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1 new COVID case Thursday

LIHU‘E — The state Department of Health Kaua‘i District Health Office reported one new case of COVID-19 on Thursday.

Thursday’s case is an adult female resident whose source of infection is related to mainland travel.

All four active cases are in isolation, one of which is hospitalized. Close contacts are being identified, directed to quarantine and offered testing.

Thursday’s case brings the number of active cases to four, with 214 cumulative cases. Kaua‘i’s cumulative-case count includes 183 confirmed locally, one probable, and 30 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, as they received their pre-travel test results after arriving on island.

For more information on the county’s COVID-19 response, visit

For more information on the state’s COVID-19 cases or the state’s Safe Travels program, visit

  1. I saw a Vampire once February 26, 2021 2:14 pm Reply

    Kaua’i has been good at Keeping this coronavirus at bay. Only 214 cumulative cases. What’s the case count for the U.S.? Continue as is. I think people are more cautiously optimistic and that is the reason why they pay attention. Nobody wants to visit a doctor and get a death penalty. I’m happy that they have a law that says absolutely no entrance without a face mask. Some follow it anyway. The ones that don’t follow it, are under the ground. And at an early age too. Too bad.

    1. Garlic bread February 26, 2021 4:40 pm Reply

      The absolute vast majority of cases have not ended up needing hospitalization or intensive care. By all means you may keep that diaper on your face for the rest of your life. You don’t have the right to tell others they must breathe their own stink breath for the rest of their lives tho.

      1. Pearly whites February 27, 2021 1:43 pm Reply

        Just a thought… if you’re offending yourself that much, brush once in a while.

      2. Mary February 27, 2021 2:35 pm Reply

        You can brush your teeth once in a while and your breath won’t stink, and if you wear a mask, you might just save a life, maybe even yours.

  2. Positive is Good February 27, 2021 10:28 am Reply

    Knowing how the immune system works from college years, I’ve always wondered why there is this push in reporting of positive Covid virus, or the lately Covid variant virus cases, seemingly making them out to be a sign of something bad.

    It can only be good to be positive, if you’re not deathly ill, which on Kauai has been Zero % out of about 200 cases, and only about 7 cases even hospitalized.

    Being positive, if you are not gravely sick, and it has been 2 weeks or more since you were infected, means you have a functional immune system, You are proof positive resistant to what they are calling a deadly disease.

    As well because the intelligence of your body demonstrated by your nervous system communicating with your immune system, you not only develop immunity against the different virus and become non-contagious, and become Herd Immune, which we must have as a community to get beyond this particular Covid virus event, but also the exposure, infection, and resulting successful immune process in 99% of the people, means that the immune system memory is building upon all the prior years’ virus infections strengthens your immune system for the next year’s and next year beyond that, that you will be infected and be asymptomatic.

    Your immune system’s memory of matching, replicating, and multiplying the exact bio-identical antibodies to deactivate the disease virus, needs to sequentially year after year, build upon repeated exposure and infection of virus in the environment in order to be capable next year to deactivate the next virus or the next virus’ mutated variant.

    This is why masking, and social distancing are prolonging this virus event, regardless of whether it is a natural or manmade virus.

    Further, the vaccines do not impart immunity or being non-contagious, nor Herd Immunity because they fail to bio-identically match antibodies to the current disease virus.

    Vaccines only serve to burden the immune system and render it less capable of defending you against the real issue at hand, the Covid virus and its mutated variants.

    Vaccines injections of this current enormity do serve to make $Billions, if not Trillions, of dollars eventually, do serve to further more similar mislead research, when making effort to naturally strengthen people’s immune systems is a more sound effort requiring no vaccine research but only concern for what people put in their mouth that must be nutritious and not anti-Health, like sugars, chemicals, especially petrochemicals in food and. over the counter medications and prescription drugs, as well as alcohol, tobacco, or anything smoked.

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