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Letters for Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Nuclear radar program is dangerous

Thirty-eight years ago, President Reagan declined Soviet Secretary General Gorbachev’s offer to abolish nuclear weapons. Instead, he was charmed by the imagined Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) missile defense system. Since then the Department of Defense has spent over $250 billion on missile defense programs, and a January 2021 Congressional Budget Office report projects a 40% increase over present spending through 2029.

By any acceptable standard of reliability, the program is a failure. Historically, in their scripted tests (one “enemy” missile with a known launch time and place), the intercepting missile has successfully intercepted only about half the time. Tests have never been conducted under real world conditions, which would have multiple aggressor missiles with each missile tipped with multiple warheads and decoys deployed to confuse the interceptor missile. In simple terms, missile defense technology can never catch up to weapon delivery by missile technology.

The HDR-H radar proposed for PMRF is a prime example of the futility of defending against a real nuclear attack. It might appear counterintuitive that a missile detection radar could make us less safe. But it has already been declared within the Missile Defense Agency to be obsolete in the fast-paced nuclear superiority race. It is a waste of resources at best and dangerous at worst. Dangerous because by promoting it as a solution to nuclear conflict, it complicates diplomatic efforts at nuclear disarmament while perpetuating a false sense of security that excuses more aggressive brinksmanship by our war planners.

We can tell the Missile Defense Agency what we think about locating the radar at PMRF or anywhere in Hawaii. NEPA rules require the applicant for an Environmental Impact Statement to respond to substantive comments.

Call 1-844-201-3652 to leave a four-minute comment.

Email with the subject line MDA-HDR-H EIS

Kip Goodwin, Wailua

Beware of false facts

The comics and specifically Doonesbury once again shines a bright light on what many of us believe. Doonesbury’s take on an Alternative Jeopardy in the April 4, 2021, TGI is one of different and false facts. And this is exactly what a sizeable part of our population wants to believe.

Don’t let reality get in the way. Since the 2020 election, the little-boy ex-president has brought in more than $200,000,000. This money was donated under the guise of reversing the election results. In reality only a small % went to that cause and the rest went into the pocket of the snake oil salesman.

Let’s return to Jeopardy to see how it works. I’ll take Elections for $500. The Answer, Trump. The Question, who won the 2020 Election?

Mark Perry, Lihu‘e

  1. Dennis Mendonca April 6, 2021 7:47 pm Reply

    Please call your state rep today and ask that they push for a floor vote on Senate Bill 676 which would raise the min wage from 10.10 to 12.00 and hour. The house has managed to get a pay raise for themselves but won’t even vote on raising the min wage. Today is one last chance to vote on it this year:
    Rep Nadine Nakamura 808-586-8435
    Rep James Tokioka 808-586-6270
    Rep Dee Morikowa 80-8 586-6280

    1. Steve Martin April 8, 2021 12:41 pm Reply

      Dennis.. it’s the same business as usual with our government. They continually vote the same way year in year out. The problem is every time an election comes up you and others keep voting for the same democratic control crap as last time. So there will be no change to the status quo and you and others will continue to get the same crap year after year after year.

  2. Eric April 6, 2021 11:48 pm Reply

    Mark Perry
    I am sorry, that is incorrect.
    Maybe that’s why you have not been on Jeopardy, you wouldn’t get far..

  3. Steve Martin April 8, 2021 12:55 pm Reply

    Actually mr. Perry is correct and the current administrations actions will soon present the facts that Mr. Perry has disclosed. Only a stupid person would think raising taxes on corporations and business is the solution, but doesn’t realize raising the tax will only force those to pass the burden onto the consumer. You will then realize you will get everything you voted for and a lot of what you didn’t expect.

    1. james April 9, 2021 6:25 am Reply

      Steve, using your logic we should have seen a huge price decrease in the cost of goods and services when corporations and billionaires got their large tax reduction under Trump. I don’t remember that happening, do you? Prices, under a capitalistic system, are generally set by the laws of supply and demand. If a corporation raises prices too high, demand will drop and folks will buy from competitors instead. What will happen in reality is that corporations will make a little less profit for their shareholders but the world will keep turning. Corporate tax rates have gone up and down over the years and prices have remained fairly stable. Research it.

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