Stress solution: Cancel online schooling

Hello people of Kaua‘i! My name is Kyrie Linoz and I am also from the island of Kaua‘i.

Recently, in my AP English class that I am taking at Waimea High School, we were required to design a writing inspired by Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal” of 1729. This proposal was filled with satire about a completely-crazy solution to solve the overpopulation happening at the time in Ireland. The solution Swift thought of was to actually eat human babies.

Of course, this an absolute horrible idea. But the purpose of Swift writing this was to get the people’s attention and think of possible solutions to overpopulation. Having to make a paper similar to this style of writing, I wanted to share with you all since it is a topic that has recently introduced in 2020.

Here is my 2020 proposal:

“Proposal for Students”

It is with no doubt that 2020 has been a year of struggle. Much of what the world considered normal has changed. Since the coronavirus took hold in early March, many stores have temporarily or permanently closed; families have been forced to stay in their homes; and much of what we do is now done online, just like school.

At first, it was uncertain what might happen with school due to the pandemic. But eventually, the outcome was that students and teachers transitioned to online schooling.

Classes went from an hour and a half to a maximum of just 45 minutes. Of course there are times when students can get extra help from their teachers online. However, that is not used to their advantage. For many, this is the first time attending school online, and I know students are having a harder time than in-person school. It goes from saying teachers are giving more work than ever all the way to simply not understanding the material. It might be the fact that classes are too short, or there’s just too many distractions at home.

Either way, the numbers of students’ grades dropping this year is no doubt crazy. As a student myself, I find online school harder as well. From my fellow classmates, our results on multiple tests this year wasn’t the best look. It might even be safe to say that some students are failing. I don’t like the sound of that. That is why I have come up with a solution. As it is shown, online school has been the root of students getting poor grades. Poor grades lead to angry parents.

Angry parents lead to sadness. Sadness leads to depression. And depression leads to death. In the end, online school will be our death. That is why I am proposing to cancel online school.

By canceling school, students won’t have to worry about their grades dropping. They won’t have to worry about failing. With the stress of the pandemic on students’ shoulders, canceling online school will be a great stress-reliever. This will also give teachers relief from grading. Grading about a hundred students’ work can be stressful, especially if there are deadlines to meet. Canceling online school would let teachers relax and enjoy the break of not going back to school. Another perk of canceling online school is that students can take the time they use for school to grow personally and become better people.

By becoming better people, it will prepare them for when it is time for us to go back to in-person schooling. Cancel online school. Iit is something we simply must do.


Kyrie Linoz is a resident of Hanapepe.

  1. rocco December 2, 2020 7:35 am Reply

    As the father of a senior, and the husband of a teacher, I support this modest proposal!

  2. Elizabeth December 2, 2020 8:42 am Reply

    What an insightful post.
    Im a mom here w 2 teens online.
    I couldnt agree with you more, as this whole online thing has brought down the whole morale of learning.
    It has taken away so much and is as you say, now leading to sadness and depression for many.
    Perhaps the DOE and the community can reach out to our leaders to stop it.
    It would be difficult but i agree with you as im beating witness
    first hand to the effects.
    Thankyou again for posting this!

  3. WestsideResident December 2, 2020 4:48 pm Reply

    A bold approach and senseful. There is more wisdom in this view than contained in the heads of all of the DOE leadership combined.

    As the Mayor has his own head buried in the sand and ass in the air, the Keiki will find no leadership there either.

    Save the Kupuna. Well, how about the kids?
    They don’t vote, and they don’t donate, so they are waxed.

    A cruel selfish society throws their children away so that the elderly may wander the corridors of shopping centers.

    Students, I pitty your circumstances. And your educators and political leaders are showing only fear and self preservation tendencies. Don’t look to them for leadership skills, you’ll find only sychophantic cowardice.

    Stay strong, study history with a critical mind, beware of misguidance by the establishment. The future needs better leadership than what you are suffering under.

  4. Brian Grancha December 2, 2020 7:20 pm Reply

    When the going gets tough the tough get going. When life hands you lemons make lemonade. Every hardship or tough time made me more prepared for the next set of blessings headed my way. If you are not getting better or growing in some fashion your peers are. To propose quitting on line schooling so you are not depressed is a virtual joke. It would actually create more depression. I have spent the pandemic with my son using on line training called SimplyPiano. My time for school is mostly in the past as I already have a Master’s Degree in Business. The on line piano training is superior to the weekly visits to my piano teacher as a kid. In my life quitting has never been an option. Some doors are best left shut. Quitting is one of those habits like credit card debt. Easy to start and hard to dig your way out of.

    1. Ashley December 3, 2020 10:17 am Reply

      The winner of the comments goes to you as it’s the most sensible. You’re right, growth would never happen if we all quit when times got hard.

  5. james December 3, 2020 7:25 am Reply

    Nice letter and tribute to Jonathan Swift’s “Modest Proposal”. I don’t think the above commenters understand that your letter is meant to be satirical. No school: get it? Kids can then surf, skate and play video games to their heart’s content. It’s satire.

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