County: 1 new case, preparing for vaccines

LIHU‘E — Wednesday, the county reported one new infection in an adult female attributed to community spread.

There are currently 13 active cases, all in isolation. One case is hospitalized on O‘ahu.

The county’s expected to receiving its first delivery of vaccines as soon as this week, but there’s not an exact date for vaccine distribution.

The first to get the vaccine will be health care workers and residents and staff of long-term care facilities, followed by first responders. Essential workers and those with chronic conditions and kupuna over 65 follow.

The county has about 2,195 high-risk health workers and 10 long-term and assisted living homes, according to the state’s October vaccine plan.

“Vaccines are important in helping us achieve herd immunity,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said Wednesday. “While getting vaccinated is completely voluntary, the goal is to vaccinate 70% of our population. And it is a massive national effort to vaccinate tens of millions of people. This process is expected to take several months, well into next year.”

Wednesday, the state received another shipment of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech, totaling to 3,900 of the state’s prepositioned order of 4,875 dosages. The state’s Department of Health requested an additional 7,800 doses, which is expected to be delivered next week.

Effective today, Dec. 17, the state’s mandatory travel quarantine will be reduced from two weeks down to 10 days, which is concurrent with recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

This new state rule will be retroactive, meaning those who are currently under a 14-day quarantine will only need to be confined for 10 days.

“This means, if you flew to Kaua‘i between December 3 to 6, your quarantine will end on December 17,” Kawakami clarified during his COVID-19 update video. “If you flew to Kaua‘i after December 7, your quarantine will end exactly 10 days from the time you arrived.”

Wednesday’s case sets the county’s cumulative case count to 156, which includes 137 confirmed locally, one probable and 18 positive cases diagnosed elsewhere, with pre-travel test results determined after arriving to Kaua‘i.

“We have seen our first case diagnosed in a close contact after the new 10-day quarantine period,” Kaua‘i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman said in a press release. “This is a reminder that the incubation period for this disease remains 14 days. The 10-day quarantine period comes with the understanding that a small number of close contacts will still become ill up to 14 days after their exposure.”

Berreman urged continued caution when coming back from travel and in general community settings.

“So those released from quarantine on day 10 need to continue exercising care: wearing masks, keeping a distance from others, and seeking testing if they develop symptoms — especially in the four days after release from quarantine,” she said.

  1. Mr. FORD December 17, 2020 9:15 am Reply

    Funny, all across the US people are dying but, all across America stores are jam packed.

  2. J.D. December 17, 2020 9:45 am Reply

    Your immune system has a higher success rate at combatting covid than the actual vaccine!
    99% vs. 94.75%

  3. Vax Max December 17, 2020 10:38 am Reply

    Aloha Mayor Derek,

    You are being misled on how the Immune System functions…!

    The laboratory Pharmaceutical vaccine does not assist Herd Immunity.

    The Immune System works in a very precise and specific manner as to identifying disease virus (and antigens) and in producing bio-identical matching antibodies to eliminate those virus.

    The Vaccine virus and other ingredients do not match the actual disease virus of the Covid-19 virus, therefore the antibodies produced against the Vaccine virus do not deactivate the Covid-19 virus. Laboratory virus cannot match natural disease.

    It’s like your child having the Measles virus, but the Vaccine is for the Mumps. The Measles virus of concern does not match the Mumps vaccine, thus the Mumps vaccine, or in this case, the laboratory synthetic man made virus from Pfizer does not match and get rid of the Covid-19 virus, because the contents of the Pfizer vaccine do not match the Covid-19 virus.

    The Pfizer Pharmaceutical company making the current vaccine to be used in America is not reporting to us the Ingredients they have put into the vaccine, this lack of transparency is odd that they would hold vital safety information from us.

    And the fact that the Pfizer vaccine must be kept at minus 90 (?) something degrees below ZERO, when both the natural Covid-19 virus and our natural antibodies exist at human temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Centigrade), is considerably suspect of ingredients we should be told about.

    For instance other countries are contracting with the AstraZeneca Pharmaceutical company (and as many as 30 other companies) for their vaccine against Covid-19 virus, and AstraZeneca is admitting to putting Chimpamzee (monkey) virus in their vaccine.

    Mayor Derek, would you want your daughter or your wife to be vaccinated, injected, with Chimpamzee Virus…?

    So why is Pfizer holding back on exactly what is the ingredients that they are putting into their vaccine. For sure it is not a bio- identical match to the COVID-19 virus, so why are we even considering it as an aid to get rid of the Covid-19 virus. The human Immune System is specifically designed to rid the body of disease virus like Covid-19 virus, as statistics have shown with most people having no symptoms or only mild or moderate symptoms, and over 99% of those who get sick getting well.

    By putting a laboratory man-made synthetic virus into a vaccine and injecting it into human beings only serves to further burden the person’s immune system and may well further, especially if they are at high risk with coexisting medical diseases and are taking toxic to lethal prescription drugs (as are advertised on television), cause death.

    In order to produce heard immunity which is accomplished each person by person in the community, one’s own body must be infected, and in this case, by the COVID-19 virus, and then our own immune system must produce specific antibodies against COVID-19 virus, and then during a 14 day period of immune response, the immune system by production of a huge amount of antibodies, with enough antibodies left over, possibly millions of left over antibodies for the human immune system to immediately “attack” any new but same Covid-19 virus trying to infect that person a second or third, etc., time.

    The elimination of the Covid-19 virus by our natural immune system’s specific antibodies matching the Covid-19 virus, and having enough leftover specific antibodies to eliminate any new COVID-19 virus is one of the necessary phases that produce heard immunity in a person.

    The second phase of heard immunity is when the person has eliminated all of their COVID-19 virus, then, they can no longer spread the COVID-19 virus to other people. This is called being non-contagious.

    Add these two phases or elements or conditions, Immunity and Non-Contagious, and you have what is called HERD IMMUNITY.

    Heard immunity cannot be synthetically produced by synthetically UN-matching vaccines, nor by using vaccines that produce side effects which may be possible by injecting people with CHIMPAMZEE virus, or other foreign elements to the human body, like mercury that some vaccines have.

    So while the human immune system can produce antibodies against a foreign vaccine, like Pfizer’s, and produce some degree of immunity against the Pfizer foreign vaccine, it does NOT produce antibodies that are bio-identical and matching to the COVID-19 virus. Therefore the foreign vaccine By Pfizer, etc. will not produce immunity to the COVID-19 virus. Vaccines burden the immune system with needless effort to produce immunity against the vaccine, which is totally unnecessary.

    In order to have Herd Immunity against the Covid-19 virus, the human immune system must produce its own antibodies against the virus, which will eliminate the COVID-19 virus, and when there are no more COVID-19 virus in that person, that person will not be able to spread the Covid-19 virus to another person, and that person will be NON-CONTAGIOUS, and that person will then have Herd Immunity.

    The bottom line is that each person in order to be Covid-19 virus free, after infection, and be non-contagious, and have Herd Immunity, must be first exposed to, and then infected by, and then have had their own natural immune system produce enough bio-identical matching antibodies that eliminate all the COVID-19 virus in their body, and have sufficient leftover antibodies to eliminate any further infection by new same Covid-19 virus, making that person not only IMMUNE, but also NON-CONTAGIOUS = HERD IMMUNITY.

    To Protect yourself and family, Derek, do not allow a foreign vaccine with foreign ingredients that would cause serious side effects and/or disease in your body, and do not allow yourself to be injected by a vaccine that we know little about, nor its contents like CHIMPAMZEE virus. What we do see and hear is Pharmaceutical executives making NEWS Headlines announcement of what they hope is true, but is not.

    The reason vaccines normally take 10 years to be declared safe, if you can call it that, is that it takes 10 years of study to determine the final outcome of the disease side effects on people, like Autism in children, etc.

    Warnings against taking vaccines are for pregnant women, those breast feeding, kids under 16, if you have HIV, or are immune deficient or taking immune suppressant drugs, have allergies, taking other vaccines, and remember you have to take a 2nd vaccine injection within weeks (double their money).

    You can run, but you cannot hide from the virus going through a community or the world, which it does annually.

    You can still wear a mask and wash your hands, and be 6’ apart, if you want to, well unless there are mild Tradewinds, but then be sure to wear goggles since virus infect through your eyes too. How could the doctors forget about that.
    And let this pandemic be a warning to those with the chronic diseases like: Heart, Stroke, Vascular, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Kidney, Lung, and Liver Diseases, etc., and the 1 or 2 prescription drugs you are taking each day for each one of them. Having those end of life diseases and taking the prescription drugs for them, you are at High Risk, and need to find out how to get well instead of letting your diseases continue inside your body.

    Zantac…! Remember how simple and effective they made it appear Zantac was? You trusted it for Heart Burn, now it is said to cause disease in at least the following parts of your body, they even are saying cancer of the Esophagus,Bladder, Intestines, Kidney, Liver, Pamcreas, and Stomach…that is far reaching diseases. All that for heartburn from junk food? Not worth it. It was just a over the counter simple medication used by many, maybe too many. And you?

    Are you willing to risk your loved ones on a warp speed animal tested, and a few human guinea pigs tested over a few months of observation as to the side effects?

    You know already with 2 doses, you will have 2 sore arms, and flu symptoms twice…seems safer for those not at high risk to just get the real Covid-19 virus. It may be best to drop the mask, cowboy, come close to others, and stop washing your hands 20 times a day with anti-bacterial soap (there is no anti-virus soap available), as too much anti-bacteria skin soap may cause skin problems as we need the good bacteria on our skin. And forget the advice on wearing goggles for virus in your eyes.

    Covid-19 virus is safe for 98% of the people and 99.8% of the people get well from Covid-19 virus. Nature runs our bodies, thus we can have confidence in our bodies, but don’t interfere with the body by adding strange things to it like vaccines and non-nutrient food.

    Clearly, for sure, those at High Risk should be quarantined or isolated and fed only nutritious foods which are the building blocks of the Antibodies our immune system uses to eliminate the Covid-19 virus.

  4. I saw a Vampire once December 17, 2020 12:19 pm Reply

    They have already begun the process to vaccinate important people first. Then they head over to the sick ones and see if that will work. Although I do not see herd immunity being a major part to stopping this disease from killing more people in America, i can only hope for the best like everyone else. This is when the population becomes or individual becomes immuned to catching the virus and it will no longer have any effect. This goes for the whole population. People will not catch it. I do see a continuation of face mask wearing well into the 2021 year. As far as the CARES Act, it ends in December and time is running out for another boost from the federal government for those individuals who are out of work due to the pandemic. This cannot be avoided, so they choose to be out of work. Many politicians are searching for answers to heal a run down broken economy and one that cannot be put into words, but “I’ll have my eggs scrambled.” In the morning. Sure enough our economy already is in such a state.

  5. J.D. December 17, 2020 7:30 pm Reply

    If you believe that government can stop a virus. then you are an idiot.
    If you believe governments are stripping away rights and monitoring our every move because they care, then you possess the logic of a slave who has fallen in love with its master.
    Candace Owens

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