VOICES: Here we go again pandemic pop quiz

The PCR test is:

1. The current gold standard for testing for the presence of COVID-19;

2. Tests for RNA/DNA genetic sequences, which may indicate the presence of a virus;

3. The ACTUAL gold standard for virus detection is isolation and purification of a virus, not a PCR test;

4. All statistics downstream from PCR testing may not accurate, because the PCR test may not be accurate;

5. That means total case numbers may not be accurate;

6. It also means the total death rate statistics may not be accurate;

7. Wait a minute! There are pictures of the COVID-19 virus on TV all the time, with little spikes coming out of a ball;

8. Those pictures were generated by a computer, dummy.

The death rate statistics for COVID-19:

1. May be inflated, because the PCR test may not be accurate;

2. May include persons who did not die from a viral infection, but a pre-existing condition or another cause of death;

3. Well, the adverse reaction rates from the vaccine are being underreported, that’s for sure;

4. I’m glad the NFL season starts fairly soon so I don’t have to think about this.

COVID-19 infection rates are down:

1. Because the vaccine is widely distributed and effective;

2. Because the World Health Organization reduced the number of amplification rates for the PCR test, resulting in fewer positive test results;

3. Oh, I don’t know. Do you think Brady can pull it off again?

The CDC and Dr. Fauci recommendations that children wear masks and be vaccinated

1. Are geared to keeping my child safe;

2. I feel really weird about this. My child is not happy wearing a mask in the school room and at recess and children certainly don’t need to be vaccinated, based on scientific statistics;

3. I feel very uncomfortable about an experimental vaccine that injects synthetic RNA into my child. Who knows what the long-term effects might be? Even the vaccine manufacturers don’t really know the long-term results of doing this;

4. Somehow I feel manipulated to vaccinate my child, and I don’t like it one bit;

5. I think Gronkowski and Brady will have another winning season and go to the Super Bowl.

OK, here are the correct answers. Again, you are on your own to sort it out. I am betting on Brady, that’s for sure.


Molly Jones is a resident of Kealia.

  1. RGLadder37 July 19, 2021 1:27 am Reply

    I think the CDC and each state dept of health has lost contact. Politically, everyone will be following Florida and their governor. Ron Desantis. The community has spoken up. We’re fine. We go….!

  2. Major Lee Hung July 19, 2021 1:59 am Reply

    Molly. You aren’t as funny as you think you are. Please stop this nonsense.

  3. Uncleaina July 19, 2021 6:51 am Reply

    This is the FOURTH article like this you’ve posted from Molly Jones. It’s misinformation being spread by your newspaper. Many people complaining about the lack of credibility at TGI and I’m sure you’re seeing lost revenue when you continue to print misinformation like this. Not a lot of trump type people here on Kauai as you’ll see when you look at your dwindling profits. I can’t wait for you to print 3-4 more of these articles from Molly Jones. It’s not a waste of ink or anything. You don’t have to listen to me or even post my comments – but it doesn’t make it any less true.

  4. james July 19, 2021 7:05 am Reply

    Please, somebody make her stop!!!!!

  5. Coolio July 19, 2021 9:52 am Reply

    Thanks for your unsupported and false views…

    1. David Jones July 20, 2021 9:36 am Reply

      TGI newspaper is helping spread mis-information which is dangerous to public health, and could lead to more people dying from Covid 19. Pleas stop.

      1. truthbeknown July 21, 2021 1:35 pm Reply

        TGI is doing what few media outlets are doing these days; allowing the freedom to express views which may be contrary to the lamestream media agenda. Go back to your locker Davie Jones, and don’t forget to wear your mask, anti-social distance and be sure all your “vaccines” are up to date. Stay tuned for the latest “booster” shot. You can rest assured, there will be more! Bravo TGI!

  6. truthbeknown July 19, 2021 12:19 pm Reply

    The creator of the PCR test publicly announced that it was not intended to diagnose disease and should not be used for that purpose. He mysteriously died shortly after his announcement.

    1. allies July 19, 2021 4:46 pm Reply

      Kary Mullis, the person to whom you referred, died in August of 2019, before anyone knew about SARS-CoV-2. Also, the context of the quote, which was from 2016, was in reference to HIV/AIDS. He then goes on to say, “The tests can detect genetic sequences of viruses, but not viruses themselves.”

      So, shortly after is 3 years, and the quote isn’t relevant at all. Are you perhaps trying to grasp for anything that supports what you want to believe?

  7. RGLadder37 July 19, 2021 6:07 pm Reply

    Did Dr. Fauci really said that? Wearing face mask does not help. Then change his mind and say it does help.

    I would mind reading those articles again. But too much and far back.

  8. juliet July 20, 2021 6:32 am Reply

    I don’t normally respond to this newspaper’s comment section….but just for some comment on the above responses….

    Recent developments are the Front Line Doctors are suing the CDC, NIH and WHO for misleading the public. It is a federal lawsuit brought by more than 1000 doctors and nurse practitioners. Why on God’s green earth would all these medically trained people, licensed professionals put their licensing on the line to sue the three letter agencies? Ponder that! Also, another federal lawsuit against the same institutes, adding Dr. Fauchi and the Vaers system for misleading the public on how many people have died from the vaccine. There are upwards of 40k deaths associated with the vaccine according to their own statistics. More than any other vaccine in the history of vaccines combined. That my friend is FACT. Also, just to touch on the PCR test inventor….he did die mysteriously in 2019. Right around the time the patents became available to the public. (And who holds the patents on the Covid virus? When were those submitted? And as a rule, you cannot patent anything “natural”. If Covid was a “natural occurrence”, how can it be patented? Round and round, here we go!) He did state the PCR test was not reliable for the detection of viruses and Dr. Fauchi had been called a fraud during the HIV/Aides epidemic by many of his peers. (Check out his work in Africa during the HIV/Aides epidemic in the 80’s.) There are many videos and articles (that they are trying to wipe off the internet.) that state why he was called a fraud and a manipulator of evidence. Do your own research, don’t trust your government to do it for you. (But don’t use Google. Duck duck go is much better and less censored. It’s up to you to make your own decisions and do your due diligence.) There was a world prior to Covid. There are recorded accounts of their misdeeds and fraud. And one more fact….scientists and virologists still cannot isolate or purify a sample of Covid. Does it really exist or did the testing samples the African PM submitted from a mango and a goat come back positive for Covid considered misinformation? Oh, and he was murdered shortly after. The cure cannot be worse than the cause. It’s still 98.9% survivable and there is no “Delta” variant. Any violation of this brings up the Nuremberg code of conduct. If you don’t know what that is, look it up. Remember, doctors and nurses take an oath; first and foremost to do no harm. (As well as our elected officials!) Otherwise it is a direct violation of Nuremberg codes and will be considered crimes against humanity and is punishable by death.

    Connect the dots people.


    PS… I can’t wait to get back to the islands. But until Mr. Ige, Ms. Hirono (She’s a doozie. Ooof!) and Mr. Schatz pull their heads out of their butts and releases all mandates statewide, I’ll wait to visit. I just hope with their compliance to the fraud doesn’t kill off their constituents first. Prayers with you guys and praying for us all!

    You guys deserve better than these talking heads. Mahalo!

  9. Sheeples July 20, 2021 5:05 pm Reply


    This is a right wing propaganda newspaper. They have an agenda but luckily include some local news too. I am sure it is not am profit making venture for the owners

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