VOICES: Group requests public meeting with Kawakami, Berreman

Dear Mayor Kawakami,

It has been 16 months since a state of “emergency” was declared in Hawai‘i, and in all these months we have had ample time to evaluate the situation and figure out how to best move forward without continued infringement upon the people’s rights.

Yet the tyranny continues.

Government buildings remain closed to the public. Your office remains chained up, and not even the county councilmembers are allowed in.

Our position in law and as per all the facts regarding COVID-19 continues to grow stronger as the evidence piles up. Clearly, as we stated last April, we have all been subject to a massive “scamdemic”…not just here in Hawai‘i, but worldwide. There are multiple crimes against humanity being committed for over a year now, along with violations of our God-given unalienable rights because of the emergency orders.

In addition, many people have died unnecessarily due to direct government edicts involving treatment or the lack thereof of COVID and other elements, from willful medical malpractice and malfeasance, and actual banning of effective therapeutic protocols, such as the protocol of hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and zinc.

For those doctors wise, courageous and compassionate enough to use the protocol with their COVID patients, they have had virtually 100% success in treating their patients who exhibited symptoms.

This protocol was made known as early as March of 2020, and we even sent the details of this effective protocol to Dr. Jen Chahanovitch, head of Wilcox Hospital/Kaua‘i Medical Group. She acknowledged receiving our email.

From this one fact alone, it can be concluded that there really is no pandemic, that there never was one in the first place, because there indeed is and continues to be an effective protocol(s) to serve COVID patients (actually, several excellent drug/medicinal protocols emerged over the past year which now includes Ivermectin, also 100% effective against COVID).

These therapeutics are well-documented. Consider it incontrovertible evidence. When you have readily available, safe and effective therapeutic protocols for a disease that is mild to begin with, then there is no danger to the population at large, and there is certainly no need for a rushed vaccine.

Now that the various COVID vaccines have been rolled out, we can see that there is a massive number of vaccine-related deaths and a phenomenal amount of vaccine-adverse events, some of which are very serious and for which they are very difficult to treat.

From the middle of last year we starting warning people of the dangers of the vaccine. The various doctors who first came out with their research have all been proven to be right, and now there are many, many doctors all over the planet who agree. In fact, some believe that all COVID vaccine administrations should be halted now. They are certainly correct simply by reviewing the VAERS data, which current status is reported here: childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/cdc-vaers-injuries-400000-following-covid-vaccines/.

This data shows at least 6,985 vaccine deaths as of June 25, 2021, and a ton of adverse effects, many of them very serious. These numbers are unacceptable, and all vaccines should be halted immediately!

One could also easily conclude when you look at other statistics, that it’s all about the vaccine companies continuing to make billions of dollars with no responsibility or care for the people of the planet. Remember, these vaccine companies are protected from liability for any and all harm/damage they cause with their vaccines. We the people have very little recourse.

We have had plenty of time to determine that there is no true threat from COVID-19, and while the islands are fully open to tourism, our government remains closed. This is unacceptable! It is time that we have an in-person, serious discussion about the ongoing COVID-19 regulations that are clearly unnecessary and continue to cause more harm than good. It is time that we take a more-focused, localized approach to creating policies for our community that involve allowing the community to have a voice in the matter.

The plans to force our keiki to endure another school year of extended mask-wearing is also unacceptable given the fact that we know that children are not at risk of getting, spreading or dying from COVID-19. Masking healthy children is detrimental to their health and well being, and is leading to an increased risk of diminished brain development, as well as compromised social/behavioral development and language skills. There is sufficient data available that proves universal masking of healthy people does nothing to stop the spread of illness. This insanity must stop. See aier.org/article/masking-children-tragic-unscientific-and-damaging/

We hope that you will address your constituents and agree to allow us to hold a town-hall meeting. It is time to reopen our government offices and face the people. There is a growing number of Kauaians who are very concerned about the proposed ongoing COVID-19-related mandates for an entire new school year and the plan to “encourage vaccination” as part of the reopening plan. It’s time that we talk about these serious issues and have a meaningful dialogue to arrive at real solutions that benefit the people and not BigPharma and Big Government.


Levana Lomma is CEO, and Danny Hashimoto is president, of For Our Rights, forourrights.org.

  1. RGLadder37 July 15, 2021 12:16 am Reply

    Very good concerns Levana. The public to be educated on COVID-19 via political arena is somewhat on shaky grounds. It has set axioms by which calculations can be based on. This alone is enough to close all offices. So no detrimental decisions are made based on these inaccurate measures. Politically.

  2. mark July 15, 2021 6:06 am Reply

    Dear Levana, I do agree it is time for more access to our officials but don’t agree with your other statements/issues. I don’t understand how a person can not see the harmful effects of this serious corona virus has had on Kauai and the world.

  3. Debra Kekaualua July 15, 2021 6:14 am Reply

    Recall TGI publishing and Derik’s comment “If we dont follow Kollar’s rules, we will be sent to “cut bait”

  4. Puhi Bob July 15, 2021 6:20 am Reply

    I was really hoping that this would be a sane plea to reduce covid restrictions that was logical and fact-based. Boy, I did not get what I wanted. Now I’m just depressed that we have so many people in our community, like the authors of this letter, who are hopelessly scientifically illiterate.

    For anyone reading this, please ask yourself, do you want to take medical advice from the most qualified people in the word (CDC, FDA, etc.), or from a former cocktail waitress (Levana Lomma) and a photographer and tour guide (Danny Hashimoto).

    This letter is the perfect example of the Dunning-Kruger effect. In this case, two people with absolutely no medical background (a former cocktail waitress and a tour guide) spent some time surfing the internet looking up info on covid, and now they think they no more than entire organizations staffed with the most experienced people in the word.

    There is a word for this kind of thinking: stupid.

    1. Bobbo July 15, 2021 3:58 pm Reply

      It’s pretty well documented the counter argument for strict lockdowns and compelled medical procedures in exchange for a little normalcy. You folks have been corrupted by MSM and special interests.

    2. DUH July 17, 2021 12:49 pm Reply

      Why don’t you compose your own sane, logical and fact-based plea, instead. Otherwise, there is a word for your kind of comments: useless.

  5. tunnels July 15, 2021 8:20 am Reply

    Ms. Lomma, not to long ago you were hell-bent on flat earth conspiracies to the tune of calling yourself the “Flat Earth Chick” on those silly YouTube videos you seem to love to do, and now, your on the “Scamdemic” conspiracy. Do I dare ask, what’s next? Your ego is expanding exponentially ! LOL!

  6. andrew July 15, 2021 8:27 am Reply

    Strange that TGI is publishing speculation from 100% unqualified opinions on local and global health innitiatives. I guess i can see questioning why the govt offices remain closed, but the officials are available through e-mail and social media and the good-ol telephone. I believe the closures are in order, because they will struggle to operate if the pandemic infects their offices. So get vaccinated people so we can move on from this inconvenient pandemic. Pandemics happen, and yay for modern medicine that can stop them.

  7. andrew July 15, 2021 8:34 am Reply

    Oh and lol if you go to their website they are fundraising for a lawsuit against gov Ige so you can donate your hard-earned money to these two and they will keep the cray-cray train running so you don’t have to.

  8. Patriot Freedom Protector July 15, 2021 8:46 am Reply

    Have you considered that:

    -Anti-vaccination propaganda is most likely an attempt by the Russian and the Chinese governments to weaken the health of the United States population?

    -They are sowing political and social division amongst Americans in order to weaken the institutions of our democracy?

    -Its hypocritical and predatory that those people who are parroting the Russian and Chinese government’s anti-American talking-points in the name of rights, anti-tyranny, and conspiracy, always have large “PETITIONS”, “DONATE”, or “STORE” buttons on their websites (“let US collect your information, address, and money”)… always attempting to capitalize on the fear and confusion of those very same people they are purporting to stand for?

  9. proof July 15, 2021 8:46 am Reply

    (2) Vaccine The term “vaccine” means any substance designed to be administered to a human being for the prevention of 1 or more diseases. -legal def, cornell.edu

    They’ve been working on these cutting edge vaccines for all of time. Specifically, they’ve been working on coronavirus vaccines for nearly 20 years. The information is available check it out!
    Certainly do not listen to two un-educated strong feeling people with 0 authority to judge anything to do with how serious anything medical is.

  10. truthoverpower July 15, 2021 9:09 am Reply

    Is it illegal for a canadian oil tycoon to buy small newspapers to push their ultra-right wing mind-control theory on to the American public? This letter is not publishable information and/or opinion from the people of Kauai. This is clearly concerted propaganda from the far right and from conspiracy theories like the Q movement. Hopefully the truth will continue to be a priority for people in the future. The true truth that is and always will be separate from politics and agendas.

  11. Doug July 15, 2021 9:11 am Reply

    I don’t blame the Mayor, I wouldn’t waste my time meeting with a bunch of bozos either!

    1. truthbeknown July 19, 2021 1:51 pm Reply

      The Mayor is too busy meeting with Bezos to meet with “bozos” who actually live here and are concerned about the loss of freedoms that have negatively impacted our lives, our businesses, our mental and emotional health and our COVID choices.

  12. none July 15, 2021 9:12 am Reply

    Don’t do drugs. people who use methamphetamine long term may exhibit symptoms that can include significant anxiety, confusion, insomnia, mood disturbances, and violent behavior. They also may display a number of psychotic features, including paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and delusions. Psychotic symptoms can sometimes last for months or years after a person has quit using methamphetamine. Studies in chronic methamphetamine users have also revealed severe structural and functional changes in areas of the brain associated with emotion and memory, which may account for many of the emotional and cognitive problems observed in these individuals.

  13. Kauaidoug July 15, 2021 9:52 am Reply

    Stupid. Go ahead and don’t vaccinate. I have my shot so I’m not worried about you taking my bed. Gather without masks. Go ahead. I’ll wait to gamble when I go to Vegas.

  14. RGLadder37 July 15, 2021 10:52 am Reply

    What would Bill Clinton say to Michael Jackson? This was in 1993. January 20, 1993. At a ball.

    To some effect, we see politics giving something to pop culture. And Democrats likings to what most Americans listened to. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. An appeal Democrats held onto. Politics.

  15. RGLadder37 July 15, 2021 1:28 pm Reply

    I have red the article too. forourrights.org by Levana Lomma. This group is protecting the people’s rights. Why would you want to contact Derek Kawakami and put him with Dr. Janet Berreman?

    The people’s right to know what? Medical terms or is this just a civil thing for the people. Personally I didn’t think Derek made money off Politics. Lawmakers in Hawai’i make the money and a living doing this. I am not sure what a mayor might bring to the table. And be paid for it. Really. For you though.

  16. Gram Mar and Gram Par July 15, 2021 2:07 pm Reply

    1. CDC: Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    a. CDC has no control over disease, and every killer disease
    statistically shows they are getting worse and even more
    diversified, and greater in number of people having the
    diseases; including but not limited to: Obesity, and Gross
    overweight, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Stroke Disease,
    Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) Disease, All forms of
    Cancers, Alzheimer’s Disease, Liver diseases, Lung diseases
    (ya gotta light?), Kidney diseases (Hey, it’s my turn on the
    dialysis machine), Pancreas diseases, Auto Immune diseases,
    Immune system failure and Covid comes to mind), Gall Bladder
    disease, Adrenal disease, Hormonal disease, Stomach ulcers
    and Digestive diseases, Colon Constipation and Colo-Rectal
    Cancer, Brain Cancer and Brain Blood Clots, + Side Effects of
    thousands of prescription drugs and over the counter
    medications, Mental Health, Anger, Lethal Violence, although
    weekend violence, rioting, burning, looting, etc., is now
    considered just modern Entertainment, along with
    Alcoholism, and Vaping synthetic cancer chemicals and snack
    foods are all entertainment.

    b. And the man who is the Head of the CDC, and an employee for
    over 40 years, and sees fit to tolerate all of the above, and
    considers himself the Covid Czar, and is the highest paid
    American government employee, making $410,000.00 a year,
    and without the ongoing long running Disease
    Epidemics, he’d be out of a job, but he pulled the wool
    over everyone’s eyes by Mandating/Womandating that we all
    wear inefficienct, no darn good, carbon dioxide poisoning,
    MASKS, formerly a small industry, now making more than
    hundreds of $millions of dollars as long as the chicanery
    (deception) holds out, and they continue to pay him the
    $410,000.00 a year, for running the poorest show in town,
    except for his withholding common effective flu virus drugs
    letting hundreds of thousands needlessly die.

    2. WHO, the World Health Organization. Basically a statistics
    keeper, etc., and Disease Police.

    a. The WHO, for decades has been statistically showing that the
    3rd leading cause of death in America is medical care, while
    other authorities claim medical care is #1. Just being number 3
    is horrific. Well, regarding a friend, 51 years old, worked full
    time, had some discomfort in his right side, no other problems,
    ate the Standard American Diet from supermarkets, went to
    the hospital for checkup, next day told he had liver cancer, the
    following day he started CHEMO THERAPY, and was dead in 4
    days. That was horrific too. That was medical disease care.

    b. Number 1 ?, not sure, #3 cause of death in America? Sounds
    about right. What are they doing to us? Vaccinating the entire
    nation, children and infants too, infants also get Hepatitis
    Vaccine the day they are born. They even have our senile
    president advertising for them…take the jab, the stab, and
    Vax da Nation…! And 98% with Covid have no symptoms?

    c. And the “vaccine” was unable to be registered as a vaccine,
    but only as an Experimental Gene Therapy…! What are they
    doing messing with our Genes that run our bodies, and no
    mention of it, what they are doing. At least Astrazeneca
    vaccine qualified as a vaccine by injecting Chimpanzee
    virus into people. Sounds like Covid turned out to be a
    VACCIDENT making another $100 Billion in a few months for
    Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Johnson and
    Johnson, and J&J are being sued for not informing their
    female customers that their feminine hygiene medication
    causes 6 types of female cancer! And they want us to trust
    them? And Vaccidented people want us to be Fools Rush In
    where Wise Men and Women Fear to Tread. Well you got my
    neighbor but ya didn’t get me. And they made a law that the
    Vaccident companies can’t be sued for injecting you with a
    Vaccident, that’s rare…!

    3. But the Biggest Breaking News is that all things considered, this
    Covid Fantasm of Cause and Effect has revealed that the medical
    industry, composed of the Petroleum industry, the Petrochemical
    industry, the Pharmaceutical industry, and doctor drug
    prescription dispensers and the convenient drug store providers
    have made it professionally easy to pick up your prescription
    drugs, something over the last several generations has gone
    missing and foul.

    a. That missing ingredient is people actually getting well. And
    getting well has become a thing of the past. You see the
    definition of Health and Wellness found in medical textbooks
    is that your body is organized, relegated, coordinating by the
    Brain, Brain Stem, and Spinal Cord, and it’s nerve extensions
    to cause 100% of your cells, tissues, organs, and body
    systems (immune, respiratory, cardiovascular, hormonal, etc.),
    to function 100%, 100% of the time; in order to have Mental,
    Physical, and Social WELL BEING, that is Health. Emphasis is
    that Health is not just the absence of symptoms and disease,
    but ones entire human entity functioning Well and Healthy.

    However, you must understand that in order to convenience
    the public, the public’s right now need for comfort, people’s
    actual health and well being had to be sacrificed, for no other
    reason than making it easy to feel better, less pain, and having
    too little or to much of other things, for example too much
    urination, or too little defecation. 2 common ills that could be
    forced to function unnaturally by chemical prescription, or over
    the counter, medications.

    b. You see by taking petroleum from oil wells and coal mines, the
    petroleum can be converted into petrochemicals, that in turn
    are made into prescription drugs, and over the counter
    medications. Other chemicals can be made into prescription
    drugs and over the counter drugs.

    c. Getting Well and Healthy requires a process, and all processes
    take time, which in these modern times people don’t have time
    for. Health and Wellness also take lots of education, and daily
    personal self care, attention, and effort at getting Well and
    staying Healthy.

    d. But people don’t have time for personal daily Health Care, thus
    the pill for every ill, and a drug for every bug (bacteria and
    virus) has become the current state of Medical Disease Care.

    Medical Disease Care, which is #1 in TV advertisements for
    drugs, performed by happy actors claiming feeling good. The
    problem is that treating your symptoms with drugs allows your
    disease process to run unchecked until it becomes more
    severe, and requires more prescription drugs and surgery even.

    e. All medical testing is to determine which drug or surgery to give
    you without regard for getting you well and Healthy.

    It became a Health crossroads, a drug and/or surgery quick fix,
    or working with your natural ability to get well and Healthy with
    nutrition and lifestyle, that is, relying on the Natural 5: Sun,
    Water, Air, Rest, and Exercise, and being sure not to eat the too
    many processed sugars saturated in foods, and the foreign
    chemicals in and on food.

    f. A little known requirement for restoring, when necessary, and maintaining Health, is keeping ones Neuro Spine Healthy and Functioning free of Structural Displacements that disturb the ability of the Brain, Brain Stem, and Spinal Cord, which is the master organ of the body that organizes every other part and function of the body to be optimal.

    g. Using carcinogenic, cancer causing petrochemicals to quickly Stimulate in your body what is malfunctioning if sedated, and vice versa, sedating what is malfunctioning while being over stimulated;
    is the benefit of drugs in the short term, but it’s ill gotten process allows the ongoing process of your disease to continue, to worsen, until your symptoms and tests worsen, requiring more and more toxic and lethal prescription drugs, until you die prematurely.

    4. After generations of time experimenting with prescription drugs, now with 4 Billion sold each year, with 80% of the public taking 1 or more prescription drugs a day, and 55% of the Public taking 4 or more prescription drugs a day in multiple doses, we have been reduced to a sick nation by virtue of prescription drugs experimentation.

    And now we are experimenting with Vaccines of unknown future side effects while the known current side effects include brain blood clots, female sterility, and heart disease, amongst others, including thousands of deaths.

    But the issue that demands a reversal from Disease Care, which when treated by prescription drugs, allows the disease to continue as a disease process thus allowing the disease to internally progress, and worsen, but hidden by the drugs.

    The Medical Industry, per the accumulation of knowledge, and “last straw” of tolerance, regarding their control over disease care is that it is not working optimally, if not terribly so for the general public.

    Medical Disease Care vs. getting well and Healthy is no longer acceptable in light of what we know in science.

    a. People eat mostly in-humane food (sugar and chemical snacks almost exclusively gotten from supermarkets and convenient stores), including alcohol, tobacco, smoking drugs, vaping, street drugs, as well as Agriculture poison sprays on the food.

    b. When people eat these non-nutritious foods, toxic really, for 30 years, symptoms and medical tests show disease processes are going on. But instead of getting people well and Healthy, the current standard of medical disease care is to provide relief from aches, pains, thousand of disorders, but extended by temporary relief only, so treatment can run 30-40 even 50 or more years.

    Unless you think life should last only 40-60 years.

    The modern food/diet of Americans is now a Standard American Diet, it is filled with toxic, poisonous chemicals, non-nutrient food and drinks, all of which are a burden on your Immune And Excretory Systems, trying to protect your body from them on the one hand and excrete them from your body to remove them is an additional burden. Heavily and over burdened immune system caused by bad food etc., and prescription drugs prevents the body from effectively ridding itself of infectious bacteria and virus like Covid and its variants.

    Virus Variants are natural and are supposed to happen to virus in order to allow them to survive in changing climates as occur when they migrate to opposing hemispheres as in north to south seeking colder climes. Each passage between hemispheres causes survival adaptation via mutation, makimg a variant out of the original virus. We are seeing the Delta virus, which it and other variants are not a problem to overcome by a Healthy functioning immune system.

    But an overburdened immune system, overburdened by junk, fast, sugared, and chemical foods and prescription drugs and alcohol and smoking anything is incapable of eliminating infectious virus whether existing in the environment or a mutated new different virus.

    c. After 30 years of youthful Eating of chemicals, sugars, and snack foods, while eating very little nutritious food, and when your body becomes sick and ill, you go to the medical disease care system and you are given more chemicals in the form of over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

    Chemicals in food make you sick, more chemicals in medications and prescription drugs make you more sick and weakened internally.

    d. Each medication causes side effects often requiring additional drugs, as well, the side effects include new diseases and again more drugs. Many people take 5 to 10 to 15 prescription drugs a day, all of them toxic to the body and some lethal.

    e. Instead of medical disease care taking the time and effort to educate and guide people back to being well and healthy, they instead put them on drugs that are intended to be taken for the rest of one’s life, all be it a shortened life, and a burden on the person’s immune and excretory systems, a burden lasting for the entire remainder of their life.

    f. A lifetime of eating chemicals and taking medical and carcinogenic prescription drugs, that before 100 or so years ago, were for the most part never known to mankind, and have since become a serious health issue in that the human body is not able to adapt to these chemicals and drugs, and the lifetime of burden on each person’s Immune and Excretory Systems has left them a weakened sick physical wreck, visible or not, and unable to cope with the additional infectious diseases (Covid virus) as they get older.

    g. And that is why younger people can be infected by the Covid virus and its variants, and have no symptoms, as their immune and excretory systems are still viable enough to handle infectious virus, while older people die from the same virus, as their immune system is so overburdened by non-nutrient foods and prescription drugs that dying is the failure of overburdened Immune and Excretory Systems and other organs, like liver and kidneys, that have been over toxified over a lifetime.

    10. …so that when an infectious virus, like Covid and its variants, comes along, that does not produce symptoms in younger healthier people, but takes the life of older people who have been 3 to 6 decades long, or longer, eating and taking dangerous chemical drugs. It’s now patently clear, medical disease care, over time, undermines the body’s organs and systems, allowing for the ultimate failure of function, that is death.

    11. The same old same old taking dangerous toxic chemicals in our foods and medicines has reached a Cross Road, they are detrimental to life itself, resulting in death. What’s to be done about it, as it cannot go on without further disruption to optimal Health and Life Longevity.

    It is time for a change, we can no longer go on with medical disease care as the primary consideration for health. It might make sense to use it for some crisis emergency care and end-of-life care diseases, but even them outside of trauma, it would be better to avoid early end of life diseases and confrontation with infectious diseases like bacteria and virus.

    12. It is time for a change to where we withdraw from the Philosophy of Disease Care, and embrace the Philosophy of education, training , and participation in daily personal Health Care as it applies to Food and Life Style.

    It would be smart to find a Qualified Health Care Guide for your personal daily Health care training. Even here in our newspaper there is a Qualified Health Care person who writes valuable articles on Health, she is Ayda Ersoy, there are also doctors on island who specialize in Health Care, providing Health Education and Health and Wellness Life Style training.

    Main thing eat only nutritious food free of sugars and chemicals, read every label until you know the natural safe foods to eat.

    Practice a Healthy Daily Life Style with proper amounts of S.W.A.R.E. : Sun, Water, Air, Rest, Exercise…!

    If you are still wearing a mask and it is not an N-95, you have been misinformed, waste of time and it’s detrimental to getting oxygen into your body, and excreting carbon dioxide out into the atmosphere to be recycled through plant life and converted into oxygen.

    We actually do not need authority to tell us what to do to be healthy and well. We need learn it ourselves.

    1. Kauaidoug July 16, 2021 7:41 am Reply

      Did anyone really scroll this diatribe?

  17. RGLadder37 July 15, 2021 5:32 pm Reply

    Levana Lomma: I think it’s great that you are protecting people’s rights. Civil rights. My concern is what would people’s rights be among those with Derek Kawakami meeting Dr. Janet Berreman?

    This isn’t easy to see. What could you add to this protocol??

  18. Jesse Shannon July 15, 2021 7:14 pm Reply

    This is just a long string of unhinged ranting and raving tied up in a bow of tired, thoroughly debunked disinformation talking points. Why is TGI providing a platform to this kind of discredited and disingenuous propaganda? How long do we have to keep suffering these fools? Please, give us a break. This pandemic is difficult enough without having to be subjected to the endless drivel of the local idiot running around with our one and only journalism outlet’s megaphone.

  19. David Jones July 15, 2021 10:19 pm Reply

    TGI should not publish mis-information like this that is dangerous to public health.

  20. james July 16, 2021 7:16 am Reply

    I don’t agree with (and had trouble following) most of the gibberish in this opinion piece. However, despite the Delta Variance and the increase in cases, I do agree it’s time to end all government restrictions now instead of waiting for the 70% vaccination goal, which will never happen because of morons like these two. Why should the rest of us who are vaccinated have to continue to have our lives restricted because these idiots won’t get vaccinated? I’m sick of wearing a mask and feel bad for businesses who can’t fully open. If some choose not to get vaccinated, so be it. Let’s not wait around for them to change their minds, which will never happen, before we open fully.

  21. Hirondelle July 16, 2021 4:01 pm Reply

    This opinion piece makes me wonder what percentage of the people stand in front of their stoves and rub two sticks together to make fire.

    1. RGLadder37 July 16, 2021 11:16 pm Reply

      What percentage of the population that voted are Democrats? These are the people who does this. Interesting but a true behavior. On Kaua’i?

  22. kauaiboy July 17, 2021 9:25 am Reply

    Why is the elephant the symbol of the Republican Party and the donkey the symbol of the Democrats? I always thought of elephants as intelligent. Donkeys less so.

    I think we should switch them out, at least in today’s political climate.

    Or at least make the dolphin or whale the symbol of democrats.

    And the the ostrich or mole as the symbol of Republicans.

    1. RGLadder37 July 17, 2021 11:15 pm Reply

      It came out in 2018. By Steve Kornacki. I have red this book before. Why anyone would think George Bush sr. was a smart person is something else. Republicans ran the show. I think Donald Trump was smart and richer. So that would explain a lot.

  23. KauaiFarmMan July 18, 2021 10:11 am Reply

    Look how the sheep rally around their CNN talk points and big tech fact checkers. All of you may sayers should loom at the studies done so far by prominent doctors and specialists showing that Ivermectin is 100% effective in treating Covid . The only problem is it’s readily available and no one has a patent on it. So there’s no cash cow for big pharma. Unlike the extremely profitable vaccine that Fauci, Gates and Big Pharma are cashing out on big. And yes people are government officials have broken the law extending a state of emergency for 16 months. This violates the emergency proclamation rules. I guess you all want Tyranny and experimental vaccines . Why explore effective cures when we have vaccines that don’t work.
    Nice work geniuses.

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