North Shore students have unique commute

Contributed by Robin DeBonet

Jamie DeBonet, standing, and students Sam DeBonet, Zander Satterlee King, Ajax Hedstrom, Devon LaMore, Asha Shea Triggs, Teagan Newhard and Lauhala Mahuiki smile as they make it back to Black Pot Beach Park from Princeville on Thursday after school.

Stephanie Shinno / The Garden Island

Mayme Grenz looks down the stairs and waits for schoolmate Teagan Newhard as they walk up the beach access on the side of the former Princeville Hotel, after arriving from Hanalei by boat.

PRINCEVILLE — A week after the Hanalei landslide occurred, one parent got his boat and transported his son and classmates from Black Pot Beach to the former Princeville Hotel’s beach access, a 10-minute Zodiac boat ride, followed by a van ride courtesy of the Rotary Club of Hanalei Bay, to get to school in Kilauea.