Mayor happy with vaccination efforts

LIHU‘E — Friday, the county announced one new travel-related COVID-19 infection in an adult resident. The county also confirmed a female resident who was hospitalized on O‘ahu for over a month has been discharged from the hospital and has returned home.

The county currently has six active COVID-19 cases, which are all in isolation.

Kaua‘i has reported 206 infections, including 177 confirmed locally, one probable, and 28 tested elsewhere but reported after arrival on island.

Vaccination efforts

Over 7,000 people have received vaccinations on Kaua‘i, the county reported Friday.

“(This) represents about 10% of the Kaua‘i residents old enough to receive it,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said during the Team Kaua‘i COVID-19 briefing. “This mass-vaccination process could not be possible without the hard work of our Kaua‘i District Health Office, the collaborative effort of our three on-island hospitals and our Medical Reserve Corps. This is a group of dedicated volunteers who have been manning our vaccination POD (points of distribution) daily. It is only through this team effort that our island is successfully moving through our vaccine program. A sincere mahalo to all those involved.”

The county Office of Elderly Affairs has been hard at work helping kupuna over 75 who have had issues with registering or are without internet access.

Kupuna over 75 can still sign up for their vaccinations through the appropriate hospital. No walk-ins are available.

To sign up for a vaccine at Wilcox Medical Center in Lihu‘e, visit

To sign up for a vaccine at Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital in Waimea and Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital, visit

To date, the county has offered vaccinations to health-care workers and first responders, teachers and school staff, child-care workers, agriculture workers and grocery-store employees. More information can be found at

Veterans who get health care through Veterans Affairs benefits can sign up to receive vaccines through the VA, according to the county. This program is not available to veterans on Tri-Care or those who receive health care from other avenues.

Free testing

The county is continuing free COVID-19 testing for Kaua‘i residents in high-risk industries, like those working in tourism, hospitality, first responders and county workers. This free testing is also extended to those who received an approved modified quarantine.

Testing is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kaua‘i War Memorial Convention Hall in Lihu‘e. No appointment is necessary, however, proof of employment or supervisor authorization is required.

Correction: This story was updated at 9:12 a.m., Saturday, Jan. 23 to clarify that hospitals are only accepting kupuna over 75, not caregivers.

  1. I saw a Vampire once January 23, 2021 3:26 am Reply

    And if you’re found to be tested positive, does this call for any grounds to be fired? From employment.

  2. Steve January 23, 2021 11:34 am Reply

    It would be nice to know how many of those 7000 people are 75 years old+. I’m 75 and another family member is 89. We have both been declined the vaccine after applying through the Wilcox site and my chart and been told they’re out of vaccines. Apps submitted 7-10 days ago. Vaccines are going to people under 75, many in 40s and 50s. Certainly some of these are non essential.
    Please do something about this since we have no way to communicate with Wilcox

    1. curious dog January 23, 2021 6:23 pm Reply

      Try Mahelona.. If you’re 75+, you’re allowed 1 caregiver person to also get vaccinated regardless of age.

  3. Ima Muune January 23, 2021 1:17 pm Reply

    Mahalo to the Oahu Frontline caregivers who helped our, 1 month on Oahu in hospital, Kaua’i resident through their convalescing period.

    It would be very helpful to know what pre-existing diseases they have, or had, and what prescription drugs they were taking to cause the severity of a 1 month hospitalization. And what is their age?

    With 98% of those infected with Covid-19 virus, having NO Symptoms, or only mild symptoms, not requiring medical attention, we can be very grateful, especially if we were part of the 98%.

    Can we assume this person did not have the vaccination since they would have been getting well prior to its availability.

    As to all others, good news from America’s Frontline Doctors, (

    These are the percentages (%) and the age ranges of the people who got well after being infected by the Covid-19 virus, and who did not have any vaccine.

    1.) Ages 0-20: 99.997% got well without any Vaccine

    2.) Ages 21-50: 99.98% got well without any Vaccine

    3.) Ages 51-69: 99.5% got well without any Vaccine

    4.) Ages 70 and up: near to 95% got well without any Vaccine.

    However because the FDA did NOT ALLOW the Pfizer and Moderna Pharmaceutical Companies to register their flu drug as a Vaccine, because it is not a Vaccine, they had to register it as what it really is, an EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY.

    Apparently the medical industry using a so called “Vaccine”, that is not a Vaccine, is injecting this “fake vaccine”, manufactured at Warp Speed with, unreported to the public, experimental Genes into those who think they are getting a vaccine.

    The pharmaceutical companies are wanting to sell and put Experimental Gene Therapy into hundreds of millions (and billions of people worldwide) of people without standard testing, nor standard test-observation-waiting as to finding disease side effects that take time to observe and discover.

    Warp Speed, that is the amount of concern that was taken to make the chemicals put into this Experimental Gene Therapy treatment for Covid-19, a virus.


    The US has suffered 800 alleged Covid-19 deaths per 1 million people.

    But India has had only 70 deaths per 1 million people.

    Africa has had only 1% of the amount of covid19 deaths in comparison to European countries.

    The United Stares uses wide spread masking and social distancing and ridicules the use of, and rarely do doctors prescribe, the prescription drug Hydroxychloroquin as a simple Covid-19 remedy.

    However, India uses the readily available non-prescription over the counter Covid-19 virus medication: the non-prescription Hydroxychloroquin, getting an over 90% better survival rate than the US.

    Africa, an overall poor nation, and except for South Africa, using very little masking and social distancing, and also Africa jas over the counter non-prescription access to Hydroxychloroquin medication for the Covid-19 virus, and their death rate is 1% of Europe who use masking and social distancing.

    So for Age Groups again for the US, the American Frontline Doctors make these recommendations.

    1.) Ages 0-20 years: If Healthy = Prohibit the vaccine entirely

    2.) Ages 21-50 years: If Healthy = Strongly Discourage the vaccine.

    3.) Ages 51-69 years: If Healthy = Strongly Discourage the vaccine.

    4.) Ages 70 years and up: If Healthy = Up to you, but if you have
    pre-existing diseases ask your doctor for Hydroxychloroquin in
    advance to have ready if you get flu symptoms. Contact the
    American Frontline Doctors to speak to a doctor for advice.
    and/or a Hydroxychloroquin prescription.

    All Ages EXCEPT 70 and up are considered Low Risk.

    EXCEPTION at any AGE, and at High Risk, would be if one has pre-existing diseases, especially Obesity, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke diseases, etc.

    Many people feel that the Kaua’i División of the Dept of Health should be pro-actively seeking out our High Risk residents, especially the elderly; and begin training those at High Risk to become well and whole, and Healthy, and after restoring their Health, without medications, be able to remain healthy for optimal Life Longevity.

    Otherwise to ignore the elderly with disease, is to ignore their real needs, and ignoring them is, so to speak, “throwing them under the bus”.

    American Frontline Doctors recommend no female of child bearing age take the vaccine because of permanent recurring defects to their child’s placenta after conception.

    Go online to “American Frontline Doctors” for more information.

    Statistics show that people between 70 and 110 die, at some age death is inevitable. Dying before your time of optimal Life Longevity has a lot to do what you put in your mouth.

    It is not health to put the following into your mouth: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, junk and fast and processed foods, chemicals in and on the foods, agriculture poisons and petrochemical fertilizers, including animal consumption foods given poisons and medicines, etc., or human medical prescription drugs and medications, and petrochemicals of any kind, and lack of exercise, all burden the body and the immune system leading to cause of and death by many diseases, including common frailty, obesity, pneumonia, shortness of breath, and shortness of life.

    What mystery causes the last heartbeat, the last breath?

    Life begins in your Mother, but the process of disease and death, for too many, usually begins at your mouth. Guard your mouth from what can make you sick and suffer, and kill you…!

    Find a competent natural Health Coach if you want to be, and need to be and stay Healthy.

    At all times follow the Natural Path.

    1. truth be known January 24, 2021 5:58 pm Reply

      On behalf of the Pharmaceutical Industry, we would like to offer heartfelt thanks (your heart of course) to all of the people who willingly volunteered to become part of our experiment involving the development of RNA gene therapy and personal identity implants. By having you become what used to be known as the “animal trials” you have saved us a considerable amount of time and MONEY and at no risk to ourselves thanks to Congressional bill 230. We look forward to hearing about the long term effects that the “animal trials” used to reveal.

  4. Residents January 23, 2021 3:55 pm Reply

    And the other 70k of residents not happy with bubble Boy kawakami vaccinations, business decimation, and lack of leadership. We all see now who youre beholden to. Careful forcing those vaccines. You may end up harming more people than the virus itself so far.

    1. CBagley January 24, 2021 3:37 pm Reply

      I am happy that the Mayor is pleased with Kauai’s vaccination program. With it underway on the islands and the mainland, in our case Alaska, it is imperative that new regulations regarding entry to Kaua‘i for those vaccinated be set in place. My husband and I are property owners and part-time residents of Kauai . We hv been told that we will need to do the bubble resort thing upon arrival even though we are fully vaccinated. Staying in a bubble resort will cost about $1500. We would actually be much safer in our condo not quarantining. That $1500 would go back into Kauai’s economy and not some expensive hotel. I implore you to move forward safely allowing vaccinated people back on the island. IT IS TIME!
      CBagley, RN, PhD

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