs.

    We deserve to know. We need to know in order to protect ourselves, why is it important to keep those pre-existing diseases and prescription drugs so secret. Might it cause lower drug sales?

    Multiple prescription drugs, as much as 30 even 40 pills a day, managing their diseases with no effort at getting the people well and healthy and off the poisonous drugs, that is medical disease care.

    It makes only sense that having several chronic diseases and taking numerous prescription drugs, and getting the flu like all the years past, and you have to go the hospital where 10’s of thousands die annually with those diseases and prescription drugs and having a virus.

    Pre-Existing Diseases + Prescription Drugs + Hospital = DEATH

    And now with 1/2 million covid deaths, and with the medical disease care people taking NO responsibility for any of the deaths, when already the World Health Organization (WHO) list Medical care in America as the 3rd leading cause of death in America.

    Why isn’t medical care taking some responsibility for the severity of this Covid & Delta disease + medical care = death, it seems to be the correct equation in most Covid & Delta deaths.

    Reported 1 case of community spread, by who, and how many did the spreader give the virus to. If the spreader went shopping at the big stores like Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, and a supermarket in one day only, how many other people did the initial spreader give the virus to, and they have Zero symptoms, and those spreading the virus to others, and into hundreds who get no symptoms but would test positive, if tested, and all of whom within 2 weeks will be Non-Contagious, have developed Immunity, and will be part of Herd Immunity which causes elimination of the virus by attrition, just how polio went away as does the winter flu each year.

    Unless of course, you vaccinate the (entire?) public, and inject vaccine poisons into the people, that does not eliminate virus 1 on 1, that is each vírus eliminated by an individual specific antibody, but instead vaccines may cause the Covid virus to mutate (virus mutate in order to survive), and mutate into a different virus specie, and start the hunt for another booster shot solution to eliminate the new mutated “breakthrough” variant, after medical disease care was/is unable to eliminate the original virus, so why would a new booster injection eliminate a new variant.

    And that’s why the God Intelligence evolved Immune Systems in all vertebrates from the oldest (fish) dating back 550 Million years up to the youngest vertebrate specie today, us, the humans, since known to be living at least 200,000 years on earth.

    And why is the truth being withheld about the pre-conditions, the condition of the hospitalized 5 before they were hospitalized, just how many pré-existing diseases did they have? How many and which prescription drugs are they on.
    (see America’s Frontline Doctors).

    And how can people expect their Immune Systems to protect them with needed nutrients, when our stores sell 90% snacks as food. Snacks of processed foods with added sugars and chemicals and petrochemicals and fake vitamins, colors, flavors, preservatives, many of which are carcinogenic thus cancer causing.

    Along with all the snacks are the fast and junk food outlets everywhere, all of which burden the immune and excretory systems.

    So why do these pseudo scientists even think people with pre-existing diseases and loaded up with prescription drugs, have an immune system capable of eliminating any virus much less Covid and Variant Delta, as well as future variants and then medical calls by the drug prescribers selling booster after booster vaccines and their Vaccidents of myocarditis, brain blood clots, Guillain Barre Syndrome, neuro degenerative diseases, miscarriages, and Death.

    We have toxic poisons in the food, poisons on the farmed food, poisons in the medicines, and a virus comes along, and all these pandemic deaths are blamed on a microscopic virus.

    Not very good detective work, better to defund the disease detectives, and instead promote real Health providers, pure, simple, and natural. You know like the English police do nit have guns, real Health doctors don’t need prescription drugs or medications. There can be a new system for Optimal Active Health and Life Longevity. We need drugless doctors.

    You can count on NATURE, if you count on IT.

    1. Guy July 27, 2021 5:11 pm Reply

      Hey Leo, can you pilot a plane? No? Can you recommend that as a good way to get around this world? … Interesting…

      1. Léo Nomeli July 28, 2021 8:49 am Reply

        I used to fly a Grumman’s 2 engine to/from Oahu, now i leave the driving to the guys in the front seats. The long flights I enjoy kicking back reading about the Immune System, and new treatments for the side effects of the numerous vaccines.

        As soon as every Tom, Dick, and Sick pharmaceutical company came up with their own different ingredient vaccine, I knew the Baloney machine was installed, competing for $Billions in profits at warp speed and reckless abandon.

        All jabs, stabs, injections regarding Covid and little sister Delta, are all still in testing, and scientifically still considered experimental.

        That is, the FDA says they cannot be considered or called a Vaccine yet.

        Hang tight, this could be your one and only last chance to have your body be in an Experiment, unless you survive…!

        To get a wider take on the news go to Children’s Health Defense, also Natural365, and Frontline Doctors, for more info on this serious topic regarding your future, if any.

        More is going on in the world of Covid than just the lock step News Agencies…spread out your sources of information.

        After all if you lived in China or Cuba all you’d hear about is Communism, and you’d miss out on Democracy, Free Speech, and Hawaiian Music.

        1. Guy July 28, 2021 12:49 pm Reply

          Oh good, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you’ve been a pilot and yet still managed to get the reference I was making.

          Now, let’s see your Medical degree credentials. If you can’t produce those, you have no more right to espouse an opinion about anything medical thatn you are complaining anyone else is doing. That’s called hypocrisy.

    2. Amazing July 27, 2021 7:49 pm Reply

      You are so awesome. Everything you wrote needs to be heard. To add to holding the mayor and non medical doctors advising vaccines as a cure all with no side effects mentioned. I’m curious why he hasn’t said which vaccine he has gotten? Is it non of our business? But apparently everyone else’s vaccination status is their business?? Hmm

  7. mark July 27, 2021 6:52 pm Reply

    I am hoping once the FDA fully approves the Covid Vaccine more people will be vaccinated. I am thankful our Mayor works closely with DOH Dr. Bereman and Kauai’s emergency management team and CDC to determine Kauai’s best medical practices regarding Covid Virus.

  8. Uncleaina July 27, 2021 7:30 pm Reply

    Hey Kauai people. All 5 of the people in our ICU are UNVACCINATED. It’s not a conspiracy; no, no one is forced to take the vaccine. But the FACTS are that all 5 people in the Wilcox ICU tonight are unvaccinated. You should ask yourself “Why is that?”

  9. truthbeknown July 27, 2021 7:52 pm Reply

    Wasn’t he fully vaccinated? Maybe the vaccine compromised his immune system.

  10. MisterM July 27, 2021 8:04 pm Reply

    Anti vax = willfully ignorant. Even Trump got vaccinated as soon as he could. Sadly, but not unexpectedly, his dimwit supporters haven’t figured it out.

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