Hawaiian names given to Papahanaumokuakea species

  • The name for the Tristram’s storm-petrel is ‘akihikeʻehiʻale.

  • The name ʻaoʻu was chosen for the Christmas shearwater.

  • The blue noddy was given the names hinaoku and manuohina.

  • Nunulu is the name chosen for the bonin petrel.

  • Bryan’s flatsedge grass was given the name ʻahuʻawakua

HONOLULU — Four bird species and one plant species living within the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument (PMNM), have been given Hawaiian names. Developed by PMNM’s Native Hawaiian Cultural Working Group (CWG), facilitated by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and comprised of community members, and cultural practitioners and researchers, the names reflect Hawaiian cultural perspectives of the birds and plant species, as well as their characteristics and behaviors.