Vaccination experience ‘a class act’

My wife Donna and I have reached advanced life status and thus were eligible for vaccinations to preclude the onset of CV-19.

Our health overseer, Hawai‘i Pacific Health, contacted us, urging us to make appointments for the vaccinations, and provided a portal website to accommodate us.

We made the appointments; they were for 10:00 and 10:15 a.m. on 21 January. A brochure from Wilcox Hospital, available as a download, provided all the particulars. We were instructed to try to get to the vaccination center at the hospital 15 minutes early, but not any earlier, and were directed to a specific entrance at the hospital.

Approaching the hospital, a team of health professionals verified our appointments, took our temperatures and directed us to sanitize our hands. Our appointments were 15 minutes apart, but once the welcoming staff saw that we were together our appointment times were combined. We had filled out a downloaded questionnaire regarding our health status that helped move things along. I would estimate there were over 50 people there at any one time.

We were efficiently steered to a vaccination team, which did the deed in less than three minutes. We were then escorted to an exit area where we received a form completed with the appointment date and time for our follow-up second shot.

We then were instructed to take a seat, and staff members constantly monitored our status for 15 minutes, and barring the existence of any serious symptoms were released.

Part of the release documentation was a form indicating a link to a site where we registered for a program to text us every day to ask about any reactions we may have had to the vaccinations.

We take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude and appreciation to both Hawai‘i Pacific Health and to the staff at Wilcox Medical Center for the fine, professional services provided. This is a class act.


John and Donna Carsten are residents of Wailua Homesteads.

  1. Ima Muune January 25, 2021 12:26 am Reply

    Incredible service, instructions it’s a real deal that got the team to do the deed in. 3 minutes, must have been a genuine senior moment and then watched over from a thorough 15 minutes, more than thorough, but. no help out to the car, many of us would feel welcome for this.

    Thanks for sharing. We hope to try next year.

  2. Tink Thoro January 25, 2021 12:52 am Reply

    We re so happy you both successfully navigated the vaccine deed, indeed, truly amazing,

    But yesterday was announced we had 7active Covid cases on Kaua’i?

    That’s less than 1/10,000th of the population, and none were hospitalized or died…that statistics warning is medically LAUGHABLE…,

    Who could possibly believe in this HOAX, selling fake vaccines to thousands who are not sick.

    Let’s take a Covid-19 I.Q. Test: Question #1

    Wear your mask and also wear your glasses, if you no more glasses, then wear dark glasses, breathe normally.

    Did your glasses fog up? Then your mask is NOT PROTECTING YOU or Anyone Else…! Can you feel your breath blowing out the sides, top or bottom of your mask? Then your mask is not only a waste of time but is self poisoning you with the toxic CO2 you exhale and then inhale back into your lungs and blood stream with every breath.

    Now this absurd 6’ distancing.

    If you smoke or vape, exhale a lung full of smoke. is it completely gone in 6’ feet around you? What if there is a breeze or Tradewinds, even if you cannot see the the smoke in 6’ you think the molecules of smoke are not there, they are there just too far part to be seen.

    If no can see the smoke, can you smell the tobacco or even pakalolo from 100’ away.? Yes you can, which means you are not protected nor are you protecting others within 20’, 50’, or even 100’, you are also if some one is positive for less than 2 weeks (meaning not immune or non contagious yet) you are giving or getting the virus, depending whether you or they is positive.

    Remember unless you have flu symptoms you can’t feel of you are positive. But hopefull you are because in 3 to 14 days you should have undergone the immune process and you will be immune from the getting the virus again and non contagious since you will not have any active virus to spread after 3 to 14 days of the immune process with your plasma cells making 10,000 antibodies every second. Immune Systems are reliable, or is vaccines that you take. chance with.

    Vaccine sellers tell you, you need their vaccine because they sell them and need the money from you or your tax dollars. Pfizer alone is contracted to make 1.5 Billion vaccine shots in the next months and the needles are not free either, unless they re-use them…???

    Lucky, unless you are obese with diabetes and even hidden heart and stroke disease with lots prescription drugs, your immune system and it’s antibodies will protect you.

    You can’t trust the silly mask and 6’ distance unless you are a Moron or have complete blind faith in your no pandemic experience elected officials or medical people and pharmaceutical people who rely on disease or the fear of disease to make a large income.

    Do you feel duped into stupidity?

    How about every medical test is meant to find a reason to sell you prescription drugs and or surgery, but not to get you well and healthy and able to live without prescription drugs! Weird huh?

    Because if you think taking prescription drugs for 10, 20, 30, 50 years is normal, then you must have went to lie school.

    Much of health or lack thereof is based on what you put in your MOUTH.

    Live natural unprocessed food with no added chemicals and no kiddie Krack sugar put in your mouth, and NO alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs or street drugs PUT INTO YOUR MOUTH is good for your Health.

    On the contrary putting foods with added chemicals and Ag poisons, and processed foods and sugar added to foods and alcohol, tobacco, and drugs and prescription drugs and dreaded cancer causing petrochemicals put into your MOUTH is proven to be Anti-Health.

    Every mouthful of anything is a choice you have to make every day, every meal, intelligently or ignorantly, if not stupid. And don’t think pakalolo is anything but Anti-Health and an escape from reality. Want to get high, do something strenuous as in exercise and you will get the best natural high, no matter what your age.

    Being truly Healthy is a personal proactive every day effort. Watch your mouth input , md be sure to get enough SWARE every day…
    Sun Water Air Rest Exercise. It always does a body good.

    When it comes to real Health you are on your own, choose life, Health, and optimal Life Longevity.

    Consider a Health Coach, there are many kinds. And follow the Natural Path. Mother Nature has always known BEST.

  3. awapuhi January 26, 2021 6:36 am Reply

    Thank you, Wilcox. You did it right!

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