Letters for Monday, December 28, 2020

Stand up for your freedom before it’s too late

Have we had enough yet? Is anyone, besides myself, sick and tired of being told what I can do and where I can go? Is anyone else tired of letting the government dictate your freedom of movement, your freedom of property (to run a business), your freedom to breathe — while at the same time NOT FOLLOWING THE VERY MANDATES THEY IMPOSE ON US?

When on God’s green earth did we become so complacent? This would never have worked in the ‘60s when the Hong Kong flu killed over a million people. Did everyone hide in their houses with their masks on back then? NO! They went to Woodstock instead for four days of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. And mud. No antibacterial handwash or social distancing. Oh my!

But that was before the mainstream media and big tech had acquired complete mind control over the masses. Turn on any TV news outlet, pick up any newspaper or log on to any social media and you will hear the same rhetoric on every channel: The virus is deadly, you must stay safe at home, everyone must get the vaccine and President Trump lost the election. LIES, LIES and more LIES! Everyone has been brainwashed to believe that Bill Gates is a medical doctor, the voting system is perfectly secure and Joe Biden is competent to be the leader of the free world.

Not only that, but the media suppressed information about Biden and his son in bed with the Chinese Communist Party until AFTER the election. But they’re not the only ones. Countless other politicians and CEOs, including those of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Youtube, are merely puppets of the CCP. And that’s because China OWNS the lion’s share of American media and tech companies. Their propaganda is conveniently right at your fingertips.

I’m sure by now that plenty of you are rolling your eyes and calling me a conspiracy theorist. But if you bother to study history, this is how it happens. Unfortunately, they don’t teach history at public schools anymore. They’re too busy teaching gender dysphoria and Harry Potter, and indoctrinating the youth of our country to hate America and everything it stands for, and to love socialism, communism, atheism and a myriad of other isms.

It’s time for those of us who love this country to stand up to the powers that be and take back what’s left of our freedom before it’s too late. Turn off the propaganda machine and think for yourself. Take off the mask, go outside and breathe. And don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Janet Eisenbach, Kilauea

Trump will win something this year

Following his humiliating landslide election loss (about 7 million votes fewer than President-elect Biden), Donald Trump has apparently decided to return to winning, and compete for the title of World’s Worst Human. Trump has already ticked off quite a few items on the winner’s checklist, such as:

1. Pardon convicted mass murderers. Check!

2. Undermine the United States justice system. Check!

3. Pardon members of congress who were convicted of multiple financial felonies and others who have personally helped Trump achieve his bottomless depravity. Check!

4. Grift hundreds of $ millions from gullible supporters through continuous lying about fabricated election irregularities. Divert almost all donations directly to himself. Check!

5. Concoct an election theft scheme that would have made Saddam Hussein blush. Check!

6. Ask the vice president of the United States to ignore the will of the American people by overturning the Electoral College vote certification on Jan. 6. Check!

7. Ignore national suffering and selfishly refuse to sign a bill negotiated by the Trump administration for COVID relief. Be certain to let unemployment benefits expire for millions. Check!

8. Defund and prevent scheduled pay raises for U.S. armed-forces members by vetoing a bill to insure that military bases can remain named for traitors and murderers. Check!

9. Do nothing whatever to assist with the worsening national health crisis and economic crisis, and instead spend every day golfing at taxpayer expense, watch television, and mock scientists who are working to reduce a death toll that now equals the deaths suffered on 9/11 every day. Check!

10. Force the U.S. Secret Service and government aides to pay the maximum rates at Trump clubs for rooms, food — even water! Check!

Well, at least Trump will win something this year.

Kurt Last, Anahola

Keep beach parking free

The imposition of parking fees at Kaua‘i beaches for non-residents is a bad idea for two reasons.

First, the costs to collect the fees will most certainly exceed the revenue generated. In addition to the costs of repaving the lots and creating parking spaces, the county will have to employ attendants who will be paid salaries plus benefits.

The second reason carries more weight. Kaua‘i has more beaches than all the other Hawaiian Islands combined, but only 10 have lifeguards. We implore tourists to swim only at lifeguarded beaches. If a parking fee is instituted, tourists will go to those beaches without fees, most certainly putting their lives at risk, not to mention causing disruptions to public and private property.

Kaua‘i does need to find other sources of revenue. But we are not California. Beach parking should remain as it is, free.

Cheryle and Scott Kelley, Princeville

Kaua‘i is different

Aloha my trusted administrator,

As a seasoned Kaua‘i educator, I am again feeling dismayed by the lack of attention given to our Kaua‘i public school system. The Garden Island headlines reflect an honest concern for visitors and our local economy.

I understand this really-real reality. I want to open people’s awareness to this simple fact: Every student in our system is experiencing a stunted year of educational growth.

Knowing each child is unique, why did I have this sad conversation with a 14-year-old, precious person on Christmas Eve day at Walmart? I said, “So tell me about your present level of (how you be?) being in school?” She replied only after thinking: “I’m a good student” (she always was). I don’t do well online. So bad, I finally tried to get bad grades, even Ds, to get me back into school. It didn’t work.”

Get our children back to school now while the COVID count is so low. Maintain, get staff and teachers vaccinated, and then — after stability — let our outer-island families return along with the tourists. With children in school, at least the parents will have a large emotional burden off their very-weighted shoulders.


Elizabeth Scamahorn, Kalaheo

  1. I saw a Vampire once December 28, 2020 1:40 am Reply

    A word to on socialism; I think Italy the people who work have to work for a certain company that they feel they can associate with. There are layers of intelligence. So if you’re smart, you can start of as an engineer. Providing you went to school. Where as in U.S.A., they associate with the intelligence on a different grounds. It is just the company. Or the person. In Italy, the layers of association are a community decision. And not company. The community as a whole works and it is more difficult for someone to just enter that field if he doesn’t meet community standards as an engineer. So that is one difference.

  2. Steven McMacken December 28, 2020 5:46 am Reply

    That’s right, Janet, we need to STOP THIS MADNESS!

    Fellow Kauaians, I want you to reach up right now with both hands and rip those ridiculous masks off your faces. Take a deep breath and savor the sweet, fresh air. Never mind that its filled with a deadly virus that has already killed 341,000 of your fellow citizens. This is America, after all, the land of milk, honey and the freedom to be as stupid as we want. It’s our God-given right!

    1. Jon December 28, 2020 4:28 pm Reply

      spot on Janet. However if the majority of society has willingly chosen to give their freedom of choice over to the government then RIP Kauai. I pray that is not the case but judging by how many people are continuing to go along with it id say there will be no uprising until the next “stage”.

      1. Carl December 29, 2020 6:25 am Reply

        These kinds of baseless conspiracy theories shouldn’t even be published. If anything Facebook highlights and funnels the views of covidiots like these to one another instead of the ‘brainwashing’ Janet suggests. This gives them a sense of community and and ergo resulting a sense of accuracy but sadly they are all terribly deluded.

      2. COVIDIOTS December 29, 2020 8:41 am Reply




        1. khsgrad December 29, 2020 9:39 pm Reply

          I will GLADLY sign the letter and take my chances with a 99.5% cure rate….. While you go ahead and hide from the invisible boogeyman Covid…..

  3. north shore surfer December 28, 2020 5:56 am Reply

    Keep Beach Parking Free

    Two good reasons of many well pointed out.

    Ke’e Beach is a good example of this. Probably the safest beach on the north shore in the winter is now so restricted. The community was told that the park would be limited to 900 people per day from 3,000. Truth is between the over restricted parking and a half empty parking lot, less than 600 per day are able to access the park. Meanwhile Lumadie, Tunnels and Kapule beach are now packed with unwary swimmers. Local residents are finding less beach access EVERYWHERE. All we need is a little bit more parking. Let’s start with allowing the existing parking at Ke’e to be utilized.

    Who thought of this? Who’s in charge of this? Wake up! Go take a look.

  4. Doug December 28, 2020 9:23 am Reply

    Sorry Cheryle and Scott Kelley, but I disagree with your first point, “First, the costs to collect the fees will most certainly exceed the revenue generated”. Simple solution, just attach the fee to any car rented on the island with an out of state driver’s license. Fee collected no muss no fuss. As to your second point, just look to Queen’s Bath, tourists will go where ever they want and to what ever they want to do, no matter what the danger. I say impose the fee, we need a better class of tourist here anyway that will actually spend money at local businesses instead of the ones who brag about how they get an cheap Air BNB and just hang on the beach all day.

  5. steven December 28, 2020 12:04 pm Reply

    By not supporting tourism revenue, we are partially responsible for shortfall in State education money. Kauai is different. All the other islands are generating revenue.

  6. Kimo December 28, 2020 1:12 pm Reply

    Kurt Last, Your dementia is really running rampant again. Please refrain from insulting half of the voting population. GI, shame on you for printing this garbage. Dare to post this? As usual the GI is very biased.

    1. jimo December 28, 2020 4:44 pm Reply

      If the truth is insulting to you then maybe you should look into why it bothers you? Sure Kurt could have phrased it more PC for the delicate snowflakes out there, but stating things that Trump has done that are easily verified don’t really count as an insult.
      Just because it bothers you doesn’t mean its biased. I notice you ignored the rambling mess of Janet right above. The irony of her talking about turning off the propaganda machine when she literally regurgitates right wing media talking points is rich. This woman is so far detached from reality that she still thinks trump won the election. But yes, shame on GI for posting such biased letters from random people.

    2. Robin Clark December 28, 2020 5:13 pm Reply

      Jimmy boy- don’t shoot the messenger! Kurt is right on so just get over it. And why TGI publishes your drivel is beyond comprehension.

      1. The Real Kimo December 29, 2020 9:57 am Reply

        Spot on Robin.

    3. MisterM December 30, 2020 12:57 am Reply

      Kimo, you post fact-free rants straight from QAnon wackadoodle websites. Why TGI prints such contemptible rubbish is a mystery.

  7. Mr.Ford December 28, 2020 9:58 pm Reply

    I agree with the whole properganda on this mischief virus but the whole Biden and Trump issue is a kicker that tickles me wrong. They are al best friends, its like watching fake wrestling….the hits are real but the intention of one or the other wanting to win is fake and its been ploted beforehand, before the votes are in. One big mischif party and you’re not invited in. Let me shine some light. Trumps incest daughter has her kids learning the Chinese language before even going to preschool….Trump has visited China A LOT. Trump does a lot of business with China.

  8. Jay Williamson December 29, 2020 3:03 am Reply

    Kauai is rapidly losing the Spring and Summer season. Visitors are already rebooking to Maui and the Big Island. Some of that revenue could have been used for hospitals, schools, and infrastructure. The flu plagues us every year in spite of the flu vaccine. Dr. Fauci is predicting that Covid-19 is also here to stay in spite of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines.

  9. Carol Ann Bagley December 29, 2020 1:58 pm Reply

    I am resending as I noticed some of my message was missing. Thank you.

    Knowing that Mayor Kawakami supports the people of Kauai both from a health and economic perspective, it is very unclear to me how he expects to do this with the bubble plan he has come up with. He gives only a choice to quarantine for those who cannot afford to stay at a bubble plan hotel. Below are facts to support my concern:
    . Calls to hotels that stated they were in the bubble plan charge $300 to $500 a day for a standard room. This rate is only reasonable for the very well off.
    . While staying in the bubble hotel/resort, customers can only be on the grounds and must wear a tracking bracelet that would cause notification if the customer wanders off. BEING AN EDUCATED PERSON WITH A FIRM ETHICAL BACKGROUND, I CONSIDER THIS AN INSULT. I FEEL ANYONE OF US WOULD FEEL THAT WAY WHATEVER OUR BACKGROUND IS. Do you really think, Mayor Kawakami, that a person who falls into the category of those who could stay in one of these bubble resorts would feel any different? They probably would be inclined to look for another island or country to travel to.
    . Your description of the quarantine that would be in place does NOT MEET CDC guidelines. If your patrons at these hotels are in true quarantine, they would not be allowed to interact with others even if they had masks and were to stay six feet apart. You are giving your patrons a false sense of security by using the word quarantine.
    . As you can see with the above information and the feedback that appears in THE GARDEN ISLAND, your population needs a MUCH BROADER, BUT SAFE PLAN to help recover the Kauai economy. Included in this plan, should be travelers who normally come to visit Kauai. PLEASE CONSIDER ONCE AGAIN, HAVING THESE TRAVELERS TAKE THE NAAT COVID TEST 96 HOURS (4 DAYS) PRIOR TO ARRIVAL in Kauai. When they arrive at the airport, HAVE THEM TAKE THE ANTIBODY TEST. This method will identify those very few who have tested negative with the NAAT test before leaving, but arrive with a test result that shows they have COVID. (This has been proposed by a member of the Hawaii COVID team who has a medical background.) Once these very few are found, it should be easy to follow them. This will decrease greatly the need for the additional police and National Guard you might need otherwise. It also should decrease or almost ELIMINATE THE NEED TO USE YOUR HOSPITAL BEDS which I know is a concern for you. It would also help support the use of HUNDREDS OF VACATION RESORT CONDOS AND HOTELS that are part of the economic suffering your incomplete policies are causing.
    Carol Bagley, RN, PhD (part time resident of Kauai and Alaska)

  10. Shakauai December 29, 2020 10:17 pm Reply

    If you want to evolve into a true capitalist, Janet Eisenbach, you need to stop whining and grow a backbone. You urge others to jeopardize their families’ health and safety, yet your letters highlight how timid and risk-averse you are as a business owner. If you’re unwilling to adapt and innovate in response to the changing times, your dinosaur business model deserves to sink into the tar pit.

  11. LTEreader December 30, 2020 1:17 pm Reply

    Ms. Bagley,

    Alaska has 1,600 total hospital beds. Kaua’i has 111.
    Alaska has 191 ICU beds. Kaua’i has 9.
    Alaska has 374 ventilators. Kaua’i has 16.

    1,017 of Alaska’s hospital beds are currently occupied. 129 of those are ICU beds.
    Kaua’i is approximately 10% of Alaska’s population = 102 beds occupied, with 13 in ICU.
    Alaska had 374 new cases yesterday. At 10% that equates to 37. We had one.
    Alaska’s cumulative case total is 46,483. At 10% that equates to 4,648. We’ve had 167.

    And you have the audacity to write to our newspaper YELLING about what we’re doing wrong here? Wow.

    As for: “When they arrive at the airport, HAVE THEM TAKE THE ANTIBODY TEST.”
    Per the Alaska Dept. of Health & Social Services website:
    “Antibody tests are not widely used in Alaska at this time. The tests have not been clinically verified to diagnose or exclude COVID-19. The antibody response in infected patients remains largely unknown and the clinical value of antibody testing has not been demonstrated. False positives can occur and further research is needed to understand how this test might be used to understand disease prevalence in the community. People can take weeks to make antibodies against the virus. We do not know yet if having antibodies to the virus can protect someone from getting infected with the virus again, or how long that protection might last. At this time, antibody tests are not widely available in Alaska.”

    Again, you have the audacity to write to our newspaper promoting the “Antibody Test” for Kaua’i when it’s NOT accepted as an accurate test in Alaska? Wow.

    Time to stay in your lane Karen because YOU’RE BARKING UP THE WRONG PALM TREE.

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