Letters for Thursday, November 26, 2020

Most famous loser on earth

Donald Trump and the spineless minions around him are trying to engineer a coup to overturn the results of a free and fair election.

His scheme is failing (surprise!) in part because he deployed the trademark Trump level of incompetence to the effort. His legal team is now headed up by Rudolph Giuliani, a worldwide laughing stock and embarrassment to the bar who has failed to provide any evidence whatever of the election fraud Trump spews out.

At the recent news conference, Giuliani was typically incoherent, but at least he provided the entertaining physical meltdown reminiscent of Maj. Arnold Toht at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Association with Trump has provided a steady stream of acid over any remaining veneer of legal competence Giuliani enjoyed. Borat helped too.

This disgraceful effort by Trump validates the fact that he has no bottom. When his level of depravity seems already impossibly low, he descends further into cartoonish super-villainy. It can’t get lower than trying to overturn an American election.

When Trump supporters are asked about Trump’s coup attempt, they claim that Democrats never accepted Trump’s election victory in 2016. That’s a lie, of course, since Secretary Clinton quickly conceded, and President Obama immediately began the transition process.

But lying is what they do best and, to be fair, it’s essentially all they have left. By Trump’s own proclamation, President-elect Biden won by a landslide, and he will be sworn in on Jan. 20.

Trump is not permitting a reasonable transition despite the fact that about 2,000 Americans are dying every day of COVID-19, and getting a head start on management of the pandemic is the right thing to do. Of course, Trump now wants credit for the Pfizer vaccine, despite playing absolutely no part in its development. A malignant narcissist.

With an unbroken string of legal defeats and state election officers denying Trump’s conspiracy theories, he has become the most famous loser on earth. Trump is choosing to continue the humiliation. He’s incapable of doing the right thing.

Kurt Last, Anahola

Health tips to improve immunity

Here are some health tips for maintaining immunity in the throat and nasal passages:

1. Antibacterial nosedrops. Kiiko Matsumoto (famous acupuncturist) states that there is a small-but-significant area of infection in the back of the throat in many people. Right where the nose and throat connect. The way to eliminate this problem is to use antibacterial nose drops several times a week. Use a dropper to run nose drops up each nostril and out the mouth, then spit it out. The mildest is salt water. You can also use diluted hydrogen peroxide. Garlic water nose drops are the most powerful. Put minced garlic in water for about 20 minutes, then strain out the little pieces of garlic. You will need to dilute these nose drops so that you don’t burn the nasal passages. Don’t burn yourself. If you work this area on a routine basis you have greater immunity to infections.

2. Gargle several times a week with antibacterial solutions. See above for ideas on what to gargle with.

3. I use a copper tool in my nasal passages to ward off the first indication of infection. This tool can be bought at CopperZap.com.

4. On occasion I get intravenous ozone to clear up an infection in my lungs. I have never had COVID-19, but this has worked on difficult lung infections. It is a very powerful treatment, available from qualified naturopaths.

5. If the diet is faulty it is difficult to ward off infection. Do whatever you can to correct your diet. The correct diet is an individual matter, but in general avoid processed, sprayed food. We could talk all day about diet, but if you eat the mainstream diet as advertised on TV you will be a lot less able to ward off infection. Eat as clean and healthy as you can. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs.

6. Vaccinations disturb the energetic integrity of the body. I personally do not think it is optimal to vaccinate, but again this should be an individual matter.

Molly Jones, Kealia

The costs of closure are irreparable

The state of Hawai‘i is nearly $100 billion in debt (almost $10 billion just from the last eight months!), so what does the state do?

It sends out $500 credit cards to the unemployed to spend at restaurants and pretend to stimulate the economy. Sure, the restaurants may see a little bump in their COVID flatline, but it’s a false positive. The state is just throwing them a bone, and it’s not a very meaty one.

For people like myself, who had the rug pulled out from under them, going out to dinner a couple times is like putting a bandaid on a severed artery. Are we supposed to feel better because the state is going more in debt so we can go out to dinner? Well, I don’t. What would make me feel better would be if the state opened up for business and let everyone go back to life as usual. Yes, people will get sick.

Yes, some people may even die. But most will recover. Life is not without risks. How long can we hide from a virus? And what happens when the next one comes along? Do it all over again? This is insanity.

If people are fearful of getting sick they can stay home, but the rest of us need to get on with our lives. The true cost of the shutdown — bankruptcy, foreclosures, shuttered businesses and shattered dreams, substance abuse and depression, domestic violence and broken families — these costs are irreparable.

But no sweat off the governor’s back. He can just write his own paychecks.

Janet Eisenbach, Kilauea

  1. Michael November 26, 2020 4:57 am Reply

    It is obvious that Molly Jones is a graduate of the Trump School of Infectious Disease. Her only omission is the use of intravenous bleach. Choosing one’s life style and the first amendment notwithstanding, a few of these recommendations are dangerous, especially nos. 1 & 4. Perhaps Molly would like a booth at the Museum of Quackery and Medical Frauds?

  2. Steven McMacken November 26, 2020 5:11 am Reply

    Nothing like a little unsolicited advice from a quack. For those of you tempted to follow any of Molly Jones’ self-described “health tips” . . . please DON’T! You might just end up killing yourself. Ozone therapy is potentially dangerous and, in fact, was prohibited by the FDA. It is a toxic gas with no known useful medical benefit. It is irresponsible of TGI to print letters like this.

  3. USAF Brat November 26, 2020 5:49 am Reply

    Dont jump the gun! Ready, Fiyah, and Aim is the game, retroactively! Hawaii cabal voting and biased media mafia reminds me of the group called the “Doors” with lyrics like, “people are strange, when youre a stranger” and further “this is the End”. All those lameland states that are courting this boondoggle not “authenticating their populations voting scam” due to circus clowns that dont have a conscious, much less an observing, pay attention brain that is hundreds of years in the making, are one and the same peoples in-line dancing towards Gitmo! Since Narcisssist Personality Disorder is untreatable in the psychiatric world, there are still millions that know otherwise, where Truth and Integrity will prevail! mAhalo Uhane Hemolele for having our backs, because we have it going on. He > I and all of the naysayers who have not a clue! I know who i am. Do you know who YOU are? “Tell me with whom you associate and we can tell you who you are!” Peace, Love, Dove!

  4. Ken Hill, Princeville November 26, 2020 6:10 am Reply

    Thank you Janet for offering a rational counter argument to the persistent fear messaging and isolation strategy pitched by the Kauai politicians.

    At best, hiding from a highly infectious virus with lockdowns may or may not succeed but at the staggering cost of a destroyed economy, multigenerational costs of failed businesses, and domestic abuse. Very soon we will see a SHOCKING INCREASE IN HOMELESSNESS as the eviction moratoriums expire and the unemployed population have to cope with no jobs and the end of government handouts.

    It makes you ask what has our leadership done to improve the risk management strategies? Messaging must prioritize proper mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing. Shifting to outdoor gatherings instead of inside bars and commerce where practical, reduced capacity controls and enforcement where necessary. Has local government stocked up on masks and hand washing supplies and infrastructure and hand sanitizing stations everywhere people need them and consistently supplied with sanitizing supplies? These critical supplies should be free to anyone unable to purchase them.

    What has the leadership done to prepare for possible increases in cases beyond what the legacy health care resources on Kauai can reasonably manage? We should by now have more health care facilities (even if only temporary) and medical staffing in place to respond to surging cases. Do we have Navy hospital ships we could have stationed in Hawaii to respond to a surge. We should have sufficient numbers of capable competent trained contact tracers in place, as well as systems to make it possible for the quarantine Monitoring teams to succeed with their tasks. Has our leadership done these things like almost every mainland community has been able to step up to?

    Kauai deserves better. We all are anxious to see this end and surely it will, just not soon enough to continue hiding. It’s past time to buck up. Trust us to be responsible adults and manage this risk, like any other risk, with reasonable actions and preparations.

    Relying on isolationist solutions are worse for Kauai than the virus itself. Visitors and residents that choose to travel are not the bogyman. Our leadership and media hold them up like a shiny object to distract everyone from Leadership’s failure to respond to the challenge with strategies to reasonably manage this risk.

    Life is not without risk, including lethal risks, good leadership manages these risks rather than pretend they can avoided.

  5. nobody November 26, 2020 6:55 am Reply

    Don’t worry Janet, our kids are going to pay for all of this.

  6. nobody November 26, 2020 6:56 am Reply

    Molly, do you sleep in a copper cage? I hear it works.

  7. nobody November 26, 2020 7:03 am Reply

    Kurt: Trump will soon be gone. Focus on what needs to be done now. Try not to be so angry. Instead, be happy he’s out and go to work doing what you think will work.

    1. USAF Brat November 28, 2020 4:09 pm Reply

      The Chinese Communist pArtay cabal, Wuhan II, and Fentanyl is what you got! Get over it!

  8. Dave Stokley November 26, 2020 7:34 am Reply

    Kurt Last, obviously you are one of those people who only watch CNN. If you would expand your horizon and look at the news and information available from other sources, you would find out you are a misguided fool. There are many like you who are wearing blinders and only see what you want to see. I believe you all will come to a day of reckoning in the coming days.

    1. Jeff S. November 26, 2020 8:02 pm Reply

      Nicely put Dave. As a firm supporter of the Republican Party, I still do my due diligence and watch/read other news forums other than Fox. This is the only way to get as much information (credible and non-credible) and then make your own decisions based on what you’ve learned and believe to be true and accurate.

  9. Elad November 26, 2020 7:53 am Reply

    So many of you are Hysterical emotional fear mongers. The logic is very simple, please try to follow along with me. 1) The vaccine WILL NOT be even close to 100% effective. The vaccine will not be nearly as effective for people of advancing age, chronic illnesses and obesity with suppressed immunity (CDC). 2) several polls indicated aprox 47% of the population WILL NOT take the vaccine when it’s available. What this means is that COVID will continue to spread and it is here to stay no matter how much you hide in fear. The virus cannot be stopped, it’s going to run it’s course and nothing you can do to stop it. The best we can do is isolate the group of people at risk and stop punishing the large majority of the population with these shut downs. In addition, Kauai has had nearly 9 months to convert spaces for more ICU beds and obtain more ventilators for the event when they are needed and they’ve done nothing. Its the same as being told that in 9 months food and water will be scarce on the island and absolutely no one prepares for it. Wake up people, this virus will never magically end.

  10. Paulo November 26, 2020 10:38 am Reply

    A very superficial thought process you have Ms Eisenbach.

    1. scupper November 27, 2020 4:51 am Reply

      What’s your thought process Paulo?

  11. Betterhide November 26, 2020 11:35 am Reply

    What a terrible letter of opinion that TGI decides to print on Thanksgiving Day. Yes, there is what we call “free speech” and there’s what we call selective enforcement of what crosses the line of TGI policies of enforcement for letters and comments. But then can you just imagine what we would have to read had Trump won the election!! Perfect example of what our local media is capable of and does regularly .

  12. Steve Martin November 26, 2020 11:45 am Reply

    Another disrespectful, hate oriented, divisive letter all of the things that sell newspapers. What other reason would one want to publish that crap.

    1. Steven McMacken November 27, 2020 4:53 am Reply

      I assume you’re referencing Molly Jones’ letter?

  13. Uli Roth November 26, 2020 12:23 pm Reply

    I’m ready for IMPOTUS to be IMPRISONED

  14. USAF Brat November 27, 2020 8:17 am Reply

    TRUTH and INTEGRITY! mAybe this publishing instead of TGI Guest Request, being “selective” only to weekly sermons via da hooze and otherwise FAKE news! Hawaii Vote REmains UNcertifiable!

    Dearest World, specifically Kauaians Since the late 40’s when my USAF intelligence officer dad fought in the Korea and WWII era, the ohana traveled everywhere at that time with the ‘warrior’. Every 10-months for 14-years. Dad was involved with many top secret concon’s specifically that of Hickham AFB in 1958-59, when a concon occurred and that cover was blown in the middle of Waikiki. A couple of Dressed Officers recognizing my dad as we walked to the Kodak Hula Show, hollared loudly through the passers-by tourists “Sir, Major F what do you think about our putting a noose around Hawaii neck?” I’m 11, so I had no idea what this Naval Officer was indicating, but I sure did find out five minutes later, although the specifics didn’t get to me until 2011 in the way of my dad’s career ‘footlocker’ which held unredacted documents of that and other U.S. military directives via my dad’s superiors, upper hierarchy. Dad following orders.

    Sixty-one years later and completing K.C.C. R.N. A.D. Nursing School Program as well as owning and starting an emergency call center, 24-7-365 Live voice, operation Central Answering Services, out from my Kapaia home 1979. Then after Iwa business was moved upstairs to City Liquor and the Hideaway Bar until Iniki, when we were then successful to the point where we got to move to Wailuauka. Now 2020, we have been boondoggled by the CCP, Wuhan, and Fentanyl. We voted in a recent rigged election, one of at least 127-years backstory rigged elections, to the point of this writing.

    COK looking to curb its expenses. At one point, there was the original ambulance crew of which I was an EMT and in those days, we couldn’t even get KPD much less the KFD to escort or receive “backup from our comrades” as is occurring today. A medical emergency now requires both small and big Fire Truck and personnel dispatch per their Unions, that has bargained with our tax payer dollars to boot up their rigs, sirens blaring and several times a day they trapes up past Opaeka’a Falls to every sort of medical emergency, but never a fire. I have inquired of my KFD friends why is this? Of course they opine that it is in an “effort to support the EMS”, when I know these words are not even close to being the correct answer.

    Everyone of my career 40-years experiences and comrades from Wilcox Hospital know as do all the KPD, COK, state DLNR dobor, Kaua’I Bus etc, that everyone of these individuals or hui are gaming us so much so, that it has become a RICO enhanced set of plans, manipulations, and maneuvers.

    Until these same groups of supposed professionals, politicians, judiciary and military fess up. It will continue to be the ol boys racket and there will be no resources remaining to dismiss that which has grown very dark, dank and evil.

    I encourage Kauaians who knows and sees these same things and remembers all of the different backstories that apply. If you don’t remember, then due diligence Library research the Garden Island Newspaper, so you can recall every detail that has been published and laid to rest within the archives and let us get a truthful dialogue with renewed integrity going on as a guest or in the ‘Letter to the Editor’ sections, and at the least, get some detailing, on in “HOW we are going to stop this insanity and get it right.”

    Obviously the county council has their agenda already with their choice again, for who is the Chairman. I believe that it all is just a revolving door, where innocents were set-up and others are undercover hiding the reality of truly bizarre incidents or that now we have a new police chief and fire chief NOT from here but from Las Vegas. Why? Wasn’t there a qualified born and raised candidate chosen instead? Same for new Las Vegas Fire Chief! To me, this means soon the fedwreckian hui out from Anahola will be boasting a casino owned and operated by them. Wait, didn’t we used to have cock-fighting that filled the needs of gambling addiction or was that traded off for drug addictions and Pay-lay ‘Mongrel’ mobs instead?

    Awaken, because Kauai has lost its edge. The USAF, NAVY, NASA at PMRF is erecting as we speak, completed by 2022, a 1.2 Billion $ 12-story Ballistic Missile Launch-Intercept Facility and that is the reason why DLNR closed Polihale indefinitely, not because the “locals were acting badly”.

    HK was never extinguished, No Treaty of Annexation was ratified, and military occupation continues without shame, 127-years. Remember 03/2018 ”Oops, Incoming not a drill?” Nightly news showing a father lowering his daughter into a drainage with a manhole cover standing by!!!! That Launch occurred from Vandenberg AFB, Cali, Intercepted by PMRF submarine and O by the way ive got a NASA Kokee bridge for sale, maybe Zuckerberg or Omidyer have interes in a quit claim! Is this how you want your children, grands and great-grands or great-great grandchildren to be a part of after we’ve been kakked?

  15. Croesus November 27, 2020 1:18 pm Reply

    Evidence of the “free and fair” 2020 election where the GOP won the down ballot races but apparently lost the Presidential contest are now in the courts hands, and will make its way up to the Supreme Court.

    The evidence of election fraud or lack thereof has been presented to federal courts in Georgia and Michigan, not the media.

    At the very least, all Americans need to be able to trust our election systems going forward. Just the idea that we used insecure voting machines, using software initially developed to rig elections in Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela and hooked up to the internet deserves a closer look—–by the courts.

    Here’s the actual complaint filed . It’s very long so I’ve included a summary from Doug Ross with graphics even a crackhead from Anahola could understand



  16. drsurf November 28, 2020 8:08 am Reply

    Trump is the ONLY President EVER to have lost two popular vote elections.

  17. therealhawaiian November 28, 2020 10:43 am Reply

    Poor Kurt. He calls Trump supporters little minions? That’s 73 million voters who think Kurt is out of touch with reality. The one reality we know for sure is that the Democrats proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Socialists will do anything to destroy Trump and his Presidency. Cheating in an election is child’s play for the evil dolts among us. 3 long years of fake Russia collusion, impeachment for a phone call, and on and on. Dopes like this author prove that our Country is corrupt and heading for it’s collapse. Little Kurt’s battle cry should be “losers unite”! You will all lose, one way or the other!

  18. Bob Parra November 29, 2020 9:08 am Reply

    You are right, and there were more than 73 millions, much more. Soon truth will be exposed. Government does not have the solution for all of our problems…we the people do. Don’t take our individual freedom away, is the one most precious right we got…Life, liberty and property. Open Kauai for business!

  19. Paul F Sammons Jr December 8, 2020 10:39 am Reply

    Ya know, my wife and I have enjoyed wonderful vactions on Kauai for about the last 20-years. We have taken a 2-month summer stay every year since kids are grown. We cancelled our 1st class air and condo last summer due to the 2-wk quarantine that kept getting extended. We will be celebrating our 70th birthdays this year and again have air and a house reserved for the occasion. We patronize your restaurants, grocery stores, fishing charters, and Famers Markets. If you want to shut down, on May 1st we will cancel all and seek another destination. Likely none of our family will ever return. We just don’t see a lot of Aloha spirit from Kauai.

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