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New COVID-19 case on Kaua‘i linked to household contact

LIHU‘E – The Hawai‘i State Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office reported one new case of COVID-19 on Wednesday, April 7.

Wednesday’s case is a male resident who was under quarantine as a household contact of another case. The source of his infection is considered travel related. Contacts are being identified, directed to quarantine, and offered testing.

Wednesday’s case brings the number of active cases to nine, with 234 cumulative cases. Kaua‘i’s cumulative case count includes 199 confirmed locally, two probable, and 33 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, as they received their pre-travel test results after arriving on island.

  1. Mary Timely April 8, 2021 7:41 am Reply

    Anyone who tests positive and it has been 3 weeks since they were tested is the safest person regarding Covid, since after 2 to 3 weeks of infection and their own natural Immune Response they are Immune against re-infection by the Covid virus and are also Non-Contagious.

    Because after 2 weeks of being positive and most definitely after 3 weeks, that person will have completed the Immune Process.

    The Immune Process will make that person both immune to the Covid virus after producing trillions of bio-identical antibodies to deactivate all the virus in the body.

    Immune to the Covid virus means you cannot be infected again by the covid virus. This immune process is why you don’t get measles, mumps, and chicken pox twice if you naturally were infected by them and naturally got well with no vaccines or medications.

    And also since all the virus in that person’s body are deactivated or destroyed, they have no more virus to spread, and therefore that person is non-contagious.

    Being both immune and non-contagious makes you have Herd Immunity, and when enough people are Herd Immune the covid vírus cannot survive, and it causes the end of flu season.

    For people, like you fearful commenters in this newspaper, to think that the people who are positive after having had the covid infection for 2 or 3 weeks still makes that person dangerous as a spreadable carrier of the Covid virus disease, well you have been Mislead, because those people after being infected for 2 o’r even 3weeks, are now Immune to the virus, and are also Non-Contagious.

    Those of you with fear, as well as those writing these FEAR spreading comments has been mislead by the media and those people in the medical business who make income from the Vaccine, and who are employed at manufacturing the vaccine, selling the vaccine, distributing the vaccine, and are injecting the vaccines, and as well as the stockholders of the Pharmaceutical companies making the different vaccines, and as well as the owners of the different Patents of the several vaccines, is ignoring by ignorance (lack of knowledge)the science of Immunology.

    All people entering Kauai 2 to 3 weeks or longer, even a year or so, after being tested positive for Covid vírus, are the safest people to enter Kauai because they already have Herd Immunity, they are already immune, thus cannot be infected by Covid virus, and they are Non-Contagious.

    It’s the people who test Negative in the last 72 hours who are susceptible to being infected and contagious to others.

    In fact the People who still test Negative 3 days after their arrival are still susceptible to being infected and being contagious.

    Remember as much as 98% of people infected do not have symptoms and do not know they have been infected.

    The Immune Process that bio-identically matches our antibodies to the Covid virus does so with more specificity than matching different fingerprints, that is no 2 alike.

    The Covid virus is different from any other virus, which means that the Vaccine companies, such as Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sinovac (from China) are not only all different and all having different disease causing side effects, but since they are all different, only one, if even one, could be bio-identical tô the Covid virus in order to deactivate the Covid virus.

    The fact is that not even one of those vaccines is a bio-identical match to the Covid virus, as only the human internal Immune System can bio-identify the Covid virus, or any other infecting virus.

    And for these Pharmaceutical companies, with no human testing, to claim their vaccines are all 90+% effective with only days and few weeks of observation is scientifically Ludicrous.

    The truth is, the medical and pharmaceutical industries have the largest part of the population right where they want you, ignorant (not educated) about science and the Immune System.

    The biggest lie is from silence, keeping you ignorant. Right where they want you. No talk back! You will obey! Roll up your sleeve! Trust us! Turn your head away and do not watch the satanic mystery sauce enter your body from the injection needle.

    Why is it there is no list of each vaccine’s ingredients? Our foods have ingredients on the labels.

    And the prescription drugs have to tell us the side effects, why not the vaccines be made to protect us the same.

    One vaccine has Chimpanzee virus, another forms blood clots, but we are told that the blood clots are normal and OK. Really? You mean just like they want us, ignorant?

    And what about the virus deaths, there are many. Check out Childrens Health Defense articles by reputable known people.

    1. Bob Weiner MD April 9, 2021 6:13 am Reply

      Mary, you are confused about herd immunity. It is the property of a community when about 70% of the members are immune, either from prior infection or vaccination. An individual person does not have herd immunity. A vaccine does not inject antibodies into a person, it stimulates the body to produce antibodies. When a person is immunized against Covid their body will produce a lot of antibodies quickly when a Covid virus tries to infect because it has already been taught about the virus from having been vaccinated. People who caught Covid before they could get vaccinated, like my son, are still getting vaccinated because the vaccine works better than the natural infection. Nothing is 100%, but yes we can achieve herd immunity as we have with smallpox and polio if 70% or more of the population gets immunized.

  2. Kirk K April 8, 2021 5:04 pm Reply

    Mary Timely – I can’t help but wonder where your medical degree and extensive experience comes from since it was not shared in your post nor verified. Care to share? Everyone is an expert on the internet and we should be reminded that there are truly experts in the world who spent years and years for their words to mean something. Or you could tune into my mother-in-law who has no such medical degree but is certain after using Google that she can practice medicine.

    1. Mr.Ford April 9, 2021 7:42 am Reply

      In the beginning of your love of blindness, Dr who ran hospitals that didn’t approve anything coming from bill gates’ employee Dr. Fuci would get closed mouth

    2. Patrick Cockett April 9, 2021 10:16 am Reply

      Great response, Kirk. Mellow and accurate.

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