Letters for Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Sadly Kaua‘i continues on with it’s poor planning

It does not matter whether it’s a new resort, a new housing development of 769 residences, or 17 homes through Habitat for Humanity. Without widening the tiny highway along the East Side including through Kapa‘a town, no further construction for multiple units and multiple humans should be permitted.

Habitat should look elsewhere. Preferably Lihue or further West. Kapa‘a just cannot handle another project, big or small. If something like this were to be developed further north it would amount to the same thing, vehicular traffic trying to navigate, and get through, a gridlocked Kapa‘a.

Why wasn’t Habitat given a definitive NO for any project in over built Kapa‘a? Is there anyone in charge? Apparently not. That’s exactly how we got to this point. It’s ridiculous.

Paulo Tambolo, Wailua Homesteads

No scientific evidence

I nearly choked on my guava juice when I read this bizarre rant by Lavena Lomma and Danny Hashimoto. This opinion is full of dangerous misinformation which is going to get people killed. They claim, for example, that a steroid drug, Ivermectin is “100% effective against covid.” There is no scientific evidence whatsoever for this claim. There was a study of this steroid and the drug hydroxychloroquine. completed in December 2020 in Egypt which has not released any results. [see https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/results/NCT04668469] The opinion states that “This insanity must stop.” I fully agree: It is insane to publishing dangerous misinformation that will get people killed.

Scott F. Kauffman, San Francisco, California

Letter a disservice

I am so saddened and angered that you would publish today’s opinion “Group requests public meeting with Kawakami, Berreman” that is overflowing with untruths and misinformation. What a coincidence that the Surgeon General of the USA, just this morning, appeared on national television and pleaded with the nation to STOP promoting this type of misleading and erroneous news.

This article couldn’t have been published at a worse time with our island experiencing record COVID-19 cases among UNVACCINATED residents.

I understand the value of freedom of speech, but this should have been prefaced with a warning of unfounded claims and downright lies! You have done a disservice to all our community and especially those working so hard to contain this pandemic.

Luane McGowan, Princeville

Beware of misinformation

The Surgeon General called COVID misinformation an “urgent threat to public health.”

Candy McCaslin, Lawai

  1. RGLadder37 July 20, 2021 12:23 am Reply

    The drug that is in the vaccines are partly muscle relaxation pills. Metaxalone. This drug has the fewest side effects and does not make you feel sleepy. There are many on the market in use of so that when combined with other muscle relaxation drugs, they help people relax and not tense up. Thereby breathing will be more easily adaptable to the patient. Something like this was given as part of his treatment, to Donald Trump. October 2020.

    1. RevW July 22, 2021 8:10 am Reply

      Don’t be making claims like this unless you can document it. Scan & post the ingredients list for the vaccine that “contains” an active muscle relaxant. Breathing is not “easily adaptable” either.

    2. MIchael July 24, 2021 3:11 pm Reply

      RGLadder37 claiming the muscle relaxant, Metaxalone has anything to do with the newly created COVID vaccine is nothing short of criminal. It’s statements like this and people like you, which are in part, responsible for our current misinformation pandemic . You should be ashamed and held accountable.

  2. nobody July 20, 2021 6:17 am Reply

    Paulo, I bet you have a house? Some don’t. Get used to the traffic. Where should we get the money to build the roads we need.

  3. M July 20, 2021 6:30 am Reply

    So many false truths on both sides of the covid shot/covid treatment issue. It goes without saying that just because you saw it on tv or read it in the newspaper doesn’t mean that it’s real or true . . . but I’ll say it anyway.

  4. Petrina Blakely July 20, 2021 7:31 am Reply

    Who is on first when it comes to planning in regards to our traffic issues or should I say ignoring any type of planning? Any one with common sense can see what could help with the traffic woes on the East side: eliminating left turns wherever possible or installing additional left turn lanes – everyone should be writing to Google Maps to have Aleka Loop (by Longs) taken off their map since it is a Private Road and no additional development should be added on the East side.

  5. Petrina Blakely July 20, 2021 7:35 am Reply

    I absolutely agree that is was irresponsible to publish that insanity by Lomma and Hashimoto in our paper – their’s are not voices that anyone needs to hear.

  6. Lester July 20, 2021 7:40 am Reply

    Some of us thought the Car Trains idea, would be an instant fix, requiring traffic movers (people) managing the Kapa’a stop lights so that once you start out at the ABC across First Hawaiian Bank light you go non stop all the way over the Wailua River.

    greater detail was shared by commenter months ago.

  7. Avery C. July 20, 2021 9:32 am Reply

    It’s not mis-information, it’s the very lack of information which is called the lie of silence. All you people who condemn information that follows nature’s ability to handle virus, are perpetuating the virus and its deaths of obese and overweight people abused with dangerous prescription drugs.

    Immune systems in the vertebrate species have been successfully eliminating Virus in the annual cycles in which virus appear for over 500 million years.

    Sadly prescription drug medical disease care is interfering with the natural handling of virus, which is to get the virus, get immune, get non contagious, and become part of Herd Immunity. That is the natural Immune Process.

    Avoiding these factors prolongs the virus in the population, which leads to more mutations like the Delta Variant which is more resistant to, thus stronger against a medical drug weakened and overburdened human immune system.

    The human immune system needs no help to eliminate the virus and variants, proof is 98% who get the virus have zero to only mild symptoms.

    What the immune system needs is not to be burdened or interfered with by the garbage food of the standard American diet, which is filled with sugar and chemicals and processed food making them non-nutrient, and with this diet humans become obese and collect the degenerative diseases that bring early death, and the immune system not be burdened the whole time by the patient being issued toxic and lethal prescription drugs for 30 and 40 years for those diseases without any thought or ability to return to wellness and health. Meaning the drugs don’t work.

    Let us not forget that immune systems have memory meaning they accumulate the ability to specifically intelligently match up your antibodies with the virus and each new variant readily eliminating those virus and variants year after year. It’s not about avoiding the virus, It’s about how quick you can get the virus and go through the immune process and prepare yourself to be just as immune system strong and healthy during the next virus cycle.

    Otherwise to try to avoid the virus and the variance with the silly ineffective masks and ridiculous 6 foot distancing (hachoo!) and taking vaccines that do not address matching antibodies to virus or variant in the specific way that eliminates them while the victims who take vaccines don’t even know what’s in them.

    99.999% of the people vaccinated, and many are having Vaccidents that include rapid heart disease, brain blood clots, and death, have no clue of what’s in the vaccine and the other problem is that there’s numerous mystery vaccines. None of the vaccines produce antibodies that bio identical match and eliminate virus, thus vaccines are a complete dose of foolishness.

    People need to step back and look at the bigger picture. Medical disease care has been in control of the public health for over 150 years, if not more. And long term disease not getting well and healthy p, along drug prescriptions have become routine, complacent, and ineffective, yet people do not demand more and accept 2nd rate disease care foolishly over care that gets you well and healthy.

    What we have seen over this time is that there is a handful of common related diseases for the most part caused by the food people eat.

    However people are foolishly Led to believe that they can eat whatever they want because they can be saved by prescription drugs. But because we don’t know or I should say we are not informed of how and why people die when all we get is an obituary notice that they have died and how old they are, and we can assume male or female by their name.

    For just Kauai alone we should have a once a month newspaper article by our really good reporters that list age sex and diseases at the time of death and which drugs they were taking.

    This would provide information for people to find an alternative new path to Health and what to avoid, instead of hanging onto a lifetime disease. 80% of our people are on prescription drugs, we live in a diseased society.

    When you have a handful of diseases that are epidemic, like obesity, overweight, heart disease, stroke disease, high blood pressure disease, and cancer, and Alzheimer’s, that are all epidemic in the community and therefore out of control not being eliminated by prescription drugs or the medical care disease system, it is proof positive the medical Disease care system is not working.

    When a group of chronic deadly diseases like those just mentioned are allowed to continue in the population, they cause a societal group weakness of multiple diseases, and prescription drug poisoning of the population, this accumulates into a pandemic wherein a mere virus and its variants pass through the population and it causes too many rapid deaths just like the vaccines do.

    Even if China fooled with the virus, our immune system sees it as just another virus needing elimination unless a person’s immune system is over burdened by in-humane non nutrient food from our supermarket snack our stores, mixed with daily poisoning of prescription drugs, and the fruits and vegetables all the way from South America sprayed with poisons.

    Check out the website Frontline Doctors, The people who are actually treating Covid patients successfully.

    In this almost a year and a half of Covid and now Delta, if the medical and political and government spokes people would’ve spent the time to educate the public about virus and antibodies and vaccines this hoax would be over. But it seems even the Surgeon Generals are unaware of how the immune system works and condemn anyone who tries to educate others about how immunity does work internally and it’s organization and function overseen by the Nervous System.

    1.) If people understood immunity, etc., people would be waiting in line to get Covid and Delta so they could go through the immune process symptom-free and develop natural immunity, become non-contagious, and become a part of heard immunity, all within a few weeks time. This is how it was done 70 + years ago…and done successfully year after year until interference by the greed of the pseudo science Pharmaceutical industry, who by the way are failing us now. With knowledge Who could possibly follow the pseudo scientists to their deaths.

    Only you can save yourself. 60% of new covid and Delta variant cases are fully vaccinated. Vaccines do not work.

    Find someone who can help you get well and healthy and off toxic and lethal drugs.

    2.) Of course this would depend on the public turning their back on the GARBAGE standard American diet of snack Foods, loaded with sugar, and saturated in chemicals many of which are cancer-causing. And demand nutritious live natural unprocessed food, without wimpy sugar and poison chemicals.

    3.) this would also require health education so that they were no longer irresponsible people who are obese and develop the chronic degenerative diseases of diabetes, heart disease, stroke disease, high blood pressure disease, cancer, and now Alzheimer’s. All of which are contributed to for the most part by the standard American diet of 95% non-nutrient food; and the fresh fruits and vegetables sprayed with Toxic and lethal agricultural sprays, not to mention the alteration of food DNA by some crazy lab pseudo scientists, Who put the importance of money and income over the value of human life and the environment, these pseudo scientists are the human pollution spreaders you’ll find them in laboratories with white coats.

    3. This fear of pandemics would also be brought to a halt with more health education, mainly in eliminating this archaic ineffective disease care system made up of a pill for every ill, and a drug for every bug.

    Virus mutate into stronger variants when their own survival is attacked by the poison of medical drugs and vaccines, vaccines cause mutated stronger variants in order for the virus variant to survive.

    People need to return to be well and healthy and get rid of the prescription drugs that they ignorantly take for 30, 40, and even 50 years, living a disease life filled with their prescriptions taken throughout the day, some people taking 10 and 15 prescription drugs a day, all of these drugs are toxic and some are even lethal as are proudly announced on the television ads.

    What fool would take these medical drugs until they reach the early end of their life, when they get a flu that kills them, while the rest of the people get the same Covid, the same Delta variant, and only have zero or mild symptoms.

    Get a Life, get well and healthy, it’s something to live for. Besides Health makes you Happy !

    1. ActualEarthling July 20, 2021 9:42 pm Reply

      Avery C. –
      Congratulations! You have just proven humans (like yourself) with enough blind effort and ignorance can work their way towards graduating to 10000% idiocy.

      Your fact-less blather is helping no one, other than stroking your own ego by seeing your words in print.

      In fact you are a danger to the rest of us down here on planet earth trying to get by, respect each other and celebrate our differences and peacefully resolve our conflicts and find compromise through civility and non-violent decency.

      Your life’s pendulum will forever swing between ignorance and fear, unless you look in the mirror and understand almost everything you spoke out against has already been proven time and again scientifically by many smart folks in countries around the world and stop pretending to know what you are talking about.

      We forgive you. Just shut up now.

    2. Loladog July 21, 2021 6:17 pm Reply

      Why does TGI publish this sort of rubbish? Free speech? Ignorance and harmful lies in this case. This author perhaps could not find a respectable venue to air this stuff, but TGI provides an outlet to spread harmful misinformation.

      The statements that

      ” 60% of new covid and Delta variant cases are fully vaccinated. Vaccines do not work.”

      among many others, completely discredits this post as rubbish. Some 97% + of new and recent Covid-19 infections are among the unvaccinated, Lola says!

      Avery C.: You are entitled to your own opinions, but not to your own facts.

      Your intentional misleading people with your made up junk is not helpful, and neither is TGI for publishing it.


  8. RGLadder37 July 20, 2021 1:05 pm Reply

    That is why I don’t like Kauai. You guys question the bother guy. Officer…officer, that is the guy. He knows my dad. The kid is telling the officer that. The dad just killed his wife.

    He is trying to tell the officer the dad can confirm he know the guy.

    Was he there when the dad killed the wife? No. Ridiculous is Kauai. People that is.

  9. RGLadder37 July 20, 2021 1:12 pm Reply

    Is this how Kauai judge everyone ? My dad know that guy. Officer question him. That is from the kid.

    This runs deep into politics too. Ridiculous!

    I’m a Pakistani. Really.

  10. Marty Wessler July 21, 2021 7:01 pm Reply

    Making YOUR OWN Decision about Covid Vaccinations

    Like most people I have to work to make sense for myself about Covid Vaccinations and protocols. I am not a medical expert nor am I an expert to understand the tons of information on the internet. Talking to many friends about this has shown I am not alone. But several things have become apparent to me through my own inquiries into making big decisions as a series of questions I ask myself.

    Who and What do I believe/trust and Why?
    I have to place my trust in someone or thing to make important decisions on things I know little about. There are many fervent advice givers. So I ask myself what background expertise is there in this person or data? Where did it come from? Is it based on deep understanding or is this opinion in anyway tainted by another agenda that is driving the advice?
    In my own circle of friends and experts it is easier to judge especially if I have known a someone a long time and have a strong sense as to the basis of their advice. Is their advice based on real life experience and facts? Or do they tend toward unfounded opinions, fears or have some axe they grind in life?
    On line it is harder to judge as there is so much mis-information disguised as legitimate. I look at fact checking tools like Snopes.com or educational research institutions that host websites on topics like healthcare, they usually end in .EDU. I also google specific questions I have and look for solid unbiased statements.

    Please note that I automatically assumed I already have pre-existing opinions. I am human, it comes with the package. It helps me to realize when searching for an answer whether I already have my answer and am just looking for ammunition to defend it. And am I willing to set it aside to have an open mind to make a decision on todays situation?

    Big decisions are often not really my own, there are consequences to some choices that can be difficult to bear if someone close to me will be disappointed if do X or Y. Being aware of it in advance, I may have to make a plan for how to deal with it if this is truly going to be my own choice.

    We live like we have autonomy in our individual lives, the truth is we live in the midst of others. What we decide and how we go about it will effect others. This is especially true of practicing (or not) covid protocols like mask wearing or social distancing. I find I have to stay alert through my daily routines when and where to keep myself safe by intervening in situations with others. My moto; Be safe and be nice.

    I was raised in a very religious family and community. It wasn’t until I was 20 that I left that environment. While that upbringing formed who I am in life, it also means I inherited notions of decision making that echo in me today. Knowing that I carry this predisposition with me helps me see if I am really making a freely informed consent or not. Political affiliations also carry similar group mindsets that we swim in.

    Stand behind it, believe in your process that got you there. BUT, stay open to new information and evidence. That’s life! No regrets but stay away, change is always constant

  11. RevW July 22, 2021 8:26 am Reply

    So much misinformation, it is hard to choose where to begin … how about Ivermectin? It’s not a “steroid”. It IS routinely used in veterinary and human medicine as a paraciticide. Against multicellular organisms with the usual selection of metabolic processes. Things like”worms”that live in our digestive systems and sucking mites on birds. There’s no reason anybody would think the avermectins would work on viruses or test them. Most of what’s being said in most of these rants to the editors is based on ignorance, fear, outright lies and an overwhelming need to blame somebody or something for … well, everything. (not you, Marty). Those four things are going to wipe out our species eventually with no help from COVID.

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