VOICES: Beware of COVID-19 vaccine scams

Vaccines are set to be a key topic for most of 2021. As that conversation heats up, it’s important to be critical of any updates you may see or hear. The anticipation of an approved COVID-19 vaccine is already proving to be an opportunity for scammers.

The Better Business Bureau has begun receiving reports of fake emails, text messages and phone calls falsely promising access to treatment connected to the coronavirus. What those messages actually do is phish for personal or financial information used to commit identity theft.

While the federal Food and Drug Administration has now endorsed a vaccine for emergency use, a proposed rollout of that vaccine is still being updated with recommendations. The outlook is promising, but plans continue to be worked out.

Scammers are using any ambiguity to con consumers. Many are now being asked to make payments in exchange for having their name placed on a list to get the vaccine. Others are sent to online vaccine sign-up forms requesting information including Social Security numbers or bank account details.

The reality is, according to the Federal Trade Commission, that residents likely “will not need to pay anything out of pocket to get the vaccine during this public-health emergency.”

Dialogue around vaccines is only going to get louder these next few months. The BBB recommends residents follow these steps to spot any cons:

• Research carefully. Scammers are very creative, so be skeptical of anything that seems too good — or crazy — to be true. Double-check any information about the vaccine with official news sources, especially the FDA. And be aware that none of the vaccines can be currently purchased online or in stores;

• Check with your doctor. If you want a vaccine early, reach out to your health-care provider about your options. Those who don’t have a primary-care physician should check the official website of their local health department for more information;

• Ignore calls for immediate action. While you may want to be first in line for the vaccine, don’t let that sense of urgency cloud your judgment. Scammers try to get you to act before you think. Don’t fall for it;

• Double-check the URL. Scammers often buy official-looking URLs to use in their cons. Make sure the link is really what it claims. If the message alleges to come from the local government, make sure the URL ends in .gov (for the United States). When in doubt, perform a separate internet search for the website.

Learn more about protecting yourself from any coronavirus-related scams by visiting BBB.org.


Roseann Freitas is marketplace manager, Hawai‘i, for the BBB in the Northwest and Pacific. Her office is at 900 Fort Street Mall, Suite 1310, Honolulu, and can be reached at 260-0643. The website is bbb.org.

  1. Vaccine Scam December 12, 2020 6:01 am Reply

    The actual vaccine itself, the one OK’d or to be OK’d by the FDA, is a $ maker scam. It is designed as a synthetic virus to trigger the inborn natural Immune System, and what the natural virus already causes the Immune System to do in a human body.

    While you will develop immunity to the man made laboratory synthetic vaccine, you will not develop immunity to the Covid19 virus.
    1. Because our own personal Immune System naturally Produces specific antibodies against Covid-19 virus in over abundant sufficient numbers to eliminate the actual Covid-19 virus circulating in the body.

    2. And the Immune System also produces an additional over abundant sufficient number of specific bio-identical antibodies against the Covid-19 virus, these extra antibodies remain circulating in our bodies to be able to immediately attack and eliminate any new or repeat Covid-19 virus entering our body that can or would come from a contagious person.

    3. These two immune system responses, #1 and #2, are what is called IMMUNITY. It in itself can provide Lifetime Immunity which you got if you were naturally infected by and survived childhood measles, mumps, and chicken pox. Never heard of anyone who did not survive those 3 childhood diseases.

    4. In addition, as a result of your naturally produced antibodies, and the elimination / deactivation of all the Covid-19 virus in your body, means you have no Covid-19 virus to spread to others.

    5. Having NO active Covid-19 virus in your body that can spread to others, means you are actually and naturally NON-CONTAGIOUS, which means you cannot spread the virus to others.

    6. When enough people in a community, like Kaua’i, become both IMMUNE and NON-CONTAGIOUS, the Covid-19 virus cannot survive and multiply, therefore it “fades away” due to its dwindling loss of numbers. This is called HERD IMMUNITY.

    7. With Herd Immunity, not even new incoming people, tourists, visitors, and returning residents with active Covid-19 virus can spread the Covid-19 virus to those of us here who have become positive, whether tested or not, and have undergone the Immune Process described above. aunty

    8. Both becoming IMMUNE and NON-CONTAGIOUS is called the IMMUNE PROCESS. Remember that all PROCESSES take time to complete, in the case of the Immune Process, the amount of time necessary to become immune against the Covid-19 virus disease is in as little as 3 days for some people (usually those with NO SYMPTOMS), to on an average of 14 days, and thus why Quarantine is required to be 14 days, scientists knowing that any positive Covid-19 virus people, whether tested or not, will have become IMMUNE against the Covid-19 virus, as well as NON-CONTAGIOUS, and ready to go about their normal life, school and jobs, or being a tourist or visitor doing what they do to see, explore, and enjoy the Island of Kaua’i.

    9. This being how the human Immune System functions, this is the reason all persons, except those at High Risk, should be, and it would be best to be infected by the Covid-19 virus to rid it from our collective communities, via Herd Immunity, wherein an active disease virus, such as Covid-19, has no human to successfully infect and survive in, and thus unable to multiply, thus terminated.

    10. Those who are particularly at High Risk should be taken extra care of with stay at home procedures and provided nutrient rich foods at every meal. High Risk people have some of the following conditions:
    a. Being Elderly

    b. Having pre-existing chronic degenerative diseases, often called End-of-Life diseases. (for example: Heart, Stroke, and Vascular disease, Obesity, Diabetes, Cancers, Alzheimer’s, and Liver, Lung, and Kidney failure.

    c. Complicated by daily multiple doses of store bought medications and pharmacy Prescription Drugs, usually taking 2 drugs for each disease. Why 2 prescription drugs for each disease is because of the always toxic, and sometimes deadly side effects of those prescription drugs mistakenly attributed to the Covid-19 virus, thus falsely spiking the numbers of deaths attributed to the Covid-19 virus, when in fact the pre-existing diseases and accompanying drugs prescribed is often the cause of ones last breath and heart beat.

    d. Of concern for those at High Risk is the in hospital giving of other medications that complicate already the multiple dosages of the other drugs. Recently on the internet, ibuprofen, which many people take for granted for providing symptom relief, is being questioned as to causing complications.

    e. All existing diseases, medications and prescription drugs burden the immune system. As do other chemicals in the food, along with multiple sugars, and Agriculture chemicals in and on food, and non-nutrient snacks, etc. Burdening the Immune System makes the Immune System less able to eliminate disease virus and bacteria.

    Important is to eat only nutritious food, and restoring and maintaining an optimally functioning nervous system which is the Master Organ and 1st organ to develop in our bodies. The Nervous System controls, coordinates, and organizes the rest of the entire body.

    1. Rich December 12, 2020 3:21 pm Reply

      Sadly ill informed. The genetic factor makes some unable to withstand Covid on their own, this couples with viral load influences severity and the vaccine is needed a) to help these folks and the medical professionals exposed to high doses. Saying do not vaccinate is putting the population if Hawai’i at risk because of dome warped pseudo science.

    2. doug@kauaitourguy.com December 13, 2020 10:14 am Reply

      Pure crap. This isn’t even worth the read. IMO

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