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Letter for Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Voting rights act subverts state control

HR-1, titled “For the People Act — 2021,” is a radical assault on the U.S. Constitution which, when passed through the Senate, effectively overthrew the republic of the United States of America. This 831-page monstrosity of a bill, being pushed by insurrectionists in Congress, federalizes election laws — a constitutional abomination from the start, since Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution awards jurisdiction of election laws exclusively to state legislatures.

HR-1 lowers the voting age to 16; requires “automatic” voter registration based on information gathered on any person from any government-agency data base. It permits non-citizens to vote and prohibits states from enforcing their voter ID laws. Voting in the U.S. is now a chaotic free-for-all. Our Hawai‘i congress-peeps support this coup against the American people.

The “For the People Act” requires states to allow early voting (so much for election day); same-day registration; vote-by-mail and vote harvesting — all tricks the Bideneers used to steal the 2020 election. The “act” legalizes censorship of what I just said. They own the narrative. They’re right. I’m wrong. I must be silenced. Just like in China.

In a nutshell, HR1 solidifies immense power in central government, eliminating checks and balances built in to the founding documents that define our republic. It gives any rogue federal government the ability to control election outcomes indefinitely hereafter.

While HR-1 is clearly unconstitutional on many fronts, the people who launched this insurrection were careful to cover their asses. Somewhere in the 831 pages lies a provision that blocks any lawsuits filed in federal court that challenge the constitutionality of the act. You can’t challenge it. Welcome to tyranny.

Might as well get used to it. Because these “people” who this “act” was actually written for — the insurrectionists themselves — are just getting started.


Source: The Heritage Foundation. See the complete report, “The Facts About H.R. 1: The “For the People Act of 2021,” at

Orion Spiz, Kilauea

  1. Kauai Senior Citizen March 10, 2021 3:57 am Reply

    Get over it, Biden won fair and square. What is going on in many states in voter suppression is reprehensible. These states are purposely targeting voters of color. Shame of them for treating people of color as second class citizens.

  2. Steven McMacken March 10, 2021 5:02 am Reply

    HR-1 DOES NOT lower the voting age to 16. You CAN register to vote if you are at least 16 — it’s called “preregistration”; you cannot vote until you are 18. The House rejected a proposed amendment to lower the voting age to 16. As for the rest of your diatribe? Not worth discussing.

  3. Ken Conklin March 10, 2021 6:03 am Reply

    Congressman Ed Case likes to portray himself as a conservative “blue dog” Democrat. But he actually votes like a puppet of the far left. He not only voted in favor of HR1, he actually helped write it and he co-sponsored it. During his previous time in Congress, he pushed hard in favor of the Akaka bill to create a phony Hawaiian tribe and divide our people and lands along racial lines. Let’s vote against this guy at every opportunity. Here are excepts of Case’s remarks on H.R.1:

    “Madam Chair: I rise in strong support of H.R. 1, the For the People Act I am proud to have co-introduced, which includes my amendment to further facilitate voting by all eligible Americans … is a truly revolutionary bill that will implement many of the most critical government reform efforts we need to get government working for the people again … In my Hawai‘i, which performed its first universal vote-by-mail election in the 2020 primary elections, vote-by-mail increased election accessibility across-the-board… I thank this House for supporting my amendment, and urge this body to support final passage of the underlying bill.”

    1. Puhi Bob March 10, 2021 10:21 am Reply

      Ken, can you tell me what exactly you find troubling about Case’s remarks? All I see is that Case wants to make it easier for people to vote. Do you think it’s bad to make it easier to vote? Did you get something else out of his comments that I did not pick up on?

      1. yup March 10, 2021 10:16 pm Reply

        Ken believes that dead people vote or illegals vote or all the other BS republicans push to distract from the fact that all their bills that restrict voting target black, or young voters that usually vote against them.
        If it ain’t white, it ain’t alright.

  4. james March 10, 2021 6:52 am Reply

    Your source is the Heritage foundation? I don’t think your characterization of the bill is accurate. Actually, the bill would eliminate partisan gerrymandering, impose new transparency on dark money used to finance campaigns, tighten government ethics standards and create a public financing option for congressional campaigns. These sound like well needed reforms to me. It sounds like you have gotten your panties in a bunch based on mostly inaccurate information from the right-wing Heritage foundation.

  5. Puhi Bob March 10, 2021 6:52 am Reply

    I love how Orion, an obvious Trump supporter, uses words like “overthrow” and “insurrectionsist” to describe Democrats, when it was Trump supporters who tried to overthrow the US government in a bloody coup on Jan. 6. Maybe Orion is still sensitive about that, and tries to smear others with what he know is his own guilt.

    HR1 expands voting. That’s it. More people will vote. And his letter makes it quite clear that Orion does not believe in democracy or people voting. Pretty chilling that people like this live in our community.

  6. Mark Wolfendale March 10, 2021 9:14 am Reply

    What you see in HR1 is democracy at work. Although many will not agree with some or all of its provisions, it is not insurrection.

    a violent uprising against an authority or government.
    “the insurrection was savagely put down”

  7. Susan Oakley March 10, 2021 10:35 am Reply

    45th US President Donald J Trump just requested mail-in ballot in Florida after falsely claiming fraud for months about mail-in ballots:

  8. Kauaidoug March 10, 2021 11:23 am Reply

    What we are seeing from the former president’s supporters is an effort to rewrite history. They Will just keep repeating their “truths” in an effort to mimic the brainwashing techniques we witnessed over the last 5 years. Sad.

  9. Lawaibob March 10, 2021 2:12 pm Reply

    Heritage Foundation isn’t a reliable source, it’s a marketing company for Republican goons. Trump lost the House, the Senate, and two popular elections in a row. The second loss by landslide! Bigly. Loser!!

  10. Croesus March 10, 2021 2:30 pm Reply

    Hostage joe cannot even remember the name of his defense secretary,
    cannot hold a press conference , and he has the nations nuclear launch codes

    Hostage joe campaigned from his basement save for a few drive in rallies attended by a dozen cars, where he yelled a few rants
    His vice President could not even win her own state and was the first to drop out of the Presidential nomination race.


    Hostage joe received 81 million votes, 11 million more than obama
    Giving joe the most votes than any other Presidential candidate in US history!

    Seize and destroy all ballots and voting equipment used in the 2020 election
    Specially those voting machines forensically examined by state legislatures
    Just in case

    1. james March 11, 2021 7:52 am Reply

      Call a “waaaambulance” and keep crying about losing the election by a landslide. It must be painful to know your views are in the minority in our Republic. Keep lashing out and acting like a spoiled 5 year old, which emulates your great leader. Go crawl back under your rock and leave running the country to mature adults.

  11. CommonCents March 10, 2021 3:18 pm Reply

    Oh no a law that enables more people to vote!
    What an attack on the constitution!
    And what a totally non biased, factual source! The heritage foundation….
    Its funny the idiotic things people can believe if it falls in line with their narrative.

  12. YuCalJoe March 10, 2021 6:33 pm Reply

    HR-1 is bad for everyone unless you’re corrupt. It’s like the Mafia voting in a law that keeps them in power and free from criminal laws. No politician, from any political party, should ever present such a bill or vote in favor of it. This is a dangerous bill for all citizens.

    1. oneakamaiguy March 11, 2021 5:53 am Reply

      And yet another of your name calling, fact free, inane responses without presenting anything whatsoever to back up your statement or claims. How exactly does making voting easier for all (yourself included), equate to the Mafia?

  13. KauaiVoter March 10, 2021 8:51 pm Reply

    HR1 removes the Office of Elections from State Government and makes it the responsibility of the Federal Government. I don’t know about any other Hawaii resident, but I don’t want the Feds controlling our elections. I don’t think 16 year olds, or convicted felons, or those without proper identification should be voting either. This bill relaxes rules put in place that support fair elections, such as ensuring voter rolls are up to date, proper identification, and signatures on ballot envelopes. This bill is unconstitutional and violates states rights. Not good for anyone other than it’s creators.

  14. RGLadder37 March 10, 2021 10:08 pm Reply

    I voted at 18 years old. I think the Governor then for Hawai’i was John Waihe’e. I think the president then was Ronald Reagan the actor. So what they want out of this is to give more powers to the state, rather then leave it up to the federal. How many of the state legislatures make 6 figures from Kaua’i? Not any. I think you know what I mean. Constitutional and for Hawai’i. Because you are not rich. Get the idea behind this?

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