Letter for Thursday, July 22, 2021

Stay smart to stay well

With an abundance of Aloha, I’d like to submit the following…

I mahalo Mayor Derek, and all who have worked so hard to make and keep our blessed Kaua‘i safe through such an unprecedented time in many generations’ lives. The sacrifices physically, emotionally, and economically, have proven that with hard work, care for each other (ALOHA), and a conscientious effort for the betterment of the whole, we are carefully beginning to move forward to a new day of hope, work, and a return to a new normal that will benefit us all.

With our island feeling like the 70s a year ago (hard but good) to the dramatic influx/change in tourism today, we still need to Stay Smart to Stay Well.

To those that find and propagate inaccurate online/SM/propaganda and conspiracy theory information: Please take a moment to feel your breath, that keeps you alive and centered… the HA keeps us All whole, and is what Mayor D, his team and most of us on Kaua‘i continue in good faith in order to heal and come out of this unbelievable situation.

“Knowledge is Power” said an old friend of mine. “Covidiot” was coined early on last year by Mayor D and still resonates to this day. He has made this island one of the safest places on earth.

Try Pono out of respect for every human life: the “freedom and rights” you cry for in way too many cases, has taken the lives of others in our nation. “There really is no pandemic…”

OMG: I pray that you or your extended ‘Ohana never feel the pain caused by such blind faith and ignorance.

57 cases in the last week: use your heart, not your head and think about it. The science worldwide has and continues to disprove your premise… I only wish the former guy would have come out whole heartedly and backed the Vax he helped facilitate. HE could have saved tens or 100’s of thousands of souls in America alone.

Living on Kaua‘i 50 yrs+ I’ve always called this the best place on earth… Huge Mahalos to Mayor D for making it the safest as well!!!

Let’s all please work TOGETHER.

Bruce Cosbey, Kilauea

  1. I saw a Vampire once July 22, 2021 12:39 am Reply

    Only the few feel this way. Most people have regrets. Like the athletics. Someone said only 4.7% are athletics. Them. They would want more development on Kaua’i. They would rather have it like California. Hectic lives on Kaua’i.

  2. Mark July 22, 2021 1:11 am Reply

    Stay home then. Shut this Island down now and you will see real pain.

  3. William K. Smith July 22, 2021 2:03 am Reply

    The amazing thing about Covid and daughter Delta, is that they kill and/ or severely sicken only people, 99% of the time, who are people who have pre-existing conditions of obesity, or are way too overweight, and having diabetes, heart disease, stroke disease, high blood pressure disease, cancer and Alzheimer’s diseases, for the most part, and these are diseases contributed to by diet, and lack of a healthy lifestyle.

    In other words only a certain class of people die, and those are the people who are under medical disease care for 3 or 4 or more decades, taking multiple toxic, organ degenerating, especially liver and kidneys, with daily multi dosages of prescription drugs, for their multi common diseases, and who never received health care that makes people well and healthy, but having only disease care.

    One strong failure of disease care that puts people on lifetime daily drug treatments is the necessary, but missing factor which is that Health Care requires Health Eduction, sorely lacking in elementary and high school, much less in clinics and doctor offices, because the disease care system is too busy fighting disease, when disease is proven to be indefeatable, for the last worsening 100 years, while the simple victory over disease has always been Health, badly ignored in childhood, adolescent, teen, young adult, adult, middle age, and senior education, and ignored on TV, but TV instead is SATURATED with Drug Advertisements, with happy actors.

    How odd is that? Ignoring the vital element of Health and Life, while selling drugs poisonous to Health and Life. Clearly a bass-ackward pharmaceutical approach to yearly records of 4 Billion prescription drug sales, an annual disease care income of 4$ Trillion dollars.

    The lamentable issue is the attack on disease for those not in jeopardy, while not focusing on those in danger, the elderly with pre-existing conditions of disease and taking prescription drugs for multiple decades.

    Tying up hundreds of millions of people in the US alone and their nation wide economy, could have produced Billions in taxes to protect the elderly whose immune systems who were/are overburdened by undeniably toxic prescription drugs.

    It’s not too late to end the misdirected efforts by elected officials and those authorities in disease care, and use proper amount of tax revenues to restore Health in those in jeopardy, investigate why 60% of those with new Covid virus and Delta variant virus are patients who are already fully vaccinated.

    And it is time to investigate the failures of masking, distancing, and risk-filed vaccines with mystery ingredients already causing unacceptable side effects including deaths, heart disease, brain blood clots, and other serious maladies, and end this childish name calling of anti-vaxers vs. vaccine conspiracy theories.

    There is the science of Immunology, though it is either unknown by the medical spokespersons, or they are ignorant of it. The immune system and how it works should be known by all of us now with Covid being at the forefront of the news these last approximately 17 months.

    But, alas, no education, when there are at least hundreds of immunologist PhD’s out there willing to tell the truth and not paid for a tainted opinions.

    One basic question being ignored by all parties is what is the inborn human intelligence and how does that bodily intelligence direct and organize that which only it can do, which is to make Antibodies capable of specifically eliminating virus, including Covid and variant Delta, that successfully and naturally eliminates the virus in 98% of those infected, without the predjudice, paid opinions, fear and ignorance argued by both sides of a simple natural bodily function of the human immune system, that has also been going on same or similarly in our related vertebrate species worldwide for over 500 million years.

    Can someone step up and clear the air of ignorance and define the science and let it function naturally and functionally without interference and overburden to the immune system by unnatural means.

    Watching our esteemed vaccinated president stuttering over his “lines” so badly, after watching him, who would want to be vaccinated, that is clear fear of the unknown of vaccines. If it is not the vaccine responsible for his mental lapses, then how did we elect such a senile elderly person. Could we not find a competent middle age leader, with business knowledge, and political savvy and with the class of a fierce world leader in these trying times of world issues.

    There are VACCIDENTS being reported in large numbers every day. And asking the vaccinated to follow the same rules of mask and distancing, and asking those already recovered from the Covid and Delta to please get vaccinated is ignorance beyond pseudo scientific disbelief. Whose overseeing the scientists, have they no knowledgeable body of knowledge as to direct their science?

    Protect and Serve the elderly who have decades of disease, and decades of prescription drugs with a shift to Health Care, and Health will replace disease.

    We have a good and honorable Mayor, limited in his Heath Care knowledge, and like his medical advisers, has ZERO experience with Pandemics, as does anyone else alive.

    As to people unvaccinated, who have had the Covid or Delta variant, and asking them to take the vaccine, is abject ignorance of the earth science of immunology.

    So long as that previously infected person has undergone the natural Immune Process during the approximate 2 weeks subsequent to their being infected, they have no need for a questionable vaccine when they have natural God given immunity and are not contagious, as well as being part of community necessary Herd Immunity. These are the 3 vital facts of Immune System Function.

  4. Jon Estep July 22, 2021 9:59 am Reply

    “I only wish the former guy would have come out whole heartedly and backed the Vax he helped facilitate. HE could have saved tens or 100’s of thousands of souls in America”

    Saved their souls?…. and here I was thinking this was just about “saving lives”. I was unaware this vaccine could save your soul! WOW! Do not be deceived brothers and sisters in Christ! Do NOT put your faith in this vaccine! The above statement sheds so much light on what is really going on! There is a war going on for your SOUL! Put on the full armor of GOD! Buckle up!

  5. Colin McCleod July 22, 2021 3:26 pm Reply

    Congratulations, Bruce!
    You’ve penned an exemplary template for others wishing to line up and join the Kawakami boot-lickers club.
    Of course, there are all the other thousands that have had the very means for their livelihood slammed shut by your idol (and all the other tyrants around the nation). All for what? In the act of trashing the economic well-being and liberty of so many nothing was accomplished except a postponement of the inevitable–as we are now witnessing. The lock-downs, aside from accomplishing nothing, were a travesty for those that could least afford it. And remember, dear Bruce, to paraphrase Benjamin Franklin: those who willingly trade their liberty for a little security deserve and will get neither liberty nor security.
    I challenge you and your fellow idol worshipers to take the following covid charts quiz: https://www.covidchartsquiz.com/
    Colin McCleod

  6. fedrralist101 July 22, 2021 3:53 pm Reply

    Bruce……remember that VP Harris and President Biden said from the beginning they would never trust a vaccine developed under President Trump. Agree or disagree but this was the beginning of the the anti vax fears. Your comment about Trump is just not true. At least give him credit for fast pathing the vaccine.

    1. donkeydung July 24, 2021 4:14 pm Reply

      balony…no credit..none..zero..zilch..nothing

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