Gallery adds aloha spirit to Hanalei

  • Monique Rowan / Special to The Garden Islan

    From left, Jeff Hakman, Pat Tenore of RVCA and Ryan Hakman stand in front of some of the gallery owner’s popular “modern original” Hakman Parrish surfboards, in Hanalei. Tenore holds a trophy of Jeff Hakman’s.

  • Monique Rowan / Special to The Garden Island

    Ryan Hakman shows off his silkscreen machine that he uses to make his own T-shirts by hand, including his best-selling “Weke Road” designs.

HANALEI — As Hanalei and Northshore Kaua‘i moves forward in these times that present unprecented challenges in people’s everyday lives, from health to financial troubles, the positive and creative vibes of businesses like O’hanalei gallery are a welcome relief and source of inspiration.